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Gov. Inslee signs bill giving adoptees more access to birth records


As an adoptee, state Rep. Tina Orwall once hoped to win more disclosure. As one who gave up a child for adoption, Sen. Ann Rivers didn’t want to allow more. In the end, a compromise bill signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee this week strikes a middle ground both lawmakers are hailing as a step forward for those involved in adoptions.

The legislation – House Bill 1525  lets those adopted before October 1993 obtain a copy of their original birth record, if the birth

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UPDATE – Senate approves Gov. Inslee’s climate-change study bill on 37 to 12 bipartisan vote; House wants stronger version


With a dramatic 5 p.m. bill deadline looming as a backdrop, the floor vote today was anti-climactic for Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal to create a legislative work group to study the best way to meet state targets for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The latest iteration of Senate Bill 5802 easily cleared the Washington Senate this morning with a big bipartisan vote of 37-12.

The version of the measure that passed omits key language sought by Inslee that states Washington is vulnerable to climate change on many fronts – from rising

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Just before Senate committee hears ‘flash rob’ bill, another occurs in Portland

I wrote yesterday about state Sen. Mike Carrell‘s effort to combat  ”flash robs,” which have been a problem in Portland, Ore. in the past year.

After the bill’s hearing this morning, I expected to not hear the phrase “flash rob” again for the rest of the legislative session, since as far as anyone can tell, one’s never occurred in Washington. And last time I checked, the state’s “paramount duty” wasn’t to crack down on groups of kids stealing stuff in unison.

But Portland thieves can’t seem to give the flash mobbery

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Stopping so-called ”flash robs” a priority for Lakewood senator

State Sen. Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood
State Sen. Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood

Flash mobs aren’t just people bursting into song at food courts anymore.

Most people have heard of flash mobs: groups of people who convene at a set time and place to perform a coordinated activity, often organized via a viral email or text.

Now, flash mobs are converging on stores and stealing things in a trend commonly referred to as “flash robs.” Stores from Portland, Ore. to Chicago, Ill. were overwhelmed last year with young people who entered a store in sync and stole items while clerks helplessly watched.

Here in Washington, a state legislator wants to address the problem by making it easier to prosecute groups of people who organize a theft spree via text or email.

Sen. Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood, has introduced a bill that would allow groups of nine people or more to be charged with organized retail theft if they collectively steal $250 or more in merchandise and use electronic messages to plan the crime. Existing law requires a person and at least one accomplice to steal goods worth $750 to be charged with organized retail theft, which is a felony.

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