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Supreme Court hears arguments over legitimacy of $95M court award to care workers for the severely disabled

The Washington Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a class-action case brought by “live-in” home care aides against the state Department of Social and Health Services over unpaid work hours that could cost taxpayers $95 million or more, if the court upholds earlier court rulings.

TVW’s coverage of the hearing is here:

The 22,000 workers in the suit tend for disabled clients, some of them severely, and they saw their work hours cut by an average of 15 percent during 2003-07 under a “shared living” rule adopted by the state agency for Medicaid clients.

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UPDATE – Caseloads forecast adds $301 million to state budget shortfall

Washington’s state budget shortfall swelled to between $1.2 billion and $1.3 billion today, thanks to an unexpectedly higher cost for low income people enrolled in Medicaid programs.

That is the upshot of today’s meeting of the Caseload Forecast Council. But the higher costs are not apparently due to higher enrollments in state programs.

A draft report issued during the  Caseload Forecast Council’s morning meeting today showed that the number of people getting services in most state programs has been falling or is less than previously forecast. Exceptions are K-12 school enrollments, which are now expected to be a few

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