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Answers to your questions, vol. 25

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 29, 2006 at 6:03 pm with 26 Comments »
September 29, 2006 6:03 pm

Isaiah Kacyvenski does seem to fit the mold as the cut-and-re-sign type of guy. That will ultimately depend on a few things. One, will Shaun Alexander be out for a while? What if Marquis Weeks gains 100 yards Sunday night (improbable, but just thought I’d throw it out there). What if Maurice Morris is injured? What if the team incurs a loss at another position, necessitating the signing of a non-linebacker? What if Tim Ruskell sees another player he wants to sign instead? All things to consider. Barring those things, it seems to me Kacyvenski would be a candidate to come back (unless he signs elsewhere in the meantime). …

The length of Marquis Weeks’ contract is IRRELEVANT. It could be 50-year deal and not make a difference (in theory). It’s becoming standard procedure for NFL teams to give two-year deals to guys signed off the practice squad. The deals include no bonus money and no additional security for the players. It’s a “win” for the team because if the player winds up being a keeper, he’s under contract for another year. The team can still release him at any time. …

Rocky Bernard has been the Seahawks’ strongest player. Not sure if that still holds, but he has been up there. Rob Sims is also very strong by weight-room standards. …

Here is how Burleson is pronounced. …

Josh Scobey is a special-teams player first, not a running back. I don’t see them playing him in the offense under just about any circumstances.

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  1. bmcintyre07 says:

    So if Morris and Strong need a breather on the same play, Weeks would go in before Scobey?

  2. Phattnuss says:

    You know what I love? That there is this much trepidation over our 53rd player. There was a time when Seahawks fans couldn’t name the starting offense, let alone the seventh linebacker …

    I know this sucks, but keep it in perspective, people: Having another healthy running back is more important right now.

    Besides, does anyone remember how broken up we all were that Weeks didn’t end up on the opening day roster? Now we got our wish and the hand-wringing won’t stop …

    We’re going to be just fine. If Kaz is still around in a week once Stevens and Alexander are healthy, then it’s gravy.

  3. SeanCarney says:

    I have heard the players say that Chris Gray is the strongest.

  4. bitterguy says:

    hey mike, any dirt on sunday’s ref terry mcaulay? last couple of weeks you’ve had some zebra-related stats from past games.

  5. stingray says:

    What is the depth at LB if/when Kaz is gone?

  6. They have six linebackers. Tatupu, Hill, Peterson, Lewis, Bentley and Koutouvides.

  7. registrationstinks says:

    Speaking of strong, anyone remember this about spencer?

    “Spencer won the Class 5A Super Heavyweight power-lifting championship of Mississippi his junior and senior years, and holds all the prep lift records. During his senior season, he broke his own state record in the power-lifting competition, which is determined by combined weight lifted in three events (the squat, the bench press and the dead lift) when he totaled 1,675 pounds. That effort broke his own state record of 1,665 pounds set in South State competition earlier in the year.”

  8. stingray says:

    They have six linebackers. Tatupu, Hill, Peterson, Lewis, Bentley and Koutouvides

    of those guys who replaces Tatoo if/when he gets hurt? Wasn’t Kaz the guy?

  9. Not the case. I think they would play several guys there before playing Kacyvenski there. Bentley could play there. Koutouvides is a backup MLB.

  10. stingray says:

    Who gets to block the Bears MLB Sunday night?

  11. Kaz is a demon on special teams. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t get snagged. Scobey must have pictures of somebody…

  12. stingray says:

    What matchups are the Bears most worried about?

  13. lemonverbena says:

    above and beyond the call on the Burleson question, thanks Mike. that’s how i’ve been pronouncing it but the national announcers have been saying ‘Burrll-son’ the last couple of weeks. somebody get dude on the flip card.

  14. joemamma says:

    OK Mike- who is the fastest guy on the hawks?

  15. bmcintyre07 says:

    Kaz was a special teams captain, as well. Who replaces him? Koutouvides? A healthy Joe Tafoya?

    These are the things that keep me up nights…

    Off-topic, I think it’s interesting that Mike Holmgren is 13-2 all-time against the Bears, and 6-1 in Soldier Field. I’m sure he wishes he was facing those lean Bears teams from the mid-90s on Sunday night.

  16. seahawkfan says:

    What is the rule for another team to sign a player from the practice squad? Could the Bears automatically sign Weeks to help improve their ground game and game plan?

  17. daneandersen says:

    Do you think Weeks would want to do that???? He’s the one signing the contract! Gee, let’s sign with a team that doesnt even know me and has no plans to play me, or sign with the team i’ve been with and would be 2nd string! LOL

  18. Man you guys are so easy to give up.

    You are not looking at the complexity of the situation, you need to dig deeper than simplicity.

    Kaz getting cut is based off one move, and one move, only. The health of one, Shaun Alexander.

    Seahawks have seemed to always have an open heart for Kaz, and Kaz has been with the Seahawks than most bubble players.

    Now, I know its probably illegal and immoral on all standards but what if Paul Allen slipped a little something something.

    I’m just playing.

    I just think Kaz and the Seahawks both can wait for Alexander to get healthy.

    I think they have enough bonding elements between man and organization to where in a month, Kaz will be back with the team.

    I know its a business but I think behind the scenes this is already figured out.

    Truthfully, Kaz is basically only a special teamers, they’re special teamers all-around the NFL. I could understand an NFC Divison Rival picking him ala Arizona- Chris Cooper.

    But I think you guys are panicking over nothing but smoke and mirrors for the time being, once he gets signed to another team, than you can cry and whine all you want.

  19. WiscCory says:

    I heard Chris Gray is the fastest guy,too.

  20. officialkf says:

    darby and tubbs are pretty fat

  21. raymaines says:

    Who’s the fastest Sea Gal?

  22. spraycar says:

    Hey, I’ve seen SeaGal Amber demonstrate a saw. That girl can cut wood… She’s also got a great right slap in a hottub! ;-)

  23. Guy cut from team can be put on anyones 53 man roster during 24 hour waiver period ( not on their practice squad ) .

    As for some one on our practice squad getting put signed to anothers 53 man roster I do not think so , or why require the waiver period ?

    Technically for a 24 hour period Kaz can be signed to any teams 53 man roster in the NFL . If he isnt in 24hours , he clears waivers making it to our practice squad . Practice squad is about 1/10th $$$ of minimum 53 man roster $$$ .

  24. Any team can sign a player from any practice squad at any time, but the player has to go on the 53-man roster, not on that team’s practice squad.

  25. tribfan1 says:

    PUMA80_ you need to learn some things about the NFL. First of all, Kaz wasn’t waived. His contract was terminated. Secondly, he isn’t eligible for the practice squad and hasn’t been for several years. Thirdly, his salary for 2006 was guaranteed when he made the opening day roster and he made a nice bonus in the summer when he renegotiated his contract. Money isn’t really an issue for him right now. Also, he can be signed to anyone’s roster immediately. And, any practice squad player can be signed to any team’s active roster at any time.

  26. williambryan says:

    to add on to that tribfan1, also Mike earlier stated that Kaz, being a veteran, is not subject to the waiver rules.

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