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UPDATE – Lawmakers still high-centered on budget, fish rules; Boeing explains its interest

A request by Boeing and Senate Republicans for additional research into fish-consumption risks is one of several smaller issues still holding up the Legislature’s quest to finish an operating budget deal Wednesday. The Republican-led Senate announced a deal was in place and both House Speaker Frank Chopp and spokesmen for Gov. Jay Inslee said that announcement was premature because negotiations were ongoing.

In the meantime, talks continued on the fish-standards issue that reared its head fairly late in the budget talks. Boeing wants more study before the Department of Ecology adopts higher fish-consumption standards. Inslee’s budget team and House

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Battle is joined: Senate Majority Coalition passes three controversial bills to reform the workers comp system (again)

A Republican-dominated coalition in the Senate approved the Legislature’s first substantial bills of the year Monday, sending three measures to the House that would once again change the system that protects injured workers. A near-party line vote approved two measures, but a third bill drew five members of the minority Democratic Caucus to its side.

Labor groups are keenly opposed to all three bills –Senate Bill 5128, which opens cash settlements of disability claims for workers of any age; 5127, which expands structured settlements of claims to workers as young as 40, down from

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