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Don’t count out the Raiders

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 5, 2006 at 1:14 pm with 28 Comments »
November 5, 2006 1:14 pm

What a great day around the NFL, and not just because I picked the Redskins to beat the Cowboys, 23-20. Did you see the end of that game? The Cowboys were lining up for the game-winning field goal as regulation expired. Troy Vincent blocked the kick. Sean Taylor returned the ball near midfield. A facemask penalty against the Cowboys moved the ball inside field-goal range with no time remaining. The penalty gave the Redskins one untimed down. Washington ran onto the field and made the field goal for a 22-19 victory. Great stuff. Elsewhere, we have the Falcons losing in Detroit, as one of you said would happen, and the Bears losing at home to Miami. Go figure. The Seahawks should beat the Raiders on Monday night, but there are never any guarantees.

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  1. Heard someone say, “maybe this is the 85 Bears. Dolphins took them down as well.”

  2. That was later in the season, and in prime time, but there were some similarities.

  3. jerseymike25 says:

    The similarities are that a team named the Dolphins beat a team named the Bears. That Dolphins team in 1985 was coming off of a Super Bowl year – back before every Super Loser had to endure a series of silly injuries that put the season at risk.

    Still though – it was nice to see them lose and get popped a little bit. Also nice to see St. Louis help us out today by falling to .500.

  4. ross_hanratty2 says:

    this is thew day that nfl sunday ticket paid off…unreal games all over the place to flip around to and check out, the only thing that would have made it sweeter is if houston could have pulled it out against nyg…

    mike…i’m getting worried about all the shaun alexander speculation about ir, why he hasn’t returned…etc.etc. are your “sources” telling you anything? i mean you would have thought he would have come back by now.

  5. martygivens says:

    Thank God we (here in Chicago) don’t have to hear anymore about how freaking great the Bears are.

    It does raise a question as to why a 1-6 team could come into Soldier (an alien spaceship landed on it) Field and whoop up on them, when the Hawks looked totally out of their league.

    My guess is still that Seattle is a third tier team who will be lucky to make the playoffs.

  6. pabuwal says:

    Unfortunately, Mike may be right on this one. The only way the Raiders win this game if they score some cheap points off of turnovers or deep passes to Randy Moss. Given that Wallace has been good for 2-3 turnovers a game and the Seahawks allowed even the Vikings to get cheap scores on big plays, this will be a little closer than we might have thought a month ago.

  7. jshmtred says:

    Couldn’t Leanord Weaver be back from injury at this point if he hadn’t been put on IR? Do you think that they jumped the gun on that one considering how useful he could be right now?

  8. martygivens says:

    The Hawks will have to play well to win this game. If they don’t they will lose.

    The margin for error is nil at this point.

  9. martygivens says:

    Okay, so today we’ve seen the 1-6 Dolphins abuse the Bears (on their home field where the Bears killed the Hawks), and the 2-5 49’ers beat the Vikings (who abused the Hawks at Seahwawks Stadium).

    Maybe the Hawks are a 4th or 5th tiered team?

  10. simonsureal says:

    I’d take the 85ers over the present day Bears any day of the week.

  11. If the defense doesn’t show it has a pulse, then they will lose

  12. You should have seen a certain relative of mine after the cowboys lost that game. A self proclaimed ‘boy hater, the string of obscentities he unleashed on Bledsoe, Romo, Aikman, Emmitt, and every Cowboy name he could think in triumph was absolutely priceless.

    “Troy Vincent blocked the kick.”

    Hmmm…Maybe he does have some stuff left in the tank. I was glad when we didn’t go after him, as some people were saying we should when Green when out. Veteran depth in the secondary sounds pretty nice right now.

  13. Former Seahawks safety, Kerry Joseph led the Canadian Football League’s Saskatchewan Roughriders to a playoff win today in Calgary (Stampeders). This was the Western Conference semi-final. Next week the ‘Riders play in Vancouver against the BC Lions with the winner going to the Grey Cup. Joseph, who is now a fourth year CFL quaterback (first with Saskatchewan) threw a TD pass and scrambled for a few first downs. He had a good game throwing too. Former Ram Yo Murphy is a receiver for the ‘Riders and had a pretty good game.

    I don’t think any other former Seahawks players are left in the CFL playoffs.

    It was funny to hear Joseph talk this week about his last playoff game. It was in the Kingdome in 2000 when he was a safety against Dan Marino and the Dolphins. Seattle lost 20-17.

  14. The games today make me (and should make the Seahawks) realize yet again that the NFC is there for the taking. If they can pull out this game tomorrow, they will be tied for 4th best in the conference – not too shabby for losing basically all your Pro Bowlers from last year at the same time. As it’s been said before, if the defense can play AT ALL, we should be fine while things remesh before the end of the season.

  15. The problem with labelling a team ‘third tier’ or whatever is that it really only applies to that game. Perhaps the Bears were a ‘first tier’ team the week they played seattle, but were only a ‘5th tier’ team this week. What were they they week they barely beat Arizona?

