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Order restored on home front

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 3, 2006 at 9:53 pm with 21 Comments »
October 3, 2006 9:53 pm

I took some heat last week when my wife and I finished tied in our weekly competition picking NFL games (9-5, .643). This week, it’s time for me to put on one of those white tank-top-style undershirts, if you know what I mean. That would be me with the 11-3 record (.786) in Week 4, and that would be the ol’ lady my better half straggling along checking in at a laughable still-respectable 7-7.

We were 7-2 in games we agreed upon, but I had a 4-1 edge in games where we picked different winners (to her credit, she shrewdly foresaw the Patriots’ upset at Cincinnati, while completely whiffing on the Raiders, Chargers, Vikings and, get this, the freaking Titans!).

In any event, I know better than to gloat. She’ll probably get discouraged and quit pick every game right this week. We’ll have those picks a bit later. The picks as they ran last week are below.

09 28 2006 Week 4 Picks.jpg

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  1. cubswin1 says:

    Nice editing! On another note, any interest in the recently released CB from Green Bay (Carroll)? It looks like he has some ability as he’s a former #1 round draft pick. thoughts??

  2. I could see them working him out. Might be a little surprised if they signed him. But that’s me talking off the top of my head during a bye week.

  3. seahawkfan5704 says:


    Heard you were around my town Friday night watching the Beavers game. Was wondering what you thought of them this year. They seem to actually have talent. Would have been nice to have that years ago, I may have even played HS ball. But, we had no offensive line, didn’t feel like getting killed.


  4. -coughs up his tortilla chips-

    ouch, mike…

  5. Hmmm. I was home Friday night.

  6. mystireeman says:

    order’s never really restored with the young ones running around though is it.

    those stats you presented the other night make me think we might be presenting chicken pot pies to teams wearing those white tank tops. I’m worried about the red-zone defense, and defense in general. The last 5 quarters of play, teams semed to go mid-to-deep down the middle on us, ala ’04.

    i appreciate your angles on the business side of the game. Teams of MLB have an advantage in the development of players over time – they’re not ready, send ‘em down. Here in the NFL, we often have to put players out there that we have a lot invested in, because there is no “down.” Sure there’s NFL Europe & the practice squad, (I understand the older players become uneligible for these spots,) but the amount of “farm system” roster spots available pale in comparison to the roster size of the team, which is opposite of baseball it seems. Just bye-week food for thought. Do teams try to manipulate I/R for this reason?

  7. dksater says:

    Mike, It appears to me as though none of the players I have seen interviewed, has taken sundays loss to the bears with much concern. Like perhaps they expected to loose. We need to see some serious attitude immediately following the bye week! “GO HAWKS”

  8. albanyhawker says:

    That’s a Pulitzer-worthy post right there if ever I saw one!

  9. Why can’t the NFL teams have farm teams? The owners chip in so much the NFL chip in so much.The owners of the farm teams chip in so much.It could stay here we wouldn’t have to go to Europe.Some of the middle sized citys could have a team.I know there is a lot to work out,but all the money the NFL has they could help.
    Mike: Maybe you better make sure theres no gloating,I’ve said it befor,When mother not happy,No one is happy!

  10. You did watch the MNF game right?? Carroll got beat on so many plays I can’t even count that high…

  11. Great post Mike, gave me a good laugh on an otherwise ordinary morning.

    Regarding Carroll, couple ways to look at the guy. He’s a former 1st round pick with good speed, but he’s also a defensive player that just got released by the Packers.

    It would be like looking for offensive line depth on Arizona’s waivers…

  12. PapaHawk says:

    Concerns galore after that loss. However, our pass defense was pretty good versus the vaunted Cadinals passing game, and it was great against Roy Williams and Detroit. It was strong for most of the Giants game. After a loss like that its tough to remember the team is 3-1 and looked pretty good in winning. However, the running game has not shown up yet, will it ever?

    Did anyone else notice that our blitzes didn’t get through to Grossman? In previous weeks we got through almost every time we blitzed, or at least moved the pocket back. Is Chicago’s line just that strong at pass blocking? OR did we just lack the schemes to get back? Perhaps we repeated some patterns and they were ready? that seems to make all the difference for our DB’s.

  13. Osiris33 says:

    You live dangerously, Sandoman. On the upside, if you’re divorced, you never have to sit through another Orlando Bloom movie….

  14. iqbal70 says:

    When I was watching the game on Sunday it sure looked like the DE’s were getting grabbed up around the shoulders just as they were about to break in on Grossman. Did anyone else see that or am I just trying to invent an excuse for our poor pass rush?

  15. PapaHawk says:

    iqbal70….let’s make more excuses for the Hawks. Imagine the bears if: Grossman had sore ribs, Tait and two other linemen were playing on bad knees/ankles, the LG was basically a rookie, their nickel-back was out, their starting RB was out, Desmond Clark didn’t even play.

    Chicago’s depth hasn’t been tested yet, it will be. Seattle’s has already been tested, and against a pretty healthy squad, it didn’t do well. Assuming that Stevens plays and doesn’t get hurt before the Minnesota game, Shaun comes back then, and we improve on the offensive line, we can expect good things to happen.

  16. jasonfin1128 says:

    sando wife??? any comment?

  17. dangerdonkey says:

    Mike must have the plushest, cushiest, comfiest couch in the entire world. He better since it sounds like he’ll be spending some time there this week …

  18. paulshrug says:

    I suppose the Raider cheerleaders could be hot if they shaved off their beards.

  19. sandowife says:

    Alright, I’ll chime in. So what if I took a beating this week. I still love Mike and you guys don’t know what it’s like when it’s just the two of us. We watch Orlando Bloom movies and I schedule his tee times. It’s still early and I have a “I used to stock groceries and now I have a hot wife and Super Bowl ring” type comeback in me.

  20. Orlando Bloom? Right. But I am playing 18 in the morning thanks to Mike Holmgren’s players-off scheduling tactics and, yes, thanks to my wife, who scheduled the tee time as a surprise (and sure way to get me out of the house for an extended period of time).

  21. tmcclurkan says:

    Signing Carroll would at least make Trufant look good by comparison…

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