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Holmgren: ‘We can’t run worth a darn’

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 30, 2006 at 3:02 pm with 42 Comments »
October 30, 2006 3:02 pm

Mike Holmgren’s opening remarks at his press conference today: “We are a much better defensive team than what we played, than we executed in that game. Missed too many tackles. And so we missed some assignments and uncharacteristic of some of the players. Even the guys that you watch every Sunday that don’t do those things did them a little bit. That, coupled with the fact that Kansas City is really getting their offense together, they have an outstanding back, they had a good day offensively. But still, I expect our team to play better than that. On offense, for us, I was actually very proud of the job Seneca did. Now, can he improve in some areas? Certainly. But the part that is troublesome is we’re not running the ball the way that we’re used to, and it just is a problem right now that we have to try and fix. You can’t be one-dimensional in this league and right now we can’t run worth a darn. And so we’re working really hard on that phase of our football this week.”

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  1. martygivens says:

    Two months into the season and you still haven’t had a 90 yard day out of a back; why should a fan think that it’s going to be fixed any time soon?

    The defense is giving up 30 or more week in and week out (for the last month anyway) so again, why should we think it will be fixed?

    If you have the same players and the same coaches running the same basic schemes how is this going to get turned around?

    Just curious.

  2. mdmiller99 says:

    It’s time to challenge the players manhood.

    Step up, or step OUT.

    I love how Peterson is like a swinging door when run right at.


  3. Better execution.

  4. Boulwarefan28 says:

    SIms at LG and Spencer at RG and our running probelms will go away…and if that doesnt work we should put in weeks and see if he can run the ball some…

  5. baldbandit says:

    Disagree. Sims at LG, Porkchop at RG, Spencer at Center.

  6. PapaHawk says:

    “Two months into the season and you still haven’t had a 90 yard day out of a back; why should a fan think that it’s going to be fixed any time soon?” martygivens

    1) Your best RB has only played one game at full strength and is supposed to come back to play sometime soon.

    2) offensive lines become a tighter unit throughout the season and actually can improve.

    “The defense is giving up 30 or more week in and week out (for the last month anyway) so again, why should we think it will be fixed?” – martygivens

    1) If you run the ball more effectively the defense is on the field less and would thus give us less points.

    2) You play the Raiders, who’s offense is pretty darned challenged.

  7. PapaHawk says:

    baldbandit is ready for 2007, isn’t he?

    I’m pretty conservative and patient and am starting to feel that way also. But I’m more concerned about the Defense getting back to attacking and getting off the field. Gray and Tobeck are old and will have to be replaced, its easier to feel good about making that move if the Defense is playing at a higher level.

    So baldbandit, what position do we use our second round draft pick on next year? Not QB, Not LB, I say best available between OL, DT, DB…

  8. spencerdt says:

    We need a defensive end. Tapp has promise but we still need a defensive end.

  9. martygivens says:

    Papa – seriously, have you seen any holes for backs to run through on a consistent basis? I haven’t. They aren’t going to suddenly appear when Alexander comes back.

    I agree the O-line could improve over the season but they haven’t done it in 7 weeks so I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    I also agree that IF you run the ball more effectively it’s beneficial for the defense, in our case that’s a mighty big IF so the defense ought not count on it.

    Yes, they get the Raiders next week but I think there’s still 8 other teams after them that aren’t as challenged on offense.

  10. CADjockey says:

    It doesn’t matter if the defense gets off the the field on third down if the offense can’t give them more than 3 downs of rest. If we don’t establish a running game we will continue to have no defense.

  11. jessecarney says:

    Raiders are #1 in pass defense. Do you think were gonna have problems with them this week?

  12. They might not be too many holes but Morris falls over if he gets touched. Alexander can at least break a couple arm tackles. I can’t imagine Morris gets another start, that would shock me.

  13. The key to the Raiders game has NOTHING to do with the offense. They will score some points, NOT control the ball because they have NO ground game and torch a horrible Raiders secondary.

    The key to the Raiders game regards the candy $*&%es on defense. If they can D up and, I don’t know, TACKLE someone–that would be special. They have the WORST offense in the NFL rolling into town and have the opportunity to show a nationwide audience that they can perform like a moderately poor defense and shut-out one of the most anemic offenses in league history. Time to step up…

  14. jerseymike25 says:

    Part of the reason they’re #1 in pass defense is because they were so horrible before the recent 2-game win streak. When teams are thumping you, they generally shut down the passing game and start handing the ball off to any back available. Doing so inflates the pass defense numbers of bad teams.

