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Alexander out another week

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 30, 2006 at 2:26 pm with 28 Comments »
October 30, 2006 2:26 pm

Coach Mike Holmgren said the Seahawks will probably be without RB Shaun Alexander for another week. This comes as a bit of a surprise. They expected Alexander back this week, but his foot isn’t quite healed. As Holmgren noted, Alexander’s return won’t make a difference unless the team improves in other key areas. Listen to the rest of Holmgren’s comments here.

Holmgren on Alexander: “It doesn’t look like we’re going to get Shaun back this week. That is the next thing. He had pictures taken today and the doctors, the medical people are reluctant to give me the green light on Shaun after what they saw on the pictures. He is getting better. He is feeling better. And his crack has healed a bunch. But they were not ready to hand him over to me, so to speak, this week. It appears as though he’ll be at least another week.”

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  1. But we do return….Locklear, Womack, Engram, Tubbs, and Lewis?

    We played well enough to almost beat KC @ Arrowhead (which has been our kryptonite over our existent).

    I don’t feel Raiders are as good as the Chiefs…and they’re traveling to Qwest…on Monday night. The last time I checked…a loss to the Vikings doesn’t not take away the Home Field Advantage that we’ve built up the last 3 seasons.

    I’m not worried…but obviously Raiders might have an outside chance to win.

  2. myELFboy says:

    I’m worried…this is JUST the type of game that scares me the most; a game that we all assume they win. I am not 100% confident that Seneca has a better performance than what he had against KC, and I’m not confident that our defense can stop an offense; even one as pathetic as Oakland’s. Oakland is coming in with a 2 game win streak, one win which is over the defending SB champions, and the ‘Hawks are coming in banged up, on a 2 game losing skid where they got their asses handed to them, & with lots of lost confidence. Oakland might be up for this game more than the ‘Hawks.

  3. buddhabrad says:

    We are getting alot of guys back this week. It’s hard to win on the road. Oakland is due to crash back to earth and the Hawks are due to get one back. Holmgren is giving the guys the day off to shake the last few weeks off. Then back to business.

    Let’s not forget that Qwest will have more than its share of Raider fans this Monday. We, the fans, need to be ready to crank up the volume to 2005 levels. If we expect the players to return to championship form, then we need to also.

    Raider-haters, SOUND OFF!!!

  4. Holmgren audio is here by the way.

  5. Yeah but point of emphasism here is that…Oakland beat a 1-5 Arizona team and a 2-4 Pittsburgh team @ Oakland.

    Seattle is a 4-3 team playing @ Qwest.

    We are banged up but I think we will return everyone but Hasselbeck and Alexander.

    I don’t think Oakland’s offense is good enough for them to keep Seattle’s defense an average of 36 minutes on the field it has averaged without Alexander.

    But the running game will be the key…if we can establish any kind of running game at all…we should be able to move the ball…and it will keep the opposing off the field…

    Obviously something Seahawks haven’t been able to do consistently without Alexander.

    It has trap game all over it…but Seattle still as the advantage.

  6. martygivens says:

    I say we keep Alexander out until the line shows it can run block. When Morris gets more than 85 yards against a quality opponent then Alexander is safe to come back.

    Otherwise shelf him for the year and save his legs. We’re not going anywhere with this defense anyway.

  7. ballgame says:

    another note on Oakland is they won this week while only gaining 96 total yards.

  8. Come on. Enough is enough. I’m really feeling that this organization is babying Shaun at this point. I understand the fact that you want to make absolutely certain that he’s fine, but it seems like at this point the organization is using infant mittens with him at this point. Our O-line played well last week, keep those same guys in and see how shaun does. I’m really sick of seeing Mo-Mo go down with the slightest tap, that guy just doesn’t have what it takes to be in the big leagues. The only symptom shaun is suffering from right now are bench sores from sitting on his ass.

  9. PapaHawk says:

    This isn’t a trap game, Seattle needs a win very badly. Trap games happen to teams that may be over-confident. This Hawks team is not that way right now. They value a win highly…against anyone.

    I know Morris is our top healthy back, but why don’t we give Weeks a couple of carries, just to mix it up. Morris’ strong suit isn’t breaking tackles, perhaps we can put this guy to use, after all.

    Oakland beat Pittsburgh because of tough defense and turnovers. I guess the Steelers need some help from the Zebras to win during the regular season now.

  10. Hero!!!!!!!!!!! DID you watch the same game I did? We played well enough to almost beat KC in KC? COME on man. We were horrible, and didn’t play well enough to beat KC in KC. They would have beaten themselves had we won that game. Yes we would of taken the W, but man we suck.

  11. “but why don’t we give Weeks a couple of carries”
    I agree with Papa…
    What can it hurt? If he can catch a ball reasonably well, right there is an improvement, as Mo hasn’t.

  12. martygivens says:

    inque – You need to watch some game film. Morris has made some great catches. I didn’t see all of yesterday’s game but he’s made numerous catches that were tough to say the least.

