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Hawks to release Kacyvenski

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 29, 2006 at 4:00 pm with 55 Comments »
September 29, 2006 4:00 pm

The Seahawks have informed LB Isaiah Kacyvenski that they plan to release him. The move will clear the way for Seattle to sign RB Marquis Weeks to the active roster in time for the Seattle-Chicago game Sunday night. Weeks will then serve as the backup to Maurice Morris on Sunday night. Kacyvenski has been a valued special-teams player in Seattle since 2000. He has played in 90 games. Anaylsis: The Seahawks could always attempt to re-sign Kacyvenski once starting RB Shaun Alexander is healthy again. He was the seventh linebacker on a very good team — a team with great starting-caliber depth at linebacker. That is the cold reality. The human side is well known; any locker room would be better off with a player such as Kacyvenski.

Cuts and waivers
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  1. TAXEXPERT says:

    I like Kaz. Hope he is back soon.

  2. Boulwarefan28 says:

    wow, didnt expect Kaz…

  3. man, hate to lose a key special teams contributor when they are just starting to grow past the point of being a team weakness

  4. VERY dissappointing!! Of all the players in the NFL, Isaiah journey to the league is one of the most inspirational. A true class act……hope he catches on with another club if the Hawks don’t pick him up again.

  5. mustangjss says:

    The Hawks don’t deserve to have Kaz back, there is no way he clears waivers.

  6. Kacyvenski is a veteran. He won’t go on waivers.

  7. seahawkfan says:

    IMHO the worst Hawk move of this year. LB and D’line depth are primary strengths this year that can quickly be eroded which is beginning to happen to the D’line. Now Cooper, Tafoya and Tubbs are all out so that D’line depth is just about gone.
    My problem is we have too many players on the active roster with extended injuries. After you posted your list of Womack’s injuries I have given up on him ever making a extended contribution to this team and he should be put on IR and then not resigned at the end of the year.
    Their thinking must be Kaz will never contribute as a LB except on special teams.

  8. mustangjss says:

    oh ok sorry thanks for the clarification right after I posted it I was thinking that exact thing, I would have edited it but the edit Gods hate me. Thanks Mike :)

  9. Osiris33 says:

    Sorry to see “Kacyvides” go. He was a good special teams guy, but I was kind of surprised he made the team this year anyway. I’m sure he’ll be playing for somebody by next weekend. The Saints need LB’s.

  10. I love Kaz too, but this move makes sense. DD Lewis, Bentley and Kouts have the linebacker depth covered. As far as special teams go, I think weeks for Kaz is a pretty even trade.

    I hear he is a good guy in the locker room who will be missed tho……

    If anybody hears about Kaz being signed to another team, I would like to read it posted here.

  11. How does Kaz being released affect the salary cap?

  12. tribfan1 says:

    Very predictable move. With Hamlin and Babs injuries I was expecting to see Kaz waived. If Hamlin and Babs were both 100% I might have expected to see Celestin waived. Kaz stands a good chance of waiting around Seattle and getting resigned down the line. He won’t lose any money over this, except the per diem. I hope he continues to work out and keeps himself ready to play if called upon by the Hawks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hanging out with the Hawks. The choice of signing with another team of course is his. I hope he waits until after the season.

  13. This sucks and losing Kaz v. Celestin or RB that we don’t need to elevate to the roster is a mistake.

  14. JJthetraveler says:

    I too am sorry to see him go. Kaz was part of a great team.

  15. ajdrolet says:

    I remember musing at the middle of training camp if the Hawks would keep an extra d-lineman and only go with 6 LBs this year. Of course, that can change in a hurry, as Weeks could be dropped when Alexander returns.

  16. Kacyvenski already pocketed $125k in signing-bonus money as part of a re-do before the season.

  17. mibuttiznum says:

    if I recall, kaz just reworked a contract that was considered a win-win for both sides recently.
    more up front money, but less of a hit on the cap if released.

  18. lemonverbena says:

    wow. he’ll be snapped up quickly.

  19. What does it mean that he won’t go on waivers? Is it just that he can sign with whoever he wants?

  20. Right. No one can claim him off waivers. He’ll be free to sign anywhere.

  21. Good luck to Kaz, he should be well enough known around the league by know that he will get signed soon by another team with less depth at LB. He has a huge motor and true love for the game which is what a lot of teams will look for.

  22. simonsureal says:

    Hope this doesn’t disenfranchise any of the players.

    Ruskell’s been preaching about character and class since his arrival, and I haven’t seen anyone epitomize that more then Kaz.

    Maybe not the most talented, but few have his heart and drive.