    2005’s Top 5 defenses: 1. Green Bay, 2. NY Jets, 3. New Orleans, 4. Cleveland, 5. Chicago.

  15. buddhabrad says:

    Holmgren’s comments help to explain the game-within-a-game that happened yesterday. As I said yesterday, and many of you challenged, the O’s inability to mount a drive contributed to the D’s inability to make stops. The D just got worn down, as evidenced by the lopsided time-of-possession stats.

    Not that I’m pinning it all on the O, but, clearly, Holmgren agrees that the O has to be able to run to give the D a blow.

    Also, let’s not forget that Seneca is taking a little longer than Matt to get the plays called and the guys to the line. Then he’s taking longer to make pre-snap reads. Matt consistently was snapping the ball at 10-12 secs remaining on the play clock, while Seneca is using all of the time just to get the base play off. Those extra 10 secs mean a lot to a 300-lb D lineman who would be otherwise sucking wind.

    No running game + slow offensive tempo = a more rested opposing D.

  16. HawkSince76 says:

    Even with all of the problems on Defense, Offense and Special Teams, after looking at the remaining 9 games for this team, I see:

    three Sure Wins at Home (Raiders, Packers, 49ers)
    one Guaranteed Loss (at Denver)
    two Shoud Win on Road (at 49ers and at Cardinals)
    one Almost-For-Sure Loss (San Diego at home)
    two 50/50% Chance Wins (Rams at home & at Tampa)

    I predict a 6-3 finish for the Hawks with Seattle winning 3 out of 4 heading into the playoffs. A 10-6 record should insure a home playoff game in the first round with a chance to have everyone healthy for a playoff run (where anything can happen).

  17. usafanarc says:

    mdmiller, Peterson had 10 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, and one sack. He’s the brightest spot on the defense. I, for one, am glad we picked him up.

  18. jerseymike25 says:

    Seconding usafanarc’s comment – I don’t remember Peterson being a swinging door. My feelings on the defense yesterday were that it was Peterson and cheese…

    …rather than the Peterson and pretty good D we expected.

    (My post earlier should say Top-rated 2005 Pass defenses, not overall defense).

  19. One thing about the run game is that it often worked for us when we stayed with it even if it wasn’t going so hot early on. A lot of times last year Shaun wouldn’t start well, but would grind people in the 3rd and 4th quarters. We don’t need gamebreaking runs, but we do need to feel confident enough to run for first downs on 2nd and 3, or 3rd and 1, and Morris is not a tough enough runner to feel comfortable there. I wish we had a bigger back to take some carries. SD has Turner, NYG has Brandon Jacobs, that’s the kind of guy I’m thinking of – I guess that was supposed to be Weaver for us. It’s missing now.

    On another note — I really don’t get the Peterson complaints, the guy is the team MVP so far this season imo.

  20. Osiris33 says:

    yeah, the reason the Faiders are #1 in pass defense is because they are #24 in rush defense. Why pass when you can just run it down their throats?

  21. usafanarc says:

    Has anyone noticed how Tobeck is doing? Is it time to move Spencer to center and let the old man take a game off? Maybe Baldbandit has a good idea with Sims at LG, Porkchop at RG, Spencer at Center?

  22. I think we are dealing with a combination of no Hutch plus a quicker than expected (age related) decline in play by Tobeck and Gray

  23. roddychops says:

    peterson and branch are the only fired-up guys on this team right now.

    why is that?

  24. thebro88 says:

    it would help if mo mo got more than 12 rushes, i mean you have to let a guy get in a rhythm, the play calling needs improvement, i thought the play calling cost us the game last week, we need to run the ball more, mo mo is capable if we just give him more oppurtunities, plus it would help us keep the pash rush off seneca

  25. lmalmquist says:

    The reason the defense sucks is because they’ve been on the field too much? First of all, that’s b.s. because in the game I watched yesterday, KC went down the field and scored on their first possession, their second, their third and so on. The defense is too tired and worn down on the first three possessions? Come ON!

    The defense sucks right now because the other teams have figured out our tired and obvious approach. Our defense also sucks because very few players are playing with fire and pride. It may be true that they are so perplexed and frustrated they have fallen apart. But that’s where the coaches need to step in and help them regain their composures.

    I am about ready to order and read Bellicheck’s book to gleen a little about why he is always able to make competency out of chaos.

    The day off? What a dumb idea. I agree with the blogger who said the players should all be at the complex watching film, throwing out potential ideas/fixes, and being part of their own solution. It is a team effort and no one part of it is completely at fault. Sure, let them rest and heal their bodies…but start conditioning their heads, discipline and heart.

