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Hawks 23rd on offense, defense

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 30, 2006 at 5:17 pm with 40 Comments »
October 30, 2006 5:17 pm

The Seahawks have fallen to a No. 23 ranking in total offense and total defense. The defense is 14th in rushing yards allowed and 28th in passing yards allowed. The offense is 26th in rushing and 18th in passing. Those numbers were accurate heading into the Monday night game tonight. Note: I’ll be driving home here shortly and trying to avoid my computer tonight. Family time is needed.

Stats, etc.
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  1. JimWilke says:

    It’s easy to avoid the computer after an embarrassing loss like this….

  2. PapaHawk says:

    I just checked out the box score from the Raiders/Pittsburgh game….it was more one-sided than the KC/Seahawks game. Pittsburgh dominated the line of scrimmage…but made mistakes that lead directly to points. Andrew Walter completed only 5 passes and was sacked six times! Oakland did get to Big Ben 5 times. If the Hawks can’t get healthy defensively against the may not be possible!

  3. Doc_Bucket says:

    If we can find a way to best the hated raiders, 5-3 at the turn isn’t too shabby.

    That’s where I had is pegged going into the season.

    I thought we’d lose to the giants, the bears and the chiefs. The flip flop is all right with me.

    The difficult thing is the way in which weve played win or lose.

    While 5-3 looks fairly reasonable given the state of raider nation, I don’t know if 11-5 is attainable. (I had losses to Denver and Tampa at the start of the year, but now thinking san Diego looks more difficult.)

    Anyway, were still in the thick of it.I believe we still win the division and get one home playoff game … Doc out.

  4. MagooGirl says:

    Papa, we are healthy (at least physically) on defense. We’ve got to get healthy mentally (hope that’s what you mean).

  5. Mike I have a question…

    Watching Darren Sharper for Minni tonight makes me wonder if his experience is enough to help out a Defense. Our D perhaps brought Green in to not only play and contribute but to mentor our young DB’s as well. MY question is this…is he even around team headquarters, studying..working out..helping the DB’s with breaking down film? etc etc…thanks.

  6. By working out I mean Rehabing.

  7. bobbyk03 says:

    If we can’t get healthy (I think we will) against the Raiders, I don’t know what the heck can make us better.

    Like any sport, momentum is everything. The defense needs to gain back some confidence. Wrapping up is a good place to start.

    Offensively, we’ve been hearing since the Lions game about how our offensive line needs to improve (“fix” some things). However, I haven’t seen anything really getting fixed and it’s been a couple of months.

    I remember when Tampa won the SB a few years back, their o-line was very average but really started to play well late in the season and played great in the post-season. There’s still time but I am worried about it.

    Our schedule in November gives us a chance to gain confidence. Then, the guys will think they are actually good again and when they play good teams – they will believe in themselves more and maybe we’ll see better results. By that time we may be in the top 12-15 in offense and defense. While it’s not great, it’s a heck of a lot better than 23rd and 23rd. A 4-0 (not a given anymore) November will put us at 8-3 and on track to hopefully get a first round by in the play-offs and the first game we do play in Seattle.

  8. bobbyk03 says:

    I meant “first round bye.”

    Just a thought… what do you all think??? to improve our 23rd ranked defense…

    Replace Hill with Boulware? I know moving back to OLB would be a big change, but his abilities seem so much more obvious as a starting LB as opposed to a SS.

    I don’t think I would do this if I were Holmgren, but Jennings starting over Trufant for a game or two or nine? Trufant just seems like such a liability right now.

    I really think our defense would be doing better if Ruskell would have kept Dyson. I know he was hurt last season, but he didn’t have injury problems previously and is doing well, as expected, for the Jets this season. Instead, we used our #1 on a CB and people talked about how our DBs would be better because of it. We could have still drafted Jennings, but also having Dyson would have made us better this season and having Jennings around would have ensured us talent at that position in the future. Just a thought and we are all smart when second guessing (although I was mad when we let him get away).

  9. seahawkshuddledotcom says:

    It’s a long season, you just can’t tell how this team is going to respond. From the start of preseason, they’ve shown no consistency from week to week. At this point, playing on Wild Card week will be an accomplishment.

    That Rams game is looking to probably the most important of the season.

    Keeping Dyson would’ve been wise, before last season, Coach had Tru in his office and told him it was his time to step up. Unfortunately, Marcus hasn’t been a star cover corner, and he may never be.

