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Tag: Supreme Court of Washington


Supreme Court hears arguments over legitimacy of $95M court award to care workers for the severely disabled

The Washington Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a class-action case brought by “live-in” home care aides against the state Department of Social and Health Services over unpaid work hours that could cost taxpayers $95 million or more, if the court upholds earlier court rulings.

TVW’s coverage of the hearing is here:

The 22,000 workers in the suit tend for disabled clients, some of them severely, and they saw their work hours cut by an average of 15 percent during 2003-07 under a “shared living” rule adopted by the state agency for Medicaid clients.

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Sen. Baumgartner pushes back at Supreme Court’s ruling on taxes, files bill to reduce bench from 9 justices to 5


Republican Sen. Michael Baumgartner took a slap at the state Supreme Court today, one week after the court invalidated a two-thirds super-majority for tax increases on grounds it  is unconstitutional limit on legislative powers. His proposal, Senate Bill 5867, would shrink the court from nine members to five, force the judges to draw lots to decide who loses a job. And it would, in Baumgartner’s view, save $3 million over the next biennium that can be put to improving K-12 public schools.

He may have to convince people, but no, he’s not kidding.

Rachel LaCorte of The Associated

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