  13. Any chance that Sims will start? He seemed to play well.
    What can the Hawks do to improve their tackling. It was very very poor.

  14. “Morris has made some great catches”. Morris has 7 catches in 7 games for 50 yards. Big deal. He’s also fallen over every time the wind changes directions, and missed several blocks, including the one against Minnesota that directly gave them a TD, and fumbled a ball back to St. Louis that almost lost us that game.

    He’s averaging 2.9 yards a carry. Alexander averaged that amount with a broken foot, but he also had 2 TDs, 2 more than Morris.

    Morris is clearly a wasted roster space. He can’t get through a hole, can’t throw a block, and also dropped several passes. He really should be cut. The only reason he’s starting is the Homlgren feels a sense of ‘loyalty’ to him, since he’s been on team for 4 years.

    He’s bad. It’s time for Weeks, or Scobey, or Strong, or Parry, or hell, put Josh Brown in there and let him run.

  15. PapaHawk says:

    “Morris is clearly a wasted roster space. He can’t get through a hole, can’t throw a block, and also dropped several passes. He really should be cut.”

    I’m not a Duck, but I have to give MoMo an ounce of respect. He can run through a hole. He can catch a little bit, more than Shaun. But he cannot pick up the blitz very effectively and he cannot break tackles by NFL players.

    MoMo is a nice change of pace back, that’s it. He can even be a third down back at times. But he is NOT a feature back. His game against the Texans was a fluke. Josh Brown would have had 100 yards in that one.

    By the way, if you are a LB and you see the combo of Parry and Strong in the backfield, are you scared?

  16. What I was saying is, what could a couple of Weeks snaps hurt?
    Maybe I was dreaming, but I could of swore I saw some key drops Sunday.

  17. Southendzone says:

    The idea of throwing Weeks out there should get some serious thought. If Weaver were around you know he’d be getting some carries and Weeks made some noise preseason.

    I don’t know enough about MW to remember if he’s much of a fumbler. Holmgren has no patience for players that don’t hold on to the ball.

  18. JAMAN8901 says:

    Should have never IR’ed Weaver. He is a beast.

  19. qbania…if you think of that that way.l…the same could and should be said of the Raiders.

    Rothlisberger basically handed the game to them on a silver platter.

    Which is why we shouldn’t be that WORRIED.

    Okay I shouldn’t have said we played well enough to win…but we did enough to win…

  20. usafanarc says:

    I agree. MoMo has had his shot. I don’t think Weeks could do much worse. Give the guy a chance to carry the rock.

    The O-line was a bit better this week. How about leaving Ashworth at right tackle, where he belongs, and start Locklear at left guard? Maybe I’m way off here, but it seems like it might work.

  21. Completely agree with you on Morris — he is not a feature back, period. I thought he’d be a reliable if unspectacular replacement, but he’s underwhelmed. I’d give Weeks some carries too. And I’d draft a running back in the 3rd round or higher next year.

    Big drag that Shaun is out again — him coming back on a Monday night game would’ve been a nice pick-me-up for the team.

  22. MagooGirl says:

    At the very least, I believe we should use Weeks as the infamous “change of pace” back – formerly MoMo’s role. I am completely bummed that Shaun is out another week, but would rather have him completely and without-a-doubt healthy than bring him back one game too early and then have him out for the entire year.


  23. usafanarc says:

    MagooGirl, that’s not a bad idea. We can get him a few carries and get him used to the speed of an NFL defense. Who knows, he may work out better than MoMo. Of course, this is all useless if the O-line continues to perform like five 12 year old girls.

  24. PapaHawk says:

    “I don’t know enough about MW to remember if he’s much of a fumbler. Holmgren has no patience for players that don’t hold on to the ball.”

    something speaks to me that if Weeks were a fumbler we would have chosen a different back to add to the roster. You only stick with a fumbler if they are of supreme ability like a Tiki Barber or an Ahman Green. 3-4 yards per carry looks pretty good right now.

  25. Sharpclaws says:

    Did Coach drop any hints on who might get the defensive game ball this week?
    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

  26. martygivens says:

    Alexander coming back isn’t going to be any kind of pick-me-up for this team if he has 20 carries for 50 yards, which is what’s going to happen until the blocking improves for the run and the pass.

  27. lsquire56 says:

    Mike –
    Do you think Shaun would have been back if the Rams would have won this week? Seems like Holgren is just playing to the level he needs to stay on top of the division. This talk about ‘badly’ needing a win is comical. Aside from Denver, can you see us in position to run the table once everyone gets back and healthy?

  28. syxshooter says:

    I just hope we start Rob Sims at one of the guard positions, call me crazy but when he was in there, I REALLY noticed a different in pass protection and the ability to run block. Hell, you even heard his name from the announcers when Mo busted a run behind a Sims block. Can we say that for Spencer? The only time you hear about Spencer is when he gets burned.

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