    If this team till had both Ken Lucas and Steve Hutchinson, we’d be a lot better off. For all the favor Ruskell gained a year ago, a lot of it is rapidly slipping away.

  10. martygivens says:

    Watching the Patriots dismantle the Vikings in Minnesota makes me wonder if the Hawks are even a third rate team at this point.

    Brady has time to throw, his back has holes to run through and their defense can stop the run and the pass; all against the same team that kicked our butts on our home field. (No weak excuses about Hasselbeck please – it’s 17-0 at halftime, not 10-10.)

    Not good.

  11. buddhabrad says:

    Per Holmgren’s comments today, there are no more lineup changes coming. With all of the injuries, the cupboard is bare. In his own words, there are no other potential starters, other than those in the trainer’s room.

    Anyone who would suggest Jennings is ready hasn’t been watching the games I’ve seen. The word is that Jennings is too short, but I couldn’t even tell you how tall Jennings is, because everytime I’ve noticed him on the field, he is laying on his stomach, reaching out at someone who just lit him up on 3rd down. He plays plenty already, and he’s a liability.

    I like Boulware as much as the next guy, but there’s no way Babs played his way out of the starting spot. To switch back would mean that Babs was to blame for the mess on Sunday. The big plays weren’t happening over him.

  12. What ticking me off is how great a coach Beli is…I mean we’re in the 3rd qtr and NE has 28 rushing yards, they are a 1 dimensional team and they’re still winning…if we can run put 5 WR’s in the game and lets chuck it around the field….

    ps Minni just scored on a punt return…..

  13. Well, the 4-3 Hawks aren’t the only team with a winning record who have allowed more points (177) than they’ve scored (149). The other team? The 4-3 Rams (PF:163, PA:166). KC (also 4-3) gets honorable mention for coming in with the same number of points scored as points allowed (152).

    But hey, it could be worse. Pittsburgh is the only team with a losing record (2-5) to have scored more points (157) than they have allowed (145).

    Minnesota has to lose by 26 or more points tonight to join the Hawks and Rams.

  14. vichawkfan says:

    team lacks chemistry. By that I mean, guys aren’t playing hard for each other. If the D had that mind-set they wouldn’t be fluffing tackles. I wonder if Hamlin’s personality is a situation that might be cause for concern. It’s one thing having him as a cheerleader and sideline inspiration, but every game he’s played, there’s a lack of intensity from the unit as a whole. Just a thought.

  15. Did you also notice how much time the O- line is giving Tom Brady. Our biggest problem this year is our O-line, and the screw up Tim Ruskell did. You want to blame our poor performance on offense, and running game……blame it on the front office. Just wait till SA comes back, he won’t be any better than Mo Mo. Then and only then, we’ll know what a huge screw up our front office did.

  16. Alexander gets 1 game grace period to “get back into things” unfortunatly that won’t be till Week 11. By then we might be fighting for our playoff lives.

    But I agree the 0-line needs work. I’m just thinking out loud but how bad can it really be? Why not put Spencer at Center move Tobeck to RG get that 80 yr old man Grey out of there who can’t even walk and let Sims and Porkchop battle it out for LG.

  17. Mike – Do you honestly feel like the coaching staff is going to get the defense “fixed” as Holmgren put it? How much of what is going on with the defense do you think is scheme related? Do you think that the schemes and formations that Marshall is calling on the field too predictable? Last question – do you think that Holmgren somewhat sugarcoated his defense’s performance in today’s press conference? Don’t you think there needs to be more accountability or were you satisfied with his answers? I felt that he seemed to be just as concerned with the lack of a running game as the performance of the defense….

  18. I thought Holmgren coped out. The defense played bad and he covered for them by talking about the offense. He is a team guy and he has no answers. The best way to dodge the questions is change the questions.

  19. MagooGirl says:

    There’s plenty of responsibility to go around for the Hawks – from the front office on down to the players.

