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Dan Marino, Anthony Dilweg and Seneca Wallace

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October 31, 2006 10:19 am

10 31 2006 QBs In First Starts With 3 TDs.jpgNFL teams have a 12-7 record when their quarterback tosses at least three touchdown passes in his first regular-season start. Seneca Wallace joined the group Sunday during the Seahawks’ 35-28 loss in Kansas City. The list at right, based on information provided by the Seahawks, shows that a three-TD debut does not necessary foreshadow a long and successful career.

Poise is one thing Wallace definitely seems to have. I’m not sure, off the top of my head, how many of those games at right were played on the road. Wallace deserves a lot of credit for putting up three TDs at Arrowhead Stadium without benefit of a strong ground game, and without the benefit of numerous possessions. Seattle’s offense was on the field for about 17 minutes. Most teams would settle for three TD passes every 17 minutes.

Stats, etc.
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  1. albanyhawker says:

    Let’s just hope Seneca doesn’t develop a gambling and check kiting habit, or run off to play keyboards for the band Genesis!

  2. bobbyk03 says:

    I wonder how many of those QBs started drives inside the opponent 10 yard line.

    I also wonder how many of those QBs had a DB fall down and had an open WR with nobody around him.

    I don’t hate the guy and I don’t think he’s terrible… I just think people are giving him too much credit.

  3. albanyhawker says:

    The 10 yard drive is an accurate observation, but who do you think made Ty Law fall down with a great pump fake?

  4. ballgame says:

    Ty law fell down due to a good route by D-Jack that was sold by senca using a good pump.

  5. ballgame says:

    meant seneca

  6. chuck_easton says:

    I am getting pretty upset with some of the posters here who are spending all of their time trashing the team. Last year was a magical season. Enjoy what the team accomplished. This year the team is struggling through injuries and is still competitive.

    As a lifelong Seahawks fan, I remember all too well the 2-14 season and the years where Seahawks fans were thrilled if the team finished above .500. There are some bandwagon fans on here these days who are diluded if they expect every season to be like last season.

    I love the Seahawks and I’ll watch them no matter what, but get over yourselves people. That being said I can see the team finishing 10-6 ( or maybe 11-5 with a few breaks) and making the playoffs this year. I know that won’t be enough for some of you, but I’ll be happy with it given the way things are right now.

    I now return the soapbox to Mike.

  7. RACERX615 says:


  8. dilbert65 says:

    The same people who are bashing Seneca…bashed Hasselbeck just a few weeks ago. They just live in a dream-land, hoping for Bears-like domination for the Hawks.

    We didn’t exactly dominate anyone last year…we just played well-balanced football.

  9. dstoker32 says:

    You know with the way the season is going I’ll be happy if we can make it to the playoffs healthy. We are so beat up right now including some of our best players if the team can weather this storm until the key cogs in the team come back I think they will be just fine but this is football and that is easier said then done. Go hawks

  10. dougenfield says:

    I agree, Dilbert. This football team is very banged up on offense and just not playing well on defense, yet we’re still competitive. I think this attitude among the fans was brought on by two things last year. 1. The NFC Championship game was complete domination. That was the best we had ever seen the Seahawks play in a high stakes game. 2. We were coerced into believing that we actually WON the Super Bowl. Even our coach was blaming the refs.

    Those two things gave the fans belief that we were indestructable. I believed it too. That bubble was burst on Soldier Field a month ago. But almost half way through the season, Seahawks have a winning record and, most importantly, we in first place in our division.

    For those of us long-time fans, this is the hey-day.

    Now, if we can just keep Randy Moss in front of our DBs….

  11. stifflfootball says:

    It’s interesting on your list that the 4 guys from 1987 that did it on the same day were replacement players during that season’s labor disruption.

  12. tholendw says:

    You the man Easton……Once da Boyz get back(8 and 37) and the defense gets it right everything will be good. 10-6 will win the conference and then anything can happen in the playoffs!!!

  13. leshthomas says:

    chuck_easton is my hero!

    Seneca only started one drive inside the Chiefs 40. He played his butt off, threw one pick that was his fault, and put 21 points on the board in Arrowhead. Not bad for a first start. Remember Hasselbeck’s first start?! Hass sucked for his first three YEARS in Seattle, and he wasnt a rookie when he got here either. Wallace is learning faster than Hass ever did, and he is twice the athlete. So give him a chance!

