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Answers to your questions, vol. 26

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 30, 2006 at 5:28 pm with 28 Comments »
September 30, 2006 5:28 pm

Fastest guy on the Hawks? Hmmm. Probably a corner. Could be Marcus Trufant. I do not have 40 times handy, though. … Mike Holmgren’s teams are 14-2 against the Bears. As far as I know, Dave Wannstedt is no longer Bears coach, however. …

Rules on practice squad are as follows: Players on practice squad can practice, but cannot play. They can terminate their contracts at any time, then sign with any team that wants them. In this case, Weeks has been signed to the active roster. Now he can’t terminate his contract for the purposes of signing elsewhere. …

The addition of Josh Parry gives Seattle another great special-teams player. Isaiah Kacyvenski might not have been as valuable as he once was, in the team’s view, because the team has several very good special-teams guys (Scobey, Ponder, Parry, Tafoya, etc.). …

Don’t rule out Kacyvenski coming back at some point. …

Kacyvenski is NOT practice-squad eligible. He did not go on waivers. He is a free agent.

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  1. junior08 says:

    KFAN Sports Radio is reporting that Alexander has the dreaded Lisfranc fracture in his foot. Just wondering if you had heard this rumor around Seahawks HQ? Seems hard to believe they’d miss that, given that they just saw it in Mike Green’s case.

  2. That’s a new one to me. That Lisfrac thing is serious. Hard to imagine Alexander would be walking around without pain, as he was Wednesday. I would doubt the report, assuming that is what the report said.

  3. SeahawkinMi says:

    Kacyvenski has always been a favorite of mine, but I could not see anywhere else the Hawks could have shaved. He really boosted the morale of the defense and special teams when they were struggling in the past. He just seems like the type of guy that would “take one” for the team. I would really like to see him come back.

    DANG! Sure hope that is an unreliable source junior08, I don’t think I could stand the freekin’ babbling about the Madden thing-a-mic-jig that would spout from coast to coast.

    All I need now, is for Mack, Mar, and Mo to show the NFL that the Hawk’s running game is alive. If the line can get some push and open the holes – Watch Out!

  4. Is it reasonable to suspect that the Hawks will employ the “Thunder and Lightning” approach this week, with Stong getting the short yardage and goal line carries?

  5. bitterguy says:

    along the same lines as the practice squad question, does anyone know what the rules for ir players are? when leonard weaver is healthy again, for example, would he be involved in practices?

  6. Seems to me that the decision for the ‘Hawks came down to releasing either Kazyvyn… heck, Kaz…or Scobey. I’m having a hard time figuring out why it was not Scobey. Willie Ponder is the team’s Kick Returner and I thought Kaz was just as good in coverage as Scobey is. Weeks is a pretty good Kick Returner in his own right, so he could’ve done just as good a job backing Ponder up as Scobey does.

    Since it has been lack of depth on defense that has hurt the ‘Hawks in the past, and Kaz is a much more legitimate player at his position than Scobey is, I just cannot figure out why it is that they chose to keep Scobey and cut Kaz. Said another way, I can’t figure out what role Scobey is going to play on the team that is more important than the role Kaz filled, or that he will do better than Kaz.

    Mike, can you shed any light here?

  7. They probably asked a question along these lines: Who is more likely to have a greater impact in a game, Isaiah Kacyvenski or Josh Scobey (or anyone else)? Another thing to consider: Ruskell iherited Kacyvenski, but he claimed Scobey off waivers. Not saying that was definitely a factor in this case, but sometimes personnel guys have an easier time parting with guys they have little invested in personally. In this case, I’m thinking Ruskell just made the decision based on the first criteria: which player is likely to have the greater impact during a game. Yes, Kacyvenski backed up the LB positions, but they would have to incur injuries to several guys for him to get on the field in that capacity. In the end, that probably helped him less than one might think.

  8. snohawk907 says:

    Even Clayton believes the Curse now:

    10. Finally, a piece of advice to top offensive players. Don’t be too good. The “Madden Curse” is for real. Running back Shaun Alexander suffered a broken foot after his MVP season and will miss about a month. From Donovan McNabb to Marshall Faulk to Daunte Culpepper to Michael Vick to Ray Lewis, each has been cursed since making the cover of the Madden video game. Maybe now we understand Barry Sanders’ sudden retirement in 1999. It was his only way of beating The Curse.

  9. Thanks, Mike.

    By the way, welcome to the Central time zone. Enjoy being awake at 11:00 PM, thinking you should be asleep because when you get up at 7:00 AM you’re body is going to think it’s 5:00 AM, but being unable to doze off because your body thinks it’s only 9:00 PM.

  10. Players on IR are out for the year and can’t practice with the team.

  11. registrationstinks says:

    I’m glad this isn’t a 10 am game for us (pst). The Hawks will be wide awake this time at kickoff, which has to give them a boost. I don’t care how much of a morning person you are… getting hit at 10 am has to suck. I’d still be trying to digest my Wheaties.