    FRONT OFFICE – losing Hutch was stupid, stupid, stupid; letting Kaz go seems to have affected something this team already struggles with this year – chemistry; letting Dyson go (we lack veteran depth at CB)

    COACHING – not exactly certain what to point to precisely, but ineffective at motivating the guys to step up and take care of the basics (tackling!) is a starting point – especially on defense (I’m sure there’s more)

    BAD LUCK – the injuries (key injuries) have hurt: Matt, Shaun, Weaver, Engram, Burleson (playing with bum thumb/cast), Mike Green, DD Lewis, JP Darche, and Jeremy Stevens (until last 2 weeks); those aren’t just minor losses to this team

    OFFENSE – obviously the OLine, but Strong’s play has been subpar for him, MoMo has been dreadful and the receivers, quite frankly, have been bit by the dropsy’s yet again (maybe not as bad as years past, but definitely up from last year)

    SPECIAL TEAMS – yes, our return game has been piss-poor, but it’s our coverage that’s been horrible. We regularly give the opponent great field position setting our defense up with an even tougher job

    DEFENSE – lack of basic execution by the players (tackling, out of position, trying to make the big play and forgetting to make the RIGHT play), lack of consistent and timely pressure on the QB, giving up the dreaded big play, lack of apparent chemistry, trust and accountability among one another.

    I’d love to just get one thing fixed. Who knows, maybe it’d create a cascade effect of momentum and things will begin moving in a better direction. I don’t know – and it sounds like the coaching staff is pulling their hair out as well. At least the fans won’t be the only ones with noticeably thinning hair by season’s end!!!

  20. Magoo girl — Dyson is not the problem…he’s getting torched in NEW YORK as well.

  21. seahawkfan says:

    FYI History says that the Raiders have been upstoppable on Monday night. I would expect for them to have the game of their season on Monday.

  22. MagooGirl says:

    qbania, dyson is only one in a long list……

  23. seahawkfan says:

    But it now looks like both teams are pretty much tied since the Seahawks are also good on Monday night:

  24. I think it’s incredible that we just replaced a pro-bowl qb with a backup, and we’re not even concerned. That speaks volumes for Senecas abilities. We’re lucky to have him. Fans from other teams would be pulling out their hair. Props to #15!

  25. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    Seneca looked great given our non-existent offensive line. I guarantee you he avoided at least 3 sacks that Hass would have suffered. S.W. is not an issue at all. It is the rest of the pathetic players on this team that are of issue.

  26. bobbyk03 says:

    Props to Seneca? For what he’s done this year he’d be on pace for over 40 incerceptions in a season. Props to Seneca?

    He had a chance to win the Chiefs game. Thanks to Ty Law dropping an EASY interception, he was given another chance.

    He threw an INT. Thanks to Dion Branch, he got ANOTHER chance! (this and the Law comment could be reversed – I can’t remember)

    What did he do with his third chance? He threw a few yards to our fullback when we needed 15 yards.

    In case you missed the game, the special teams scored a TD and the defense set him up inside the 10 yard line for one of his magnificent scoring drives. And the bomb to Jackson? That was a duck that my neighbors dog could have thrown to a WIDE open D-Jax.

  27. syxshooter says:

    I had confidence in Seneca until I saw how many of his passes got tipped. He really is too short to be a QB in the NFL, D-linemen are just too tall. I pretty much agree with bobbyk03… Had the bomb to Djack been covered at all, it probably would have been an interception, Djack should never have to make that kind of adjustment being THAT wide open. Hopefully he wont get so many passes tipped against the Raiders this next week. Please put Sims in the starting lineup at LG or RG with Womack. Won’t happen though, one of Holmgren downfalls is his ‘loyalty’ to his players. It’s good to have that loyalty, but it can hit you at a fault at some point.

  28. Bobbyk03—- The Hawks were never going to win that game, even if it was an 8 qtr. contest. Our D could not stop the Kansas City Offense. Period. Bottom Line. End of story!!!

  29. I’m wondering if the people congratulting Wallace actually watched the game. The Seahawks just put up their worst offensive performance of the season, against a mediocre to poor defense. This is not the same KC defense that beat up on the Seahawks in the 90s. It is actually close to awful. The Seahawks had just 1 good drive. Part of defense is playing ball control on offense.

    As many yards as the defense allowed, the fact that the Seahawks had a chance to win the game at the end despite the worst offensive showing of the season is almost a credit to the defense’s 2 TDs and Ty Law’s 4th quarter meltdown.

    Most of Wallace’s troubles can be traced to his height. He had passes tipped that shouldn’t have been and he had to leave the pocket just to find throwing lanes. Tony Romo had the same exact experience, a similar supporting offensive cast (except for the RB) and lit up a much better defense.

    Face it, keeping Wallace as the backup on a team with SB hopes was a mistake. He’s not a bad QB, but the standard is high here and the QB drives any Mike Holmgren offense.

    Yes, the defense was terrible on Sunday, but just a 300 yard offensive effort would have won the game.