    I am ready to throw all the coaches out and let Deion be a player coach!

  26. MagooGirl says:

    Thing is, our D is getting us in holes that make it tough to run the ball 25 times. We’re coming from behind when we should be ahead and wearing the opposition down in the later 3rd and 4th quarters. We can’t wear anyone down when we’re behind two scores. That being said, we’ve got to be able to AT LEAST pick up the yards on 2nd and 2 or 3rd and 1. Right now we can’t count on that at all.

  27. bobbyk03 says:

    I like the idea of giving them off until Wednesday (did not support the full week after the Bears game though). This is a violent sport and they can’t kill each other every day.

    However, I only like it if the coaches totally go off on them and challenge their manhood in a very intense day of practice on Wednesday (maybe the toughest practice of their lives – the don’t play until Mondaynight). I am happy we have a coach like Holmgren who doesn’t get too punitive all the time but I do think the time has come for him to finally blow his top at practice on Wednesday. Maybe he has behind closed doors, but the way they have been playing and by observing their intensity during the games leads me to believe he hasn’t erupted the way he should on Wed.

    Regarding needing Shaun to run to control the clock… The holes aren’t the same as they were last year. We could bring back Walter Payton of the late 1970s and we still wouldn’t be running the ball very well because the line isn’t doing its job.

    I’m not saying this is what we should do, just throwing it out there for thoughts…

    Overall, I was happy with Ashworth on Sunday at RT. What about leaving him there and moving Locklear to LG? We drafted him as a guard. He can’t be worse than Grey (who seemed to get very old overnight). Besides, Ashworth was the starting RT in New England and their track record is much more impressive than ours. If he can start for them, why not us?

    Maybe it’s Spencer time at C?

    I liked Sims at LG. I am not a Pork Chump fan.

    However, I know one can’t shuffle and shuffle and shuffle the line-up in a unit that needs to be on the same page. It’s just that it seems some of the guys may need to be replaced and perhaps the sooner, the better.

  28. brandonpetersen says:

    Once again, Holmgren has my back.

    No running game, everything else suffers. In the NFL, nothing is more important than the O-line, the running game, and the ability to sustain drives.

  29. nomorereg says:

    Well Brandon, perhaps you or Holmgren will answer lmalmquist’s point above (the same point I made in another thread, btw):

    if the lack of a running game is the key, why was the defense already affected on KC’s first, second and third drives of the game?

  30. Read between the lines……..

    What Holmgren is sayins is he is still pretty Pi**d off losing steve Hutchinson. I think the coach and front office are still in a big fight over what Timmy did to this team.

  31. That was the worst effort I’ve watched in a long time. The tackling was sad, the defense was out of position, there was no push along either line. EVERY Chief reciever was wide open. What the heck was up with the dump off pass on 4th and forever?!?!
    I’m sick of hearing about Hutchinson…he has nothing to do with the piss poor secondary, half A$$ arm tackles, or complete lack of ability to get off the field on 3rd and long!

    Simms looked good and should replace Spencer, and the rest of the line needs to run wind sprints untill tey decide to run block!

    whew…that rant felt good!

  32. Isn’t it about time they give someone other than Maurice Morris an opportunity at HB? What’s the point in having Marquis Weeks when he doesn’t get an opportunity? He can’t do much worse than Morris.

    It’s time to put the Hutchinson thing to rest. The Vikings aren’t doing much against the Patriots. Isn’t it amazing how a no-name WR group is torching the Vikings defense. Hutchinson wouldn’t have made much of a difference this past Sunday. Last time I checked, he doesn’t play defense.

  33. elgranderojo says:

    The offense definitely wasn’t stellar at staying on the field despite putting up 21 (minus the special teams TD). As was said many times before this game (and is an afterthought now apparently), if Seneca runs… we can win. Dammit it pisses me off… uses the abilities you have… Wallace could have picked up several more first downs and keep their frickin’ D off balance if he’d had 10-12 runs. Seneca Wallace is NOT Matt Hasselbeck and therefore the offense MUST be tweaked to fit his skills (not changed… just tweaked). Screw his freakin’ health we need a win so let him (or make him) run!

  34. mdmiller99 says:

    Most of his tackles were far down field or on the other side of the field near the LOS. I know for sure that on at least 2 runs, runs right at him, he was pushed far away by the blocker and didn’t break the initial block attempt to make a play on the ballcarrier (who is pretty good I’ll admit).

    I like him, but think he should either stand firmer at the point of attack, or be a designated rusher.