    No team should expect to win a football game if they give up 35 points, and no team should score 28 points despite rushing for 45 total yards. Hass regularly misses on long passes, or throws balls a little off, making a sure touchdown into only a long gain–and i never hear anyone complain about that. And tipped passes will happen unless your qb is 6-10 and remeber when we had one of those?! ugh!

  14. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    Did anyone here Bryce Fisher and Lofa Tatupu on KJR.

    Lofa comes on the radio happy, laughing, and sounding like everything is fine. Fisher acts as usual, that he’s setting himself up as a Radio/TV guy as it is obvious to anyone who has watched him in a Seahawk jersey that his playing days ended many many years ago.

    Personally, I’m surprised they were able to peel these two losers off the field in Arrowhead.

  15. jshmtred says:

    Do we know who is going to start at LG monday night? Should we assume it is going to be Pork Chop since he is coming back from injury?

  16. bobbyk03 says:

    Hasselbeck wasn’t playing for a defending NFC Champs type of team. Wallace is (even though it’s been a major STRUGGLE).

    For the record, Dilbert, I was not and have not been bashing Hasselbeck. I am very tired of people thinking that Seneca Wallace is the second coming of Joe Montana and John Elway. I know not everyone is saying that — but some of these idiots think he’s a stud. If he was so good, I don’t understand why none of the other teams in the NFL didn’t try to sign him this past off-season. They would have only had to give up a 4th round pick if the ‘Hawks wouldn’t have matched the offer (I think).

  17. bobbyk03 says:

    If the coaches/players can actually “FIX” the o-line problems, we are going to be good. I don’t expect them to ever be as good Hutch-less, but there’s no reason they can’t be a solid unit — whether Womack, Spencer or Sims lines up at LG. There’s still time but it’s time for the team to put up or shut up. The schedule is there for us to start gaining some confidence. I could easily see this team going 4-0 in November.

  18. It wouldn’t be a day here without EPGD bashing any and all things Seahawks he can find….

  19. “but some of these idiots”

    I’m offended. Is newstribune a place to pick fights now?

  20. ashleykeltner says:

    Amen To Chuck_Easton’s comment. Fair weather fans are hard to tolerate sometimes, but at least (if comments are kept within the acceptable boundaries) they bring a different spin to each of the topics. However, I think most of their ‘doomsday’ philosophy is based on the fact that most of the fans (who only seem to ride a winning wave) are either very young minded, never content, or a combination of both. True fans are like Chuck & it’s a very cool thing to read about.

    In regards to who ever slammed Seneca….. Holmgren knows quarterbacks. Have a little faith.
    (wife of A. Keltner)

  21. MagooGirl says:

    Mr. DosBigDogs is a troll/flamer in Hawks clothing…. just ignore him.. he won’t go away, but dogs who aren’t fed usually starve.

  22. It is suprising the offense did as well as it did in KC.

    I think most of us were hoping for a defensive struggle, since we did not think we could score a lot of points without any running game, and without our QB.

    The offense pulled together and got the job done.

    The “defense” shocked me. I thought they would be even better this year. They have to get better or we wont make the post season.

    And its always funny when someone things someone else is getting too many accolades.

    Our season is spiraling down; why not grab onto the suprising positive story? Seneca quieted the doubters. Or at least the ones who pay attention.

  23. bobbyk03 says:

    I am rooting for Seneca, don’t get me wrong. I want him to prove me wrong for the sake of our team. I just don’t think the KC defense (even if it’s in KC) is anything special. The Steelers blasted them two weeks ago and put up 45 points in Pittsburgh. It’s not like their QB is playing like a stud. The last 5 years it’s the soft KC defense that has been the weakness of that team and it’s not like they are all of a sudden the Ravens of 2000. Here’s to beating the Raiders on Mondaynight and then feeling better about ourselves. And then here’s to beating the Rams at home 27-20 and feeling even better that we’re firmly on top in our division. And then here’s to traveling to a bad San Fran team and winning 31-17. And here’s to whipping the Packers to end November at 8-3 and feeling very good about the confidence our team has back (and we have in them) and get ready for an exciting finish! By then, we’ll be ready to face the Broncos in Denver and see what we’re really made of by that point in time! Detroit stunk last year and I want to go somewhere warm and I still do have some hope of Miami.

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