  30. PapaHawk says:

    I don’t think the defensive players trust each other. Too many guys out of position or getting beat. some guys are trying to compensate for weakness and its coming around to burn us. Secondary, yes. Linebackers out of position to compensate. Tatupu playing deep to help out back there…Listen carefully to Tatupu’s post game comments…he doesn’t sound like the same leader as last year. Call it growing pains, sophomore slump, or just bad defense…its not the same guy talking. Perhaps having JP next to him is hurting his leadership swagger? I don’t know…but this is attitude thing is priority one for the coaching staff…let’s see how effective they are. Remember, when Tatupu emerged as the defensive leader last year two guys weren’t on the field: Hamlin and Peterson…both are more athletically talented that he. Now, who knows how that effects things.

  31. roddychops says:

    i’ll stop short of giving ‘props’ to seneca, but he was not the problem in KC.

    he’s not going to be a starter, he’s not our QB of the future, but he did what is expected of a backup: he kept the game within reach.

    going off on the tips and INTs while leaving out 3 TD passes is a bit disingenuous.

    in any other ‘backup’ situation, a team would go heavy on the run and keep the passing game simple. seneca did not have that luxury and had to try to make things happen in the air.

    he didn’t do great, but he did just fine. he hit three different receivers for TDs and used the entire passing crew throughout the game. even subtracting the special teams TD, 21 points was more than I was expecting out of our offense this week.

    my thought before the game was that we’d have been lucky to get 2 offensive TDs and a smattering of FGs. it was going to be the D and ST causing turnovers and field position advantage that would keep us alive for the next few weeks.

    but the D allowed 35 friggin’ points. were you guys expecting 40 from seneca? come on.

    this was a week for the rest of the team to really step up. and they did not.

    and now with no SA on monday–who’s going to make things happen? who’s going to play like they’ve got something to prove?

  32. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    I think the defensive players are all small, short and weak (fast is the only thing nice you can say about SOME of them).

  33. leshthomas says:

    elperrograndedos–you never have anything positive to say about the hawks. are you sure youre not a closet raider fan from cali? tubbs is over 300 lbs, so is bernard, and almost all the defensive players are built like greek gods–i doubt they are lacking in physical strenth. Have you seen Julian Peterson? the man isnt called “the freak” for nothing.

    and what’s up with the Seneca bashing–“he’ll never be a starter” etc? The guy starts one game, throws a couple bad balls under pressure and one pick that wasnt tipped, and you guys write him off? The seahawks have no offensive line, no running ability at all, and Wallace puts up 21 points in Arrowhead! Despite the mistakes, this was a damn near miraculous game for a backup quarterback starting his first game. Give him a chance! He didnt give up 35 points to a team with no legitimate #1 WR and a backup qb with a pulled groin! Bottom line, you score 28 points and lose, your defense sucks.

    And as I’ve said before, remember how long it took Hasselbeck to learn not to throw two picks a game? the guy SUCKED for three years and still Holmgren had faith…and he was right. Wallace is learning faster than Hasselbeck ever did, and he is twice the athlete. So lay off the career judgements untill the guy has started at least a couple games in a row. you guys all sound like Chris Collinsworth or Terry Bradshsaw, and those guys have double-digit concussions to blame for thier brain damage!

  34. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    I was the guy praising Seneca you moron!

  35. I still give props to Seneca. I thought it strange that no one was ragging him (until now I guess). Yeah I watched the game. And i’m still impressed.

  36. I wasn’t impressed by the throw to Mack on 3rd and long. That was dumb, but I really doubt he makes that mistake again.

  37. badcat63 says:

    Last night New England, with a very effective running game they chose not to use most of the time, used the 5 WR (yes 5) set to overwhelm the “great” Vikings at home. The same Vikes that handed it to us at home. The effect of spreading their defense worked very well. Heck, they are assimilating many new receivers into their team as well as we are.

    That is the coaching creativity I sense is lacking with traditional dedication to balance and typical adjustments. Heck, NE can run and choose to pass most of the time. We can’t run and should consider more 4 & even 5 receiver sets. If the passing game is our strength use it to our advantage. Get the best pass blocking line in there and throw the ball! As I was corrected a post or so back, pass to set-up the run. At least do ONE THING very well.

    Even coach said SA probably wouldn’t make a difference the way we are playing. PASS IT!


  38. wasn’t impressed by the throw to Mack on 3rd and long…
    oops… I meant 4th and long

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