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Monday night primer from ESPN

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 4, 2006 at 8:56 pm with 23 Comments »
November 4, 2006 8:56 pm

This wasn’t what ESPN had in mind when it swapped Sunday nights for Monday nights in its newest NFL contract. While NBC gets the Colts and Patriots on Sunday night, ESPN is stuck with an Oakland-Seattle game that won’t draw many viewers east of, say, Spokane. NBC gets Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. ESPN gets Andrew Walter vs. Seneca Wallace (not to shortchange the duel between running backs LaMont Jordan and Maurice Morris). Without further sarcasm, we bring you ESPN’s scheduled programming from Qwest Field on Monday (featuring Brian Bosworth and a fish-catching contest among Seattle receivers).


Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks (Qwest Field): Nov. 6, 2006

The line-up of ESPN programs originating from Qwest Field in Seattle on Monday (all times PST) will include:

Pardon the Interruption (2:30-3 p.m., ESPN) – Co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon will discuss and debate all the day’s top sports news from a set inside Qwest Field. ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski will make his regular Monday appearance.

NFL PrimeTime (3-4 p.m., ESPN HD) – Host Stuart Scott will be joined by NFL analysts Mike Ditka and Jaworski live from a set outside Qwest Field to recap all the highlights and top moments from Sunday’s NFL games.

Monday Night Countdown (4-5:30 p.m., ESPN HD) – Monday Night Countdown will originate from inside Qwest Field with host Chris Berman, analysts Tom Jackson, Michael Irvin and Steve Young and reporter Chris Mortensen.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football (5:30- 8:30 p.m., ESPN HD/ESPN Deportes) –

Mike Tirico, Kornheiser and Joe Theismann will call the Raiders-Seahawks game on ESPN and ESPN HD with sideline reporter Michele Tafoya. ESPN Deportes will feature its own Spanish-language production of MNF with play-by-play commentator Álvaro Martín, analyst Raúl Allegre and reporter John Sutcliffe.

SportsCenter (8:30 p.m., ESPN HD) – Host Stuart Scott will be joined by Jackson, Irvin and Young to recap all the highlights and top moments from the MNF game.

* ESPN reporters Rachel Nichols (covering Seahawks) and Colleen Dominguez (Raiders) will also provide updates on the teams every 20 minutes from Qwest Field throughout all afternoon programs beginning at noon PST

ESPN’s Monday Night Football “Playbook”:

Personalized player line-ups will be introduced by:

Seattle: QB Matt Hasselbeck (offense) and DE Bryce Fisher (defense)

Oakland: RB LaMont Jordan (offense) and DT Warren Sapp (defense)

Booth guests:

Actor Christian Slater (starring in new film Bobby about Robert F. Kennedy and directed by Emilio Estevez)

Former Seattle Seahawks LB Brian Bosworth

Other planned events:

Tony Awards — Tony Kornheiser will present his mid-season NFL awards (categories: Best Drama, Best Choreography, Best Direction and Best Original Score, etc.)

ESPN’s MNF Transformation open will feature actor Patrick Dempsey (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy)


Monday Night Countdown delivered by UPS will originate from Qwest Field in Seattle with Berman, Jackson, Irvin and Young previewing the night’s game and reviewing Sunday’s action. Mortensen will present news and updates from around the league. The 90-minute program will lead into the Monday Night Football game – Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks. Colleen Dominguez will provide reports on the Raiders while Rachel Nichols will cover the Seahawks. Other highlights:

Monday Night Top 10

The first half of ESPN’s inaugural season of Monday Night Football has featured a comeback for the ages, the start of a quarterback controversy in Dallas and the reopening of the Superdome. Countdown will present the best plays and best moments.

Soundtracks: Super Seahawks

The 2005 Seahawks were the first team in the franchise’s 30-year history to reach the Super Bowl. Viewers will experience Super Bowl XL from a Seattle perspective in "Soundtracks."

Soundtracks: Glory Years of the Raiders

Though Oakland has struggled this season, the Raiders have a proud tradition that boasts three Super Bowl wins. Listen to the likes of Stabler, Madden, Allen and Plunkett in a special tribute to the best of the Silver and Black.

Brian Bosworth … LIVE

One of the most colorful players in NFL history will join the Countdown team live on-set to relive the night he and Bo Jackson became part of Monday Night lore

They Can Catch a Football, But …

Seattle’s wide receivers have come a long way since the drops of a couple of years ago. Now comes the ultimate test — can any of them catch a fish thrown by the fishmongers at the famous Pike Place Market.

Field Pass

Monday Night Countdown gets ready for kickoff with the analysts breaking down the important storylines and key players before the game. Which young quarterback has the edge — Seneca Wallace or Andrew Walter? And, does Randy Moss have more Monday Night magic left in him?


JACKED UP – Hard-hitting linebacker Tom Jackson looks at the biggest hits from Sunday’s action.

PLAYMAKERS – Michael "The Playmaker" Irvin, reviews the players who made a difference in Sunday’s NFL action.

IN THE POCKET – Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young casts his eye on the best — and worst — quarterbacking performances of Week 8.

TEAMS AT 20 – Every 20 minutes reporters Dominguez, Nichols and Tafoya will update news from the teams in their preparations for the game.

In addition, Monday Night Football’s Tirico, Theismann and Kornheiser will preview the night’s matchup, with Mortensen covering breaking news from around the league and the Countdown analysts offering their "Lead Pipe Lock" predictions for the game.

Game coverage
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  1. And that basically sums up why I don’t watch ANY ESPN football related programming other than the game itself. Who are they trying to market these games to? Christian Slater in the booth? Who cares? Brian Bosworth – as if he’s some sort of beloved Seahawk. And a fish catching contest with our receivers? I can’t believe these guys actually agreed to it. Anyway, here’s hoping the Hawks get a win and Tony Kornheiser keeps his opinions to himself.

