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Breaking down the big plays

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 31, 2006 at 1:16 pm with 18 Comments »
October 31, 2006 1:16 pm

The chart below breaks down all plays of 25-plus yards against Seattle’s defense this season. There have been 19 such plays. Sixteen were passes. Five were on third down (four of these on third-and-7 or longer). Fifteen came with at least nine yards needed for a first down. Twelve plays were made by receivers, four by tight ends and three by running backs.

10 31 2006 Big Plays Allowed.jpg

Stats, etc.
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  1. cititravis says:

    Wow I thought I might get sick off the kids candy tonight…but no need looking at this chart did the trick!

  2. You know I think lost in the game vs the Chiefs.

    Is what DJ Hackett and Jerramy Stevens do for the passing game…There Redzone TD catches were only catches that were made available to them…I don’t think any other reciever on the team could have made those catches.

    Also the best way for this defense to play better…is to just get them off the field.

    Holmgren ephasized it best “Seahawks can’t run worth a darn” Thats killing the passing game as will as allowing a mistake-prone defense on the field 32+ Minutes it has averaged since Alexander went down.

    The Running Game needs to improve…while it may not the reason we are struggling defensively…it would certainly help…by controlling the clock and keeping the opposing offense off the field.

  3. 36 minutes average…the defense averages on the field 4 games without Alexander.

  4. 16 pass – 3 run

    Notice the distance on every 1st down. 1st and 10.

    Remember last year, the breaks would always go our way……
    (I remember Vick over throwing a wide open receiver in particular. stuff like that)

    This year along with 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002,……..
    It just seams that everything is going the other teams way at the wrong time.

    The Rams game…67 yard bomb…and all Boulware has to do is knock the ball down.
    The Vikings game… 3rd and long… half back pass….Finger tip catch… from an off balance throw…TD.
    The chiefs game… decent pressure… Huard steps up…finger tip catch…sets up game winning score.
    …and more to come.

    These things didn’t happen last year….at least not enough to constitute a posting by Mike on it.

  5. simpsonrick says:

    I think what’s telling about those stats is how much the mental mistakes are across the entire defense. DBs are going to get beat and you’re occasionally going to give up a big run. What I see as problematic is that defense’s tackling has gotten progressively worse as the season’s progressed. And the DBs seem to be consistently cheating up to support the run. I don’t know if it’s a purposeful scheme planned by Marshall this year, or a need because the front 7 are not effective. I think it would be interesting to see a chart of yards after intial contact.

  6. Thats a good point from Hero.

    If you can’t eat up time on the clock with a balanced run game. Your defense has to be on the field longer. Which translates into tired players.

  7. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    36 didn’t seem like THAT much at first, but if everthing was even that would 30 minutes each, so it is 20% more time for our defense on the field (versus 30 30) which is a big deal.

    Another way of saying it is their offense has the ball 36 minutes versus our offense having the ball 24 minutes … that would be 50% more time for their offense on the field versus our offense … unless we’re scoring with 80 yard bombs that is a MASSIVE difference …

  8. Well…when we had Alexander…our offense controlled T.O.P. about a 34-26 per game average for 3 games.

    Defensively that 26 minutes per game. Compared to w/o Alexander 36 minutes per game.

    Thats a 10 minute difference…

    Ironically enough…when Alexander played our defense has only give up 19 points in 2.75 QTRs.

    Since the last TD drive of the 3rd QTR of the Giants Game…where Alexander was sit down for obvious reasons…our team has given up 158 points since then.

    I really can’t say they are tired because they’ve been giving up points alot of points in the first half.

    But I do think its a direct correlation of the running game because vs STL.

    The Seahawks rushed for 4 yards in the first half, the offense scored only 7 points…and the defense allowed 21 and was on the field for 19 minutes.

    In the 2nd Half…Seattle rushed for 121 yards. The Offense scored 23 points…and the defense gave up on 7 (A 67 yard Desperation Pass To Holt) but the Defense was only on the field 13 minutes.

    Take what you from it…but while it make look like our defense is our greatest woe this season…I think it has been the lack of a running game.

  9. PapaHawk says:

    Hero, I think Mr. Holmgren agrees with you. We’ve got to give someone else the opportunity to make plays as a RB. Morris has proven he could use some help.

  10. HawkFromDay1 says:

    So would it be fair to say we’re getting burned in obvious passing situations?

    That would mean:

    1) the blitz scheme is too easy to pick up or is otherwise ineffective
    2) the guys in coverage are confused and not where they need to be
    3) they’re playing run since the other team is averaging 14.3 yds/carry

    Actually Mike, I think this is their solution to the red zone defense problem. Red zone D looks great if they let everyone score from the 40.

  11. mystireeman says:

    I’m wondering if there is some hidden downside to Julian Peterson – sure his stats are great, but the net effect is we are a worse defense. You could call it the Chad Brown effect.

    I’m not sure keeping Wistrom off the field half the time is paying off either.

  12. doubledink says:

    EPGD, good post.

    The players keep saying they need to get back to fundamentals. The running game is the fundamental they are missing most. The non-effect of it spills into everything.

  13. elgranderojo says:

    Interesting stats… obviously defenses were respecting our running game much more with Alexander in the game… resulting in more space to pass… resulting in first downs and sustained drives (regardless of Shaun’s YPC).

  14. Snugglson says:

    I dont think peterson is having some hidden, negative effect. The problem is 100% mental, as illustrated by guys like Tatupu and Leroy Hill missing tackles and making fundaMENTAL mistakes. Peterson is the only one not playing like his head is in his hind quarters.

  15. The inconsistency in our offensive line is the root cause. Neither Shaun nor Maurice are able to get to the edge or the cut-back lanes we’ve come to expect in recent years. If we are not controlling the run game, we’re not controlling third down and we are punting; giving up field position and forcing the defense to spend more time on the field. This creates more opportunity for the opponent to score. It all comes back to the offensive line: Hutch, Spencer, Womack, Locklear, etc (Defection, Injury, and Suspension; it all adds up!). It’s why Holmgren was so upset when he learned Hutch moved on. Fixing the offensive line would be the greatest single step the Seahawks could make.

  16. PapaHawk says:

    Rojo- great point. They do respect run game more with SA in the game. If they play like dog poop on Monday we’ll know its a more significant problem than we ever expected. Monday night at home, versus the Raiders…if you can’t bring your best for that…then you have no “best” effort.

  17. We all agree the O-line is having it’s problems. The thing that has stuck out the most ALL season to me has been the missing agressive play. That nastiness the O-line used to play with. The Hutch-horse has been buried long ago, but did he take the smash the other teams defense in the mouth mentalaty with him?
    Defensively speaking, same thing – no nastiness and apearance of driving thru the offensive players when tackling. Hopefully the team and coaches can correct the ship before to much longer.

  18. mboivin says:

    I think Boulware really has gotten off track since his concussion. He’s just not playing like himself, i.e. the first 3 games of the season. I’m not sure if he’s still in a fog, or it has affected his confidence, but he’s not the same player. We really missed him and Tubbs in the KC game, as both are excellent run stoppers. We have only had 2 bad games against the run: Chicago and KC and in both we were missing Tubbs and Boulware. I don’t consider the Minny game a “bad game” against the run. It was poor tackling on a single play and overpursuit. If it wasn’t for the one big play, it would have beene exactly like St Louis.

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