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Shockey ticked off about injury

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 21, 2006 at 10:13 pm with 12 Comments »
September 21, 2006 10:13 pm has a story with strong quotes from Giants TE Jeremy Shockey. If you’re a fan of football, you probably appreciate the way Shockey approaches the game. Very aggressive, not afraid to sacrifice his body, extremely gifted as a receiver, etc. His comments in this story reflect the frustrations of a player whose competitiveness borders on orneriness when things aren’t going his way. Shockey can’t stand the fact that he’s still dealing with an ankle injury suffered during the exhibition season.

Shockey Jeremy 2006 smaller.jpg” ‘You get hurt in a preseason game against the Patriots,’ Shockey said with obvious irritation. ‘Seventy-five percent of guys don’t play in the last preseason game. But Bill Belichick decided to play his starters, so we ended up playing our starters the first couple of drives. It was an unfortunate accident.’ ” — Newsday

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  1. bitterguy says:

    i can tell you that i’m not a fan of shockey regardless of his disregard for his body because he’s a dumbass. the end of the indy game is all you need to know – 4th year player, yet can’t figure out that getting out of bounds in the last minute is worth more than an extra 2 yards. the video of him pointing at the camera last year is one of my all time favorites.

  2. You’re just a bitterguy……oh my I’m funny. I’d take Shockey over any of our 3 te’s any day of the week. I love what he brings to the table.

  3. Don’t like Shockey, but respect his ability, just not him. He’s never done anything to make you think he’s all that bright, talented as a TE for sure, bright no.

    Totally agree with bitterguy though, his ego just me, me, me, is more important than his team. In the end he’s just another all the time prima donna from the U.

    I’d like Peterson to light him up a few times on Sunday so he has to talk out of the side of his mouth. Hopefully his ankle gets twisted more seriously early on Sunday, football is sometimes a rough game ;). Not that I want to see him hurt, however.

  4. It really bugs me when I hear everyone say that the Giants “should” have won the game. First, they didn’t. They missed field goals and committed penalties. Second, they were given a touchdown that after the game the refs ADMITTED was a mistake. So in my mind the should NOT have won the game…and thankfully that is what happened. Memories are so one-sided sometimes….

  5. “Extremely gifted as a receiver…”

    Maybe it’s just coincidence, but everytime I watch the Giants, I see at least two passes clang off Shockey’s hands. I don’t have my “Pro Football Prospectus” with me, but I’m pretty sure Shockey was in the top five for drops last year (using their non-official game charting statistics).

  6. ToddSchneider says:

    I’m with bitterguy, my favorite Shockey highlight was him pointing to the camera only to realize they missed it.

  7. I hope Peterson lights Shockey up. Just takes his head off. I hate how he still skips minicamp to go to “Da U”. I think he is an arrogant prick…talented though he may be.

  8. jasonfred says:

    Take a look at Shockey’s production in the coming years if Goodell gets his way with HGH testing.

  9. yeah, don’t like him. he is very selfish. he was complaining about not getting the ball, while Tiki Barber was tearing up the league early last year. If the run is working why pass?? the bottom line test for me on a players attitude, is does he complain about “touches” when the team is winning? if so he’s a me first type. if not, he’s a team player. shockey and TO are me first types. alexander is the MVP and he isn’t complaining about not getting touches, why? cuz he’s winning and he is a team player.

  10. GladiatorHawk says:
  11. Peterson vs Shockey = Hawk kibble ;)

  12. It seems to me that there has been several TD’s scored against the hawks that shouldn’t have counted.Why is that am I thinking wrong?
    Shockey is still a kid, in a mans body he has the mind of a spoiled kid.
    On sunday we should be alright if we run the ball,an if the refs don’t give the gaints a couple of TD’s.

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