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Answers to your questions, vol. 44

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 31, 2006 at 8:01 pm with 35 Comments »
October 31, 2006 8:01 pm

Mo Morris and Shaun Alexander are both averaging 2.9 ypc. That is how people could blame the running problems on the line. I think it’s a combination of things, not just the line. Morris is looking like the change-of-pace guy, not the every-down guy, and that is what we thought about him previously. Alexander took heat for not breaking tackles, but he was tougher to bring down, no doubt. The line was accustomed to blocking for his style, as well. Those could be factors. …

We do not know who starts at left guard Monday night. Rob Sims looked pretty good, but the Chiefs are not great at DT. I see no reason not to give Sims some more playing time, unless they are concerned about hurt feelings. …

I think Holmgren put it about right when he said Seneca Wallace wasn’t going to lose the game for them. He didn’t lose the game. He threw a few TD passes, even. That’s not bad for a backup who hasn’t played a full game since college. Let’s watch what he does over the course of a few games. Then we’ll have a better idea. …

HawkFromDay1: Looking at the first three drives from each game, personnel groupings include 32 two-back, three wide; 16 four-wide; 40 two-back, two-wide, one-tight; 18 one-back, three-wide, one-tight; and three short-yardage or goal-line groupings. …

I don’t think Alexander’s timeline depends on whether other teams win or lose. …

Drhawk: Has the scheme changed significantly since last season? Since the first couple games this season? I think Holmgren is taking a broader view than most fans. Not sure if that is good or bad. Just depends on whether things turn around on defense. They should not panic at this point, but if things do not improve over the next few games, we’ll have a better idea. I’ll be looking to see how Holmgren and the players handle the next few weeks, particularly if the defense flounders. …

Oakland’s defense could be a problem for the Hawks. I haven’t seen it enough to have a great feel, but the stats say the Raiders have been pretty good on that side of the ball. And we know Seattle has had some problems. I just think the atmosphere will make things tough for the Raiders’ already struggling offense. Seattle should be OK in this game. …

Giving Weeks a few carries would not hurt anything. Maybe we’ll see it.

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  1. seahawkfan5704 says:

    I am sure the problems with his foot had a little bit to do with the 2.9 ypc average too though…

  2. Boulwarefan28 says:

    i really hope weeks gets some carries….maybe you could bring that up next time you have a press conference…

  3. Mike Holmgren is not going to do something because a reporter brings it up. NOT how it works. …

    Foot problems did have something to do with 2.9. How much, we’ll never know. His return will presumably provide some sort of boost, though.

  4. billywatson says:

    What is Marquis Weeks pulls a nice fumble like he did in the preseason game? Inexperienced running backs tend to fumble quite a bit and Week also seemed to struggle with knowing where to line-up at times during the preseason. I assume he would struggle with blitz pick-ups as well.

    Seneca Wallace is going to keep throwing those batted balls at 5’10” with his line drive delivery. It is just a question as to if someone on the other team can come up with them for interceptions. It is going to be scary over the next couple of weeks, but I don’t see why the Seahawks cannot go 3-1.

    I also think this team could win shootouts once all the offensive guys are back (assuming the defense continues to stink). Look at the Colts.

  5. albanyhawker says:

    You don’t have to come right out and ask him Mike, just drop subtle hints that he should stop by and read your blog! :-)

  6. Boulwarefan28 says:

    not exactly what i was going for…it was more to remind him that weeks is actually on the team and that morris doesnt have to take all the carries…especially when hes not performing well…

  7. Here is something that Seattle should consider.

    Ashworth done a pretty good job at RT and thats where he is best at. He signed what a 5 year deal. Why not try Locklear at RG? He has played guard befor. He picks things up realy fast. He is a strong guy.

    How are they using Bernard this year? It doenst look like their using him at DE like they did last year. Has he gone lazy after getting his contract? He was a key player last year for that pass rush to just rush 4 men.

  8. “What is Marquis Weeks pulls a nice fumble like he did in the preseason game”

    What if Mo pulls another one like he did at the Rams?

    It would be nice to get Weeks something, because it’s really scarey to think of throwing him in cold if Mo goes down. Afterall, we’re not doing to well with the injury bug…

  9. “Seneca Wallace is going to keep throwing those batted balls at 5’10” with his line drive delivery”

    I agree… That is a very valid concern.

  10. It’s not impressive to me that Morris has the same per-carry average as a guy with a broken foot. Alexander was clearly hobbled in the Arizona game. He scored and ran a bit, but he could hardly walk off the field in the first quarter. He was injured and should not have played in that game.

    I think the OL really hasn’t done that poorly in the last 2 games, and I really believe that if Alexander had played he’d have had close to 100 yards in both of those games.

