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Thurston judge OK’s ballot wording for I-594’s gun background checks

Backers of an initiative to close loopholes on background checks for gun buyers have won ballot title language more to their liking. Judge Christopher Wickham approved final language for Initiative 594’s title late Friday in Thurston County Superior Court, including references to criminal background checks and public safety.

The petitions are now on the street, according to Christian Sinderman, a political consultant for the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s campaign.

As Brian M. Rosenthal of the Times reported earlier todaythe initiative to the 2014 Legislature  is expected to land on the November 2014 ballot along with I-591, which

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Gun-rights rally draws about 200 for speeches today opposing government’s reach

There are about 200 people, a few with rifles slung over their backs, attending a peaceful rally on the state Capitol Campus late this morning and early afternoon. Their signs pretty much sum up the mood:

“Don’t Tread On Me.” ”No Freeman Shall Be Debarred The Use Of Arms.” ”Gun Control Is Victim Disarmament.”

The organizer is Jacob Kukuk, a Kirkland resident and computer systems engineer who is a director of a new Washington gun rights group, 2nd Enforcers or 2E. Kukuk  said they are people who own guns for self-protection and believe that by defending the Second Amendment they

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