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$30M for Marvin Road interchange in Lacey added to House transpo bill

The state House approved an amendment to its $10 billion transportation legislation Tuesday that added $30 million for improvements to the Interstate 5 interchange at Marvin Road in Lacey. Rep. Sam Hunt, D-Olympia, sponsored the amendment, which was adopted on an unrecorded vote.

Final passage of the larger House transportation measures – including House Bill 1955 and HB 1954– was postponed, possibly to Wednesday.

Hunt said the interchange had fallen out of the conversation as the transportation talks bogged down earlier in the session but that Lacey recently brought it back to lawmakers’ attention.

In a floor

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Wash revenues still coming in higher than March forecast; can Tuesday update get lawmakers off the dime?

It almost escaped public attention last week in the fight over an estate tax: The Economic and Revenue Council’s latest monthly tax-collections report showed continued gains for the Washington state treasury. The report showed the cumulative revenue gain exceeding the March forecast is just over $126 million – or about $94 million when certain adjustments are made to adjust for one-time factors and blips.

If the Tuesday morning [tomorrow] forecast actually assumed that bullish monthly gain of $30 million to $40 million for two years, it would seem to offer the Legislature a golden pot of hope,

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UPDATE – House passes estate tax bill on 55-33 vote; deal with Senate GOP exempts some family-owned business assets

UPDATE: The House vote on the new version of the estate tax passed on a 53-to-33 vote this morning. A few Republican members objected to making the law retroactive to include certain estate trusts formed prior to 2005 that are now eligible for tax refunds after a 2012 court ruling.

Republican Reps. Gary Alexander of Thurston County and Chad Magendanz of Issaquah voted with Democrats in favor. Alexander said he had qualms about the policy but thought the bill might ease the budget stalemate.


ORIGINAL POST: House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan and Finance Committee chair Reuven Carlyle say they and

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House votes again to restore Wash. estate tax rules

The state House voted today on a party-line vote to approve an estate tax bill that restores the Washington’s estate-tax law to cover the estates of married couples as well as for single persons who die and bequeath $2 million or more. One Democrat, Rep. Monica Stonier of Vancouver, crossed over to vote against House Bill 2064 and three other Democrats were excused or not voting.

Three Republicans also were absent but no GOP member voted in favor. The final vote was 51-40 and the roll call is here.

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UPDATE – Déjà vu on estate tax: House Finance OKs new version of bill on party-line vote


The House Finance Committee voted (8 to 3) along party lines this morning to close a loophole in Washington’s estate tax that was created by a Supreme Court ruling in the Bracken case last year. Lawmakers say the ruling left married couples’ estates untaxed, while single persons’ estates would be subject to the tax on estates valued at more than $2 million.

House Bill 2064 now goes to the House floor for a vote on Thursday – having to go through the process a second time because it did not pass the Senate in

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