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Tag: Tim Eyman


Charter schools, Eyman tax measures file petitions; both appear to have enough signatures and would swell Nov. 6 ballot to six statewide measures

Backers of a charter school initiative and Tim Eyman’s latest version of a two-thirds vote requirement for tax hikes both met deadlines for submitting signatures to qualify for the Nov. 6 ballot. Checking of a sample of signatures is needed, but signs point to both I-1240’s charter schools plan and Eyman’s I-1185 both qualifying.

Assuming that happens, the fall ballot will have six measures ranging from same-sex marriage to debt control and marijuana decriminalization.

Tim Eyman, second from left, preparing to turn in signatures Friday. (AP Photo, Rachel LaCorte)

The Office of the Secretary of State is reporting both I-1240 and I-1185 are in good shape to qualify because they both exceeded the 241,153 minimum – with I-1240 saying it has brought in about 350,000 and Eyman reporting he has 318,000.

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Eyman sues state over tolling authority

Tim Eyman, sponsor of the toll-limiting Initiative 1125 this year, has filed suit in Whatcom County against state Treasurer Jim McIntire over the state’s handling of elements of last year’s I-1053. Among other things, I-1053 required the Legislature to set tolls, but lawmakers delegated that authority to the Transportation Commission, which typically does that job.


Microsoft doubles anti-1125 campaign’s haul

The campaign to defeat Tim Eyman’s toll initiative has started airing TV ads, and a  new gift from Microsoft should help it keep up the spending.

The tech company gave $600,000 last week, half of the campaign’s total so far.

Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman has bankrolled the Initiative 1125 campaign, which has raised more than opponents but spent most of it on signature gathering. Opponents have reported spending only a fraction of their contributions.

The P-I’s Joel Connelly has details of fundraising in the race. He notes that Microsoft has plenty of employees who commute across the Route 520

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Tim Eyman toll restrictions likely to reach ballot

Tim Eyman today turned in what he says are 327,000 signatures in support of an initiative that would restrict tolls in Washington.

It’s likely enough to ensure voters decide on I-1125. The initiative would call for ending tolls on a project when construction is paid off, and requiring tolls to stay at the same price all day rather than rising and falling with traffic as they do on Route 167′s toll lanes.

His measure would also buttress existing state laws and constitutional provisions that:

  • keep tolls on one road or bridge from being used to pay for another project.

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Tim Eyman initiative calls on Legislature to set tolls and fares

Voters agreed with Tim Eyman last November that the Legislature should set fees. But in recent weeks lawmakers delegated the power to set tolls and ferry fares back to the Transportation Commission by approving the transportation budget and SB 5700 on bipartisan votes.

Now Eyman wants voters to repeat their message. He announced Sunday he is kicking off signature gathering for a new statewide initiative, I-1125.

There’s a legal problem, though. Even if Eyman collects the 241,153 valid signatures needed by July 8 to put it on the ballot and voters approve it, lawmakers can re-delegate their power once again just as they did this year. Read more »


House budget plan would clear path to Narrows bridge photo tolls

The Transportation Commission met last night in Gig Harbor to hear from the public on its proposed $5.50 photo tolls on the Tacoma Narrows bridge, and the board expects to take a final vote next Wednesday.

One other thing stands in the way of having the new scheme ready for drivers: Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1053, which voters approved in November and which requires all fees to get a vote of the Legislature, not just an appointed board.

An informal legal opinion by the attorney general’s office advises lawmakers they can re-delegate that fee-setting power without changing I-1053 (and therefore

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Red light fight? Competing bills would standardize cameras

Cameras at intersections have become a controversial tool to keep drivers from running red lights, and the Legislature may put new restrictions on them this year.

There’s a feeling in city halls and in Olympia that if lawmakers don’t, voters will.

Two competing efforts are emerging. A bill being drafted with the support of the Tacoma City Council would try to standardize how cities adopt the cameras, what signs they put up and whom they ticket. Meanwhile, a couple of bills about to be introduced by the conservative Democrat who chairs the House Public Safety Committee, Rep. Chris Hurst, would set up more stringent standards and give voters in each city a veto.

Requiring voter approval would make it harder for more cities to join the list of cities that use red-light cameras — which already includes Lakewood, Puyallup, Federal Way, Fife and Tacoma.

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Tim Eyman celebrates 45th birthday by cutting budget, cake

Fresh off the victory of tax-limiting Initiative 1053 in November’s election and a favorable legal ruling that it will apply to ferry fares and bridge tolls, professional initiative monger Tim Eyman called a press conference Wednesday to celebrate his gains in 2010 and look forward to 2011. He also celebrated his 45th birthday by cutting a cake decorated with a bar chart of ever-growing state budgets. (State employees – if you forgot like we did there’s still time to drop by the Walgreen’s to pick up something nice.)

Dueling commentary on Eyman:

Paul Jacob/TownHall.com: America’s No.

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