    I still don’t understand why we can’t run a screen play now and then. I watched both the Vikings and the Patriots run those on Monday night. When teams are blitzing all the time, the screen is the play to make them pay. Why in the heck haven’t we been screening to death this season? It seems to me that Holmgren is very stubborn about his play calling. I remember years ago when John L Williams was here, and we’d run screens to him all the time. I remember a 50+ yard play to Williams on a throw-back screen in Chicago one year that won the game for us.

    If Morris has any skill at all, it’s that he can run fast when he gets the ball out in the flats. Runs some screen plays! You could call 10 consecutive screens and the other team wouldn’t expect it, since we’ve probably had 2 screen calls over the last 3 years.

    Throw the screen. At least it’ll make the defense look out for it. As Chuck used to say, you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt. We were dealt an RB that can’t pound the ball. Don’t try to pound with him.

  11. Oh What a stupid move by Ruskell in hindsight (which is wonderful by the way) putting Weaver on IR.

  12. HawkFromDay1 says:

    OK, so chuck that 4-wide nonsense.

    More 2 WR, 2 backs, 1 TE. Those backs and TE need to help out with blocking (run and pass).

  13. Osiris33 says:

    Mike, does Ashworth have a shot at retaining the starting RT spot? He looked better than Locklear has so far this year.

  14. Anybody out there got some hate for the Raiders?

  15. dover5005 says:

    how does IR work

    hawk from day 1
    we go 2 reciever because we only got 2 rec right now.
    nate is a bust – bobby is hurt – but i do kinda like hack

  16. slacktied says:

    I think we should go with the spread offense…Hawaii…or Oregon Ducks style…With Wallace back there we’d be killing people!!! It’s not like it would come at the expense of our non-existent running game. (yes I know this is unrealistic, but it’d be fun to watch) If you can pass, have good Wr’s, can’t run the ball and have an extremely mobile quarterback…play to your strengths. Nothing but 3wr/1TE sets. Let it rip!!! when the D can’t stop anyone…and you have a non-existent rushing game…attempt to put up 60 points instead. What the he#%??? Just watching the Vikings get ripped apart by a Pats WR corps that is nowhere near as talented made me wonder about the possibilities…(and yes I know we don’t have Tom Brady, and we can’t block anybody so spare me your pragmatism.)

  17. slacktied says:

    IF y’all get a chance take a listen to the softy mahler show…specifically Bryce Fisher…interesting stuff.

  18. Off topic (sort of) A great line on Spokane news from Dennis Erickson about his Idaho Vandals’ loss. After the usual we’ll watch the film, analyze what went wrong and move on speech he said "In the old days it was on film you could just burn it. Now they’ve got all that video, you’d have to burn down the whole building to get rid of it."

  19. PhilKenSebben says:

    I think there is an overlooked thing, Lofa Tatupu is in a big sophomore slump. He is not everywhere on the field, is getting blocked quite easily and is missing tackles. LeRoy Hill has been the best ‘backer so far.

  20. MagooGirl says:

    I think offenses are scheming at Lofa a little bit this year. He’s not a surprise this season and teams are looking to take him out of plays. Granted, he’s also making mistakes and missing tackles all on his own some as well. But teams aren’t just overlooking him.

    Shaun’s RPC stat is meaningless to me as he got injured during the Detroit game – even his stats for that game have to be evaluated from the perspective that the foot was already hurting badly thus influencing his ability to cut and push-off.

    If he were to be back this week (which I know he’s not), I don’t think he’d be rushing for tons of yardage as the OL just hasn’t pushed anyone around as of yet. That said, he’s still a tougher/more powerful runner than MoMo.

  21. MagooGirl says:

    hey lordtd – I remember John L very well, but my all time favorite was Dan Doornink. Screen passes or little dump-offs from Zorn to Dr. Dan seemed to result in big plays pretty darn often.

  22. PUMA80_ says:

    Tony Gonzales and Lovey Smith are free to sign contracts next year …..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  23. I’ve watched a lot of the Raiders this year because my roommate is a big fan. Their pass defense is excellent, but their run defense is average. Unfortunately we probably won’t be able to exploit the mediocre run D.
    Derrick Burgess is a terrific pass rusher, and their secondary are ball hawkers…………..( I wish our secondary played like they did )

  24. albanyhawker says:

    IR works like this: guy’s done for the season, but stays on your team.

    Hill best linebacker? Did I miss Julian Peterson moving to another position?

    Agree on more screens.

  25. bobbyk03 says:

    Also agree on a screen or two per game instead of per season.

    Like the idea of Ashworth at RT and Locklear at RG.

    Do not like the idea of giving Weeks increased reps. Shaun will be back in a week or two and Morris will be the change of pace guy. That’s it. No more significant RBs on the team. Weeks won’t be a factor. Where is he going to be in two weeks?

