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Tag: Janea Holmquist Newbry


UPDATE – House chair kills Senate bills, says other chamber not moving meritorious elections bills

Two Senate bills heard in the House Government Operations and Elections Committee this morning died almost immediately after the hearing, victims of retaliatory moves between the House and Senate. One measure dealt with the administrative home-assignment of workers and had passed the Senate 49-to-0. Another sought to limit voters’ ability to print out replacement ballots.

Rep. Sam Hunt, the Olympia Democrat who chairs the panel, adjourned the hearing and said later there would be no more gatherings of his committee before Wednesday’s 5 p.m. deadline for passing legislation from the opposite chamber.

The bill killing came

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Battle is joined: Senate Majority Coalition passes three controversial bills to reform the workers comp system (again)

A Republican-dominated coalition in the Senate approved the Legislature’s first substantial bills of the year Monday, sending three measures to the House that would once again change the system that protects injured workers. A near-party line vote approved two measures, but a third bill drew five members of the minority Democratic Caucus to its side.

Labor groups are keenly opposed to all three bills –Senate Bill 5128, which opens cash settlements of disability claims for workers of any age; 5127, which expands structured settlements of claims to workers as young as 40, down from

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State Senate moves session’s first bills, delays floor fight on workers-comp changes at least until Friday

The state Legislative Building in Olympia is where the House and Senate meet. (Tony Overman / Staff photographer)

A widely expected fight over changes to Washington state’s worker compensation did not materialize on the state Senate floor this morning. Republican Leader Mark Schoesler of Ritzville said the Majority Coalition Caucus wanted to give minority Democrats more time after the Democrats objected to the fast pace the bills were moving. The package of bills opposed by organized labor could go to a vote as soon as Friday after moving out of the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee on Monday.

Jonathan Kaminsky
of The Associated Press has a story about the turn-around and the minor bills the Senate did pass today:

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