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Tag: Top Two Primary


2010 continues trend of more contested primaries. Does Top Two get credit (or blame if you’re a contested incumbent)

One of the assertions of proponents of the Top Two primary was that it would increase competition. That’s because it would give hope to challengers in districts that are dominated by one party or the other by giving them more chance of reaching the general election.

I’m not sure if it is Top Two or other factors unique to each election, but the number of contested primaries has increased steadily since the state swapped the pick-a-party primary for the Top Two.

In 2006, the last year for pick-a-party in which voters had to ask for one party’s ballot and could

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Update on Top Two primary litigation

David Ammons at the Secretary of State’s office provides this update on the seemingly endless litigation against Washington’s Top Two primary.

Interest in the legal aspects of the case have faded since the fundamental issue was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of the new primary. But the state’s political parties are continuing to challenge some aspects, especially whether candidates not favored by the parties can use the party label.

Here is his update.