  2. Just now on FSN Pro Football Preview they said that SA’s break is only 70% healed! They said that normally those type of breaks heal from the outside in and this one is healing from the bottom up. Whatever that means.
    11/04/06 @ 23:21

  3. PhilKenSebben says:

    don’t listen to the national shows. I only trust Sando.

  4. Weird situation… hating the Chiefs last week to cheering them on this week.

  5. I wouldn’t walk across the street if the Monday nite trio were standing there. Brian the BUST Bosworth wrote checks with his mouth that is butt couldn’t cash. MNF is circling the drain. “Turnout the lights the parties over”……….

  6. ESPN Radio (Fantasy focus) this am is reporting that the chance of Shaun Alexander going on IR is 20%. That his foot just isn’t healing and that sooner or later the Seahawks will have to say that 2007 is more important than having Shaun in 2006.

    Food for thought…

  7. douglasdad says:

    What about the weather…1-2 inches of Rain?

  8. hawkforever21 says:

    Well with all the stories of Alexander showing Holmgren he’s ready to go by jumping up and down on his foot….and not wearing any kind of protective boot or anything….he’s probably delayed the healing himself. Why wouldn’t they have been a little more careful with this injury?

  9. Nothing will surprise me on the Alexander front. Holmgren’s comments Wednesday did seem to carry a little different tone, suggesting that he really didn’t know when Alexander would return. I’m not in the business of laying odds on whether a plyer goes on IR, but there is always that chance when a player is injured.

  10. Snugglson says:

    If alexander goes on IR, our season is finished.

  11. What an interesting read of comments above! Just like me, it almost sounds. I.e., I no longer really watch ESPN…and maybe a little Fox on gameday, but almost none of the pre-, during- and post-game blather-analysis amid the commercials. I even shut off the game-sound more (if and when my family will allow it–except to maybe hear what Raible and Moon have to say). And I only watch the Seahawks games, of late, as long as I can stand my rising heartburn…as they grope around unable to control their field position.

    And, of course, I read Sando & Boling’s accounts nearly everyday…and then check to pick the best of the rest to check out. So, are such revelations just a reflection of my age (hint: I’ve organized nearly all my Sundays around most of the Seahawks history), or a tendency to lean toward the written rather than TV (I’ll watch virtually anything) syndrome of great shots and stupid comments?

    Or, is it maybe too a sign that NFL-on-TV interest (at the national-level at least) is finally beginning to wan a bit–as measured against what so many of us older guys used to do on Sunday afternoon and Monday eve (be there, regardless)?

  12. inque:You are right about the chief.
    ESPN Monday night football,I’m going to try to count how many time one of them says “It rains in seattle”.But at there defence they are from New York so they can’t be to damn smart.If they only knew that it rains more in New York than it does in Seattle.Those east coast media idiots think the only thing in Seattle is rain,an coffee.The biggest idiot of them all is Kornheiser,I still havn’t figured out how he ever made it on Monday Night Football.Besides the rain thing I’m going to count how many times he sticks his foot in his mouth.I also send e mails to espn telling them what I think of the east coast media.But they treat me like I’m a women driver that messes up.

  13. Check out Jay Novacek’s picks ( this week and this quote re the Patriots: “Here’s one of my rules: If teams are evenly matched, and one of those teams is the Patriots, the Patriots will win 99 percent of the time.” So what does this suggest about why the Seahawks don’t overcome their O and D mistakes this year, simply too many mismatches (or things that can go wrong)due to too many injuries?

  14. Novacek’s point about the Patriots is that–all things being nearly equal–they simply don’t make mistakes. Holmgren’s a stickler on that too, so is all this so far this year mostly just the injury curse?

  15. JMan_NC says:

    I say we should dump/trade Morris and make a trade for Chris Brown. Yes, Brown wants to be “the man” but having a solid replacement for Shaun this year and a solid 1-2 Alexander-Brown punch next year would be good.

  16. PUMA80_ says:

    Offense bitten with injury and offensive line unity . Defense is lack of displine . Players not trusting other players to be in psoition and getting out of position themselves .

    Lovie Smith ! Would you mind shifting back to Def Coor ? We will double your salary ;)

  17. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    Maybe Boz can comeback and take over for that arm-tackling lil girl Tatupu that we have in the middle …

  18. lemonverbena says:

    Hasselbeck inactive but introducing the offense on MNF? hmm.

  19. PapaHawk says:

    I’ve got to imagine that Holmgren made the announcement about Shaun’s foot just to keep people realistic. His foot injury in 2006 is the equivalent of Darrell’s knee last year. Except we have team doctors instead of Florida doctor John Uribe.

    I will not worry about that until Mr. Mike Sando reports something. In he I trust. Some poll carries nothing with me.

  20. No way Alexander goes onto IR as long as the Seahawks have a shot at the playoffs. Given that Seattle is in first place right now, and that nobody else appears to be in any danger of taking it from them, I’d say that if Alexander takes until week 17, they’ll wait that long.

  21. Mistakes: Brady 4 INT’s tonight….enough said.

  22. mindnbrad says:

    ESPN’s MNF programming is just horrible. I watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t STAND it. And reading that list above……no wonder we all have ADD. Give me Madden and Michaels any day. Even Gifford, Dierdorf, and Michaels were OK. ESPN has gone WAY over the top. They ruined what was once sacred. Stick to SportsCenter.

  23. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    I LOVE ESPN’s all day MNF programming / shows! It is awesome and starts at Noon today!

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