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Tag: Rosemary McAuliffe


Sen. McAuliffe introduces income tax to help fund K-12 schools, cut sales tax by 1 percent

Some legislative ideas are dubbed dead on arrival and then there are the ones for which the funeral quite possibly preceded the birth.  We’ll just have to wait and see on Democratic Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe‘s $1.5 billion-a-year income tax plan introduced today. She would send it to voters as a referendum in November.

McAuliffe offered up her idea – Senate Bill 5900 – a week after Gov. Jay Inslee offered up a $1.2 billion revenue plan and one day after the Republican-dominated Majority Coalition Caucus offered up its two-year spending plan for 2013-15 that pretty much

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25 Senate lawmakers sign onto $42 million pledge for food aid in next state budget

The Senate goes first with a budget at the Washington Capitol this year, and the Republican-dominated Senate Majority Coalition is keeping pretty mum on its spending plans. But the coalition does plan to put out a budget in another week – well after tomorrow’s quarterly revenue forecast. In the meantime, there is a growing list of lawmakers or groups declaring what must be in the budget.

The latest is from the Children’s Alliance, aided by Republican Sen. Joe Fain of Auburn, who took the lead in rounding up signatures from 25 Senate members – a majority – in support of $42

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