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UPDATE – Libertarian group files sweeping records request for evidence of state agency bias such as using words like ‘Tea Party,’ ‘gun nut,’ ‘redneck,’ ‘hick’ and ‘Mormon’

In a move inspired by the IRS’ scrutiny of ‘tea party’ and other groups, the Olympia-based Freedom Foundation has filed records requests with four Washington state agencies asking for employee emails and other documents using 18 different phrases or words such as “Tea Party” or “Mormon” or “redneck.”

The search is for all documents created since January 2010. The search terms include everything from gun nut to NRA, Freedom Foundation, libertarian, conservative, Catholic, Christian, right wing, far right, racist, teabagger, and hicks.

“We tried to come up with terms that we thought would be logical to be

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Gov. Inslee is keeping campaign promise to not claim executive privilege on records requests

So far, so good: Gov. Jay Inslee is living up to a campaign promise not to claim “executive privilege” to shield government records from disclosure.

The Freedom Foundation, which sued former governor Chris Gregoire over her use of the claimed privilege to deny some 500 records requests, says it put in requests for a half-dozen sets of documents from Inslee which Gregoire had denied on grounds of executive privilege. The new Democratic governor’s staff provided all of them. Plus ,a foundation spokeswoman said, no new privilege claims have been asserted since Inslee took office in mid-January.

In a news release,

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