    And perhaps Seattle has played like a ‘third tier’ team so far this season, with a scrambled OL, hurt MVP and now a missing QB. Perhaps the Seahawks will fuddle their way to 5-3 and then suddenly play like a ‘first tier’ team when it matters.

    Perhaps the Bears got all their ‘first tier’ games out of their system now, and will suddenly start losing. And perhaps Seattle will suddenly wake up and go on a 12 game winning streak. We’ll see.

  16. GonzoHawk says:

    There is one factor, for the MNF game tomorrow, that I haven’t seen mentioned here, and that is the WEATHER. It is supposed rain heavily with wind gusts up to 35mph. It should make for a very interesting game and a miserable time for those of us who are in uncovered seating areas at the stadium.

  17. pabuwal says:

    The big wind may help the Seahawks. Outside of the deep ball to Moss, it will be tough for the Raiders to get much offense going.

    The real question for tomorrow is will the Seahawk offense show up? They’ve been missing in action for 13 of the past 17 quarters, yet everyone gives these guys a free pass. A more consistent offense helps the defense.

  18. how many tiers are in your system there Marty? Your comments are about 5-6th tier comments at this point. Mine is a 10th tier…

  19. I think their are 2 important factors for this game. One is home field advantage. I seem to remeber reading somewhere that the stadium was designed so that prevailing winds would usually blow rain into the faces of those on the opposing bench. Gotta love the engineers :) The second is someone stepping up in the locker room and saying ‘ENOUGH ALREADY!’ ‘Lets play like we can.’ I’m tired of watching a defense afraid of making mistakes and an offense not dictating to the opposing defense.

  20. martygivens says:

    “And perhaps Seattle will suddenly wake up and go on a 12 game winning streak. We’ll see.”
    —That would be nice to see, I’d be happy if we finish 10-6 and get a home playoff game.

    “how many tiers are in your system there Marty?”
    —Since there’s 32 teams I break them down to 8 tiers. If they lose to the Raiders I’ll make an exception and call them a 10th tier team as well.

  21. drmossguy says:

    Its interesting that such a pessimistic nay-sayer includes their self with the Seahawks as a “we.”

    The Bears probably have room left on their bandwagon for you to join. Or– who else did well yesterday, since your exclusive, super-secret-ninja rating system bases its existence on single games?

  22. Almost as interesting to me was the 9ers beating the Vikes.

  23. roddychops says:

    i like marty’s system.

    by that logic, beating the giants puts us better than the entire NFC east.

    beating the lions, who just beat up the falcons, means we must be better than the entire NFC south.

    we beat arizona, who nearly beat the bears. too bad. if arizona pulled that one out we’d have been the undisputed NFC champs.

    anyway, the last two weekends really confirmed for me what i’d been thinking for quite a while this year–anyone can beat anyone, no team is invincible (no, not even the colts), and it’s going to be a wild playoffs.

    i think a healthy seahawks by playoff time have as good a chance as any team. it all just depends on how things fall in front of them. chicago, NY, atlanta, philly–who knows who we’ll see in the NFC.

  24. nighthawk2 says:

    The Cowboys lost because Parcells decided to go for a 2 point conversion waaaay too early in the game. When are coaches going to learn that lesson? Had they kicked the PAT at that point, they’re not going for a FG to win, they’re running out the clock to preserve a win, the blocked FG never happens and Dallas wins 20-19.

  25. martygivens says:

    “Its interesting that such a pessimistic nay-sayer…”

    I’m NOT a pessimist, I’m a realist. When they stink I’ll say they stink, when they’re good I’ll say they are good. Why is that so hard to grasp. My house if full of Hawk memorabilia (sp?); full size helmet, ball signed by Hasselbeck and Alexander, two authentic jerseys…I’m a fan of the Seahawks. Maybe not the Rah Rah we’re number one even though we’re 4-3 blah blah blah fan.

    But a fan all the same.

    I hope they win every game and then I give my realistic opinion afterwards (or sometimes during).

  26. martygivens says:

    “by that logic, beating the giants puts us better than the entire NFC east”

    I’m glad you like my system but that’s not quite how it works.

    See the Lions win looked good at first, but 5 weeks later it looked pretty bad. Plus it was week 1.

    We beat Arizona and then when you look at their record that win looks almost meaningless as well. They almost beat the Bears but almost counts for squat in my system.

    The Giants win was nice but it became a harbinger of bad things for the defense; and the Giants are playing much better now. The same can’t be said for the Hawks.

  27. drmossguy says:

    Martygivens I have figured it out: There is no system.

    Now even I like it.

    Cheers and go hawks!! Lets beat some Al Davises!!

  28. martygivens says:

    “Martygivens I have figured it out: There is no system.”
    —You are correct, sir!

    But it sounded good. I will cheer! Optimistically even.

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