    It seems when things go bad, we all want to change everything (we can’t bench everyone – there’s a reason some are starting and that’s normally because they are better – coaches aren’t going to normally put bad players over good ones for the sake of it). I like the change with Ashworth because he is a winner that started for a winner (we’re not winners yet until we win the big one). We drafted Locklear at a guard and I think he’d do fine. I like Sims, but like someone pointed out in an earlier blog… we weren’t going against Harris, Rogers, Williams, etc. either…

    I certainly hopes Holmgren blows up today. I think they need it. It seems he treats them like adults too much of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want some psycho head coach who goes nuts all the time and maybe Holmgren does this behind closed doors, but if he does, it’s not working by what we can tell on Sundays – then there’s a problem.

    The Lovie Smith comment about being a free agent. Our coach is fine. Aside from a head coach named Bill (maybe another Bill) – we do have about the best head coach in the NFL. Lovie Smith is not a better coach just because the Bears beat us earlier in the season. Not by a long shot. Holmgren may be a little too stubborn and predictable (maybe a trick play every 2-3 weeks is all I ask) in play calling for my taste, but when I take a step back — I wouldn’t trade him for almost anyone.

  26. bobbyk03 says:

    p.s. Peterson is our best LB and defensive player.

  27. RACERX615 says:

    Something to take into consideration also is the fact that S A
    is a leader in this offense,I don’t think Mo would speak up as
    Shaun would.The line is definately going to respond to him when he get’s back due to the fact that he is a much more polished runner.I’m not saying the line does not try hard but at the same the confidence for Mo is obviously questioned.

  28. aelliott11 says:

    "Teams are doing a good job of game-planning us," he said. "They know exactly what to be in at times. They’re doing a good job of hitting spots that are open."

    – Julian Peterson

    Very telling quote. We have a piss poor defensive strategy. When does John Marshall take accountability for it?

  29. lemonverbena says:

    i think the fact that Shaun-A had a badly bruised wheel from early on in week 1 should be factored in to his YPC average as well. it’s not solely the inefficiency of the line to blame.

  30. ballgame says:

    Lofa is leading the team in tackles, so I’m not sure how that is consider a slump.

  31. By that logic, every team’s leading tackler would not be in a slump. … I was there when Peterson said that, and we used it. We also had a note in the paper today raising that aspect as a possibility. On the other hand, a player’s comments immediately after the game do not benefit from having looked at the tape from a clinical standpoint. … Marshall has some built-in credibility after coordinating this defense at a Super Bowl level last season. He’ll become a larger part of the story if this slump continues long-term. Right now, it’s looking like a slump. If it happens against the Raiders, it is more than that.

  32. Lofa missed quite a few open field tackles against the Chiefs. He also made quite a few. I guess you could look at it both ways – fair or not, if a guy gets in position to make the tackle and doesn’t, we look at it as poor play.

    On the other side, not only does Morris go down at first contact, but if he is truly a “change of pace” back, you’d think he’d at least be able to make someone miss or outrun a defensive tackle once in a while.

    He is normally a better receiver out of the backfield, but it seems like he’s dropped a few in each of the last 2 games. I would like to see Weeks get a few carries at least.

  33. I wonder if Marshall is running more zone because guys like Boulware and Trufant are getting beaten over the top even when they are in position? More zone usually means “looser” coverage, but you are playing with more awareness of what is going on in front of you, and less with your back to the QB and the ball.

    I’m not an expert, but I know Tatupu made some of his best plays last year out of the zone. The more we play it, though, the easier it is to game plan for it.

    I also think that to make the zone work, you need to have pressure – otherwise just about any NFL quarterback will carve you up. Despite decent sack numbers, I don’t think that we are causing too many hurries, knockdowns, etc.

    Mike, do you have those numbers, or know how we rank against the rest of the league (in non-sack pressure)?

  34. PapaHawk says:

    MoMo is a quiet, modest guy. Shaun will ask for the ball, he will challenge his line to provide him with holes. Those two elements are lacking on offense right now. The D should step up this weekend. I like what Bryce Fisher and Tatupu have said lately on the radio, about the need to step up and have fun and hit some people.

    I heard Rodney Harrison on the radio yesterday with Chris Myers. It is clear that people do not respect the physicality of the Seattle Defense. He said after they tackled Chester Taylor early in the game he told Taylor, “You are not playing against Seattle’s defense today.”

    Everyone on Defense knows they must “let their pads to the talking”.

  35. aelliott11 says:

    100% agree with PapaHawk. Last year, this D was flying around the field knocking people silly. This year, other than some choice hits on recievers by Hamlin, I haven’t seen it. Most of the time, I’m thinking “thank gawd they caught that guy from behind”. There’s been NO penetration, no aggressiveness, and Lofa’s mysterious troubles are not isolated to the Chiefs game. He’s had a few bad games, IMO. Makes me wonder if he has one of those shoulder injuries the Seahawks don’t publicize, but that makes it impossible for him to wrap people up properly…?

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