  23. Mike, do you have any insights into whether this is a likely cut-and-resign-when-Shaun’s-healthy sort of move?

    Seems unlikely Isiah would sign somewhere else if that’s case — unless the money was too good to pass up.

  24. simonsureal says:

    The magic 8 ball is saying he’ll be a Saint by Monday. Stay tuned.

  25. Phattnuss says:

    This is such a bummer. Kaz is an animal on special teams, especially on coverage. There was a time a couple of years ago where I was pretty down on him, but that was because they were trying to make him an every down linebacker. He’s never been suited to that. His heart and desire make him the perfect special teams player.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if someone else snatched him up, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he hung around for a couple of weeks to see how things turn out here. He seems like the kind of guy that’s more valuable to the Seahawks than he might be to someone else.

  26. Drillslinger says:

    WHY do they feel the need to make ANY roster move this week?? And Kaz?!? That’ll have an effect in the locker room to be sure. Do they see the possibilty of loosing Mo AND Scobey in the same game?? I just don’t get it….

  27. mariners_2k5 says:

    I think Kaz will be back. He has a good thing going in Seattle and we all know Weeks wont be around after Shaun comes back. Smart thing for Kaz to do is just rest, take it easy, and be ready to return. I could see Holmgren and Ruskell sitting down with him and telling him they want him back.

    Oh well, thus is the game.

  28. MachHawk says:

    Kaz is my favorite Hawk and I’m very disappointed to see him go. Hope he’s back soon.

    At least my second favorite will be around a long time. #38 only has a little over a decade under his belt, and he’s only been driven on Sundays(mostly).

  29. bitterguy says:

    “Hope this doesn’t disenfranchise any of the players”

    well simon, who is the low character player on the hawks that should have been cut instead of kaz? since we dumped warrick i don’t think there are any problems on this team.

  30. mccullom says:

    What a difference expanding the roster or even practice squad by 2 players would make. It’s sad that good players have to be cut.

  31. Someone said that he would be resigned when SA comes back.That should be for the Rams game shouldn’t it be?What happens to Weeks then? I think he could run against that Bears D.

  32. largent80 says:


    I am NOT happy about this.

  33. The up side for Kaz, is that he may be able to get into a situation where he is playing more. He loves to play, and it must be frustrating to only get in on the special teams. Along with his heart and love of the game, he is very intelligent and experienced. He will be given some opportunities. I would not be surprised to see him coaching before long.

  34. Canada appreciates Kaz as well…His summer Seahawk minicamps will be remembered by all kids in Vancouver that attended. Good Luck to a great Seahawk!

  35. kaz is a good special teams player but he can’t help us beat chicago on offense, to me he was a average player when he was actually playing. folks it is all about winning, i don’t care who they cut if it is to help the seahawks win so be it.

  36. FLHawker says:

    It’s kinda funny that Kaz is on the bubble again. He has been every year since he was drafted (especially that last cut to 53 players.) Reminds me of Willy Williams. Both have had successful NFL careers on a TON of heart in bodies that are not prototypical NFL. For a lot of years I said “So what if Kaz gets cut? He’s Harvard Pre-Med, another spoiled rich kid with an NFL hobby. After last year’s ESPN piece on him I feel like I owe the kid an apology! Kaz, If you are a Sando blog follower, I wish you the absolute best and sincerely hope you hang out and rejoin the team for the Superbowl celebration in Miami! If you are not there, thanks for the life lesson!

  37. Anyone know who will replace him on special teams? This guy is a winner, I’m personally going to miss him. Say what you want about him but he ALWAYS gave 100%. Best wishes and God Bless Kaz. I hope you make it back here.

  38. jerrycurl says:

    So if I have this correct, Willie Ponder and Josh Scobey are going to remain on the roster, when they can’t contribute to either the offense or the defense. Yet they don’t seem to have space for the Special Teams Captain. Kaz may be the low man on the totem pole at his position, but can still play at all 3 LB spots if needed, and contribute on ST. The team brought in Ponder to replace Scobey as KR, because he wasn’t effective, and by bringing in Weeks to back up Morris they’re saying they don’t think he’s an option at HB. So at this point he’s the gunner, and while he’s a really good gunner, is there really any chance we wouldn’t be able to resign him when Alexander is healthy again. I mean he was cut by the Cardinals. Sorry for the rant, but this is a little dissapointing.

  39. skoldood says:

    This may sound completely random but speaking of special teams gunners….What’s the name of the guy from last year that kept breaking his colarbone?????? I can’t remember. Did anyone pick him up? How’s he doing?

    He made the pro-bowl as a special teamer just like Koren Robinson….another former of the hawk variety. Anyone?

