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$60 million Dallas high school football stadium completed

Post by Doug Pacey / The News Tribune on Aug. 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm with 12 Comments »
August 8, 2012 3:04 pm
This is what $59.6 million can buy you. Allen Eagle Stadium, an 18,000-seat high school football stadium -- partially funded from a $119 million bond package approved by voters in 2009. The stadium features a sunken-bowl design, video scoreboard, multi-level press box, weight room, wrestling room, and an indoor golf facility. (AP photo)

Allen Eagle Stadium holds up the cliche that everything is bigger in Texas. Allen High School’s new football stadium seats 18,000 people and cost $59.6 million to construct.

The stadium was part of a $119 million bond passed by 63 percent of voters in the suburban Dallas school district in 2009.

It’s not all about football — the stadium has indoor golf and wrestling facilities, too, and part of the bond funded a performing arts center.

You can find more photos of the stadium here.

It’s safe to say we’ll never see such a stadium built in Western Washington — unless Chris Hansen feels a sudden urge to build prep sports venues. Heck, I’m impressed by eight-year-old Mount Tahoma Stadium, site of Star Track, and it’s giant new video board.

The home stands at 3,500-seat Mount Tahoma High School, completed in 2004.
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  1. scoutlady13 says:

    Just as a point of reference- Allen is in Collin County, Dallas is in Dallas County. It’s at least 20 miles from Dallas, so your headline is factually wrong. Allen is a suburb of Dallas like Tacoma is a suburb of Seattle- they’re about the same distance apart.

    I grew up in McKinney, which was just north of Allen, and they were some of our arch-rivals.

  2. As a “point of reference,” referring to Allen as a Dallas suburb is fine if you are not in Dallas. “Reference” helps you figure out where something is and since most people in Tacoma don’t have a clue where Allen is located, referring to it as a suburb is gives some idea of where to find Allen.

    As far a factual is concerned, a suburb is a “a smaller community adjacent to or within commuting distance of a city” and even in “every thing is bigger in Texas,” 20 miles is within commuting distance.

  3. Those voter’s that passed this are either stupid in my opinion or have a ton of money to waste!

  4. Or they just love their football.

  5. mojjonation says:

    This is the state where they used to hold kids back a year before starting school so they would be bigger than the nexy guy. I’m guessing a lot of the parents are living vicariosuly through their players and may identify themselves as such. “I’m the parent of such and such, starting running back for the Allen Eagles”. Friday Night Lights isn’t a myth. Everything is bigger in Texas…including stupidity.

  6. mojjonation wrote:
    “Everything is bigger in Texas…including stupidity.”

    Wow that’s a very snarky comment. Having lived in Texas and Tacoma, I can attest that stupidity is a human characteristic that transcends state, national and socioeconomic boundaries.

  7. Zmonster06 says:

    mojjonation wrote:
    “Everything is bigger in Texas…including stupidity.”

    Mojo you have got to be kidding me!! You think that same mentality is not here in Washington State? Especially here in Western Washington. Your post STINKS of arrogance and ignorance.

  8. royboy361 says:

    Seems like a waste of money to me but I guess it’s their money to waste.

  9. DrugsDelaney says:

    This weeks sign of the apocalypse

  10. @Sixate — The term “bedroom community” would be more accurate. As Allen is NOT a suburb of Dallas… I suppose that you would say Fort Worth and Dallas are the same thing as well LOL

  11. Itsmeagainmartha says:

    I grew up in a small town in Texas. We were a state champ team both my junior and senior years.
    No I did’t play foot ball. The coaches hated me as there was not one single individual in school who could even get close to out running me.
    You couldn’t go to the barber shop or anywhere else in that stinking town and not have to listen to football, football, football.
    You’d think this silly game was the be all to everyone’s life!
    I chose a profession which requires a good back ground in math.
    Having lived a few miles away in another even smaller town I missed out on Algebra one my Freshman year due to the classes avaliable were rotated. For credits I had to take FFA clases. Like I wanted to be a farmer.
    Then I moved to the second town there as a Sophamore I was taking Algebra one which one of the coaches taught. The foot ball players made very good grades. The rest of us got by on our own.
    We walked in and the football started. Class started and we got our asignment for the nights home work. After that algebra was most often not mentioned again during the class.
    I was having some problems and couldn’t get any hilp so I went to the Principle.
    I asked to be transferred to his class which was all girls.
    He told me I couldn’t be in an all girls class. I told him my plight and was still cut off at the pass.
    I then threatened to go to the state board about not getting a fair brake in math.
    Soon I was in the barber shop when suddenly it emptied out and three men came in and locked the door.
    The short version of what happened then was the three men were community leaders of which one was a prominent Rancher and School Board member.
    I was told quite literally if I didn’t shut up and leave things alone I would most likely disappear from planet Earth!
    However within about three weeks I and two others were moved from the Coaches class to the Principals class. With three of us I guess it wasn’t an all girls class anymore.
    Frankly the football players were the jerks of the school and the Cheer Leaders were the lowest life in the town. Kept their knees up most of the time at night.
    Must have worn out the back seats of several Chevy’s each.
    In otherwords foot ball is disgusting and the people who worship it are beyond civilized language to describe.
    I survived to become quite successful in my carrer but no thanks to football!
    I had to take some courses out of high school to catch up so I could take the advanced math classes required by my choosen field.
    I cannot believe the money wasted on this rediculous game and what it is doing to academics in this state.
    Hey Mr. Quarter back as I told you in high school. Kiss my @$$

  12. Itsmeagainmartha says:

    Go ahead and blast me foot ball idiots.
    I really don’t care what you feeble brained idiots think.
    bye now

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