  12. In all the excitement about Hamlin getting NFC Defensive Player of the Month, I didn’t notice who got Offensive PotM: Rex Grossman (

    So we have last year’s #1 defense and last month’s #1 offensive player against last year’s #1 offense and last month’s #1 defensive player.

    That’s, like, a total Clash of the Titans, Garth.

  13. williambryan says:

    it will be interesting to see who the inactives will be. I really wish the tv crew would point out the inactives prior to the start of the game. any early ideas? I’m just wondering about the o-line. If Locklear isn’t completely healthy it might make sense to activate Willis, who has been inactive up to this point, since Ashworth hasn’t looked to good in his limited action(i am taking into account your previous analysis Mike about him being thrown in there and that wasn’t necessarily the plan). Also will Bentley need to be active this game since Kaz is gone? I really wish there only needed to be 5 inactives instead of 8.

  14. As far as inactive guys, there are 6 guys that are questionable, plus Greene…the last player will probaly be Celestine or 1 of the LB’s if Bab’s is out.

  15. williambryan says:

    yeah but the questionable guys include locklear and gray, there in lies the problem.

  16. SeanCarney says:

    Mike, can you please refresh my memory on who’s gonna be a free agent next year?

  17. stinkfeetmcgee says:

    Sean, your answer is right in front of your face. On the right hand side of this page under “Resources” is Mikes Excel 33-category roster. Open it up and filter the “signed to active roster thru” column for the year 2006. Voila

  18. PhilKenSebben says:

    werent the Special Teams captains Darche and Kaz?

  19. Snugglson says:

    “Treatment for a Lisfranc injury depends on the severity of the injury. If the bones have not been forced out of position, you will probably have to wear a cast and refrain from putting weight on the foot for about six weeks. When the cast is removed, you may have to wear a rigid arch support. Your orthopaedist will also recommend foot exercises to build strength and help restore full range of motion.

    Often, operative treatment is needed to stabilize the bones and hold them in place until healing is complete. Pins, wires or screws may be used. Afterwards, you will have to wear a cast and limit weightbearing on the foot for six to eight weeks. A walking brace may be prescribed when the fixation devices are removed. You may also have to wear an arch support and a rigid soled shoe until all symptoms have disappeared. In some cases, if arthritis develops in these joints, the bones may have to be fused together.

    It is important to follow your doctor’s orders and refrain from activities until you are given the go-ahead. If you return to activities too quickly, you may easily suffer another injury, resulting in damage to the blood vessels, the development of painful arthritis and an even longer healing time.”

    If that is the case, it could be very serious.

  20. GladiatorHawk says:

    Why we even talking about lisfranc? Its not a legit story.

    Did you hear KSUC in Chicago reporting that Grossman had rotator cuff surgery?

  21. Marinerman1979 says:

    KJR in seattle has confirmed that!

  22. SeanCarney says:


  23. Good lord, Snuggs! You upset my wife with that description. Can you or anyone else either cite a reputable source that this injury is involved? Otherwise, I would like to go with the evidence that Shaun feels good enough to jump up and down (thank you SA, but please just put the damn boot on). Look folks, here in Denver, the news I’ve been getting is that the fourth “whatever the hell it is called “is “the best bone in your foot you can break.” Words to live by.

  24. LOL, Silly people.
    I wonder how it can be considered a lisfranc fracture…when they did not 1 but TWO scans of his foot.
    The crack is on a non-weight bearing bone called the fourth metatarsal bone.
    It might be Lisfranc but that type of fractural occurs near the top towards the arch of your foot where the metatarsal bones connect to the cuneiforms and cuboid.
    Basically he cracked his bone on his left..between the pinky and middle toe…between the mid-foot towards the toe-end of the foot…someone in that vincinty.
    If it was diagnosed as lisifranc I am sure that story would have gotten out a long time ago..its a serious injury that can reoccur.
    Like Sando said i’m sure he would be jumping up and down and feel like dancing without feeling experiencing some pain.
    If it is Lisfranc he could be out 6 to 10 weeks depending on the severity. I’ve been hearing 3-4 weeks by most media.
    I guess we’ll have to see.

  25. sfarrand says:

    I’ve had a broken foot before, and dancing and/or jumping was not anywhere close to my idea of fun at that time…

    I would hope that if it were this serious, that we would have heard about it… and Mike would have already told us about that.

  26. Ummm… Non-displaced small fracture to healed to Lisfranc.

    Power of prayers vs the Madden curse, read all about in Monday’s edition of TNT?

  27. blarsonp says:

    I find myself in Chicago on business, my wife doesn’t want to spend $700 for tix (alright, neither do I), so where near the Loop do Hawks fans get together? Anyone know?

  28. wedlock says:

    I actually think it’s the ESPN Mobile curse;

    Glad they folded.

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