  40. skoldood says:

    Now I remember…. Alex Bannister

  41. GladiatorHawk says:

    Kaz – surprised and disappointed. Kouts has made many special teams mistakes (missed tackles and penalties).

    I will say this though. His next job, if he chooses not to wait out for Shaun to return, is in Arizona. Zona picks up all of our cut bait.

  42. elgranderojo says:

    I think this is more of an obligatory move to create a roster space for a game or two and then we will see Kaz back with the Hawks. I am hoping the FO asked him to be released for a short duration and since Kaz is the ultimate team player he agreed to take one for the team. We will see.

  43. I remember when Holm’s said, tongue-in-cheek, that this draft pick was smarter than everyone in management.I think it is sad to see a a guy that stepped it up so well and made a place for himself in special teams. The bottom line, though, is that we need to cut him and move on. I believe I am the most Seahawk sentimental fan you’ve met, but I think it is absolutely bull&^%t that we’d rather draft fans from the NW than take the best player available, which is what I’ve seen us do repeatedly (stats pending).

  44. spraycar says:

    When I read the headline I was speechless, and a tear dripped from my eye… He has more heart than any two other guys.

    We’ll miss ya, Kaz. I say the boy goes out and PLAYS somewhere, and makes an impact. He deserves better.

  45. spraycar says:

    To add insult to injury, the movie Rudy starts in 5 minutes on Cinemax… Oh cruel, cruel world.

  46. nighthawk2 says:

    I had the privilige to meet Isaiah, speak with him for a few moments and shake hands with him when I took my son to see training camp 4 years ago. Know his story well, he’s a fine man as well as a good football player who put a career in medicen on hold to play pro football, his passion. Agree with another poster who said why not put the chronically injured Womack on IR and create a space for Weeks? Or as someone else also so, drop Scobey who couldn’t make it as a kick returner? Kaz has “taken one for the team” in for form of contract restructures, and this is the thanks he gets. Yeah, it’s a business, if you like the George Steinbrenner model of running a franchise. Fans, including myself, have grumbled about players having no loyalty to a team. Seems teams have no loyalty to a player either, it’s “what have you done for me lately”.

    According to this stat off, Seattle is the 28th in the league in punt return average yardage allowed.

  47. I would have dropped Ponder…

  48. rramstad says:

    This has me puzzled as well, but I wouldn’t be at ALL surprised to see him resigned by the Hawks after a couple of games with a nice little signing bonus that just happens to be what he would have been paid for those two games plus a little additional “thank you” money…

    Otherwise the move makes absolutely no sense to me.

  49. nighthawk2 says:

    Well the edit feature seems to have gone away, so here’s part 2 of my rant. This stat shows we’re also 28th in average kickoff return yardage allowed.

    Both Oakland and Baltimore are below us in both catagories. And Oakland is banged up at LB. Would hate to see him to go to either team, but best of luck to him wherever he winds up.

  50. ToddSchneider says:

    Kaz was one of the few names I always looked for in the off season to make the team (it always seemed he was on the bubble), it seems he has always had to struggle for what he has. He is a great, great story. I still remember reading about his life when the Hawks picked him up. He’s got my respect for a long, long time.

  51. nighthawk, your first link actually shows the same as your second–28th in KO return defense. It’s sorted on the same column. Try this one that’s sorted by punt return avg and you’ll see that Seattle is 14th.

  52. Actually, the link in nighthawk’s first rant (“ shows the Hawk’s returns, not opponents’ returns. NFL.COM confusingly calls this table “kicking defense”, but if you compare it to Mike’s spreadsheet you’ll see that the retavg column matches the Kickoff Return Avg column in Mike’s spreadsheet. So really this says the Hawks are fifth in average returns, which isn’t bad.

    It shows 11 kickoffs and 8 returns, and a 26.6 avg return for the Hawks when they are returning kicks.

    The other link (see my message above) shows both punt and KO return yards allowed. It shows 12 returns and a 25.3 avg return for the Hawks D, which most importantly matches Mike’s spreadsheet. :-)

    The good news is that our punt coverage has been above average, but the bad news is our KO coverage is still 28th.

    Why bother with when you have Seahawks Insider?

  53. D’oh!

    “…matches the Kickoff Return Avg column in Mike’s spreadsheet.” should say, “…matches the Kickoff Return Avg column on the Offense tab in Mike’s spreadsheet.”.

  54. HAWKERDON says:

    Who replaces Kaz on special teams and what will Weeks complete role be, before/after Alexander returns?

  55. nighthawk2 says:

    So much for’s stats.

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