    I think he fits to a point, but is subject to explotation on runs directly at him, at least thats what my TiVO review says. On the other hand he runs down plays from sideline to sideline and is a terror on QB’s when he rushes.

    I do think that there is something to the defense being tired, LATE in games, but as was noted here also, they went up and down the field from the 1st possession. There were what 2 3 and outs all day?


  35. mdmiller99 says:

    Oh ya…forgot to mention:

    I agree totally Hawkx and could not have said it better.

    We need the D to suck it up, and deal.

    Just that simple.

  36. did anyone watch the patriots last nite? One player crabwalked for the score Now that’s desire and passion, something I have yet to see with the Hawks.

  37. lmalmquist says:

    cram: That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when I watched that guy crabwalk into the end zone….The desire, the fight, the intensity. WHy don’t our guys have it? What in the world does Bellichik do to get that type of play from ALL OF HIS PLAYERS????

    Can anyone help me understand this? Has anyone read his book? What’s his talent????

  38. I think a big part of the Patriots success is they ooze confidence. These guys find a way to win and do it week after week, year after year. They’ve already got three SBs, so they play loose. And they’ve got so many clutch wins that they always believe they can win, no matter what the circumstance. Oh yeah, their QB has ice in his veins.

    The Seahawks, by contrast, have little or no winning tradition. If the Pats are loose and confident right now, the Seahawks are tight and scared. If the Pats are defined by the last second field goal to win a thrilling Superbowl, the Seahawks are defined by the Dave Krieg fumble. The ‘Hawks turned alot of things around last year. But I ask long-time fans if the team on the field right now doesn’t look eerily familiar….

  39. i think blaming a lack of a running game is crap. a solid running game certainly helps makes things easier, but it all comes down to execution, regardless of whether the run sets up the pass or the pass sets up the run.

    2 teams with very good defenses (denver and minnesota) gave up 30+ and lost to teams without a running game. brady thew it up 43 times & manning 39 or 40. what little running game they had was set up by the pass.

    you can certainly control the clock a bit by throwing short passes and getting 4,5,6+ yards on first down. this not only opens up the running game a bit, but will also open up longer pass plays.

    it seems to me that problem is more a lack of flexibility in gameplans or a lack of reluctance to do something different in the face of lacking the personnel to do what is “comfortable”..

    as for the lack of a running game affecting the defense and TOP, that seems a bit of an excuse as well – the offense can’t take time off the clock if they don’t have the ball, and they certainly cannot do it when the opposing offense is putting together 80-90 yard drives.

  40. Kiefer- your line,”the Seahawks are defined by the Dave Krieg fumble” made me laugh.
    The Defense is a riddle; on paper it might be better than last year.

    As for the lack of a running game I don’t think the loss of Hutch can be overstated. People say get over it and move on, but his absence is why we can’t run effectively.
    He never should have been lost and when we look back at this team that went to the Superbowl and wonder what happened the next few years, we’ll look no farther than the loss of Hutch.

  41. lsquire56 says:

    ‘I don’t think the loss of Hutch can be overstated’

    Oh but it can! Geesh!
    – 28 points should be a win. Hutch played NO defense.
    – Mo contributed very little last year – he has never shown Shaun’s patience at waiting for and following blocks, so why blame the O-line on his lack of success this year?

  42. PositivePaul says:

    I think a big part of the Patriots success is they ooze confidence. These guys find a way to win and do it week after week, year after year. They’ve already got three SBs, so they play loose. And they’ve got so many clutch wins that they always believe they can win, no matter what the circumstance. Oh yeah, their QB has ice in his veins.

    Uh, yeah. Take, say, Tom Brady, and three or four of their best players and put them on IR, and see how well New Englad would perform. Similarly, take Urlacher and three or four of Chicago’s best players, put them on IR and see how well they would perform.

    Not sure that injuries, of course, are the bulk of the problem in Seattle. But, man, having a seriously deflated offense on a team that’s very offense-oriented does affect the sum-total performance of the entire team. Weak offense leads to more pressure on defense — and certainly weak performance out of the defense puts pressure on the offense. The injuries aren’t the entire excuse, but, yeah, you can see how an entire team can be affected by serious injuries to its top 3-4 players.

    I think this team has performed pretty well considering how deflated, both performance-wise and mentally, they are. Losing the league MVP and the field general would destroy any other team. Fortunately they’ve still got Holmgren, and a decent amount of depth. They’re not perfect, and there’s lots of room for improvement, but, well, I’m amazed that they were able to hang as well as they did in KC.

    But, yeah, the defense has to totally pick up the slack. Part of the Time-of-Possession battle certainly falls in their court.

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