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Reichert: “Not familiar” with Glass-Steagall

Burning up the local blogosphere today are posts about three-term Republican Congressman Dave Reichert fielding a question at a candidates’ forum in Newcastle on Saturday.

The question involved the Glass-Stegall Act, a Great Depression-era law enacted by Congress to restore the public’s confidence in the banking system.

(Among other things, the law established the FDIC to regulate banking and separated commercial banks from Wall Street’s securities-holding investment banks. In 1999, Congress made significant changes to Glass-Steagall, including repealing its restrictions on affiliations between banks and Wall Street securities firms. Some critics now blame such

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Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell: Reichert, Rossi give similar responses

In debates Thursday and Sunday with Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, Republican challenger Dino Rossi provided questioners with a similar response, when asked during each event where he stood on efforts to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy.

Like he did in Spokane Thursday, Rossi said during Saturday’s debate in Seattle that he would wait to see the results of a survey of military personnel before taking a position on the issue:

I would make sure we have input before I cast any kind of yes vote on something like this. This is an issue that needs to be thought out thoroughly. It’s not something to rush to

(According to this blog post from the Everett Herald’s Jerry Cornfield, Rossi seems to have changed his answer, depending on the audience.)

Rossi’s responses during the debates echo how three-term Republican Congressman Dave Reichert recently defended to me his vote against a House amendment to repeal Don’t Ask in May.

During recent interviews with each, I asked both Reichert and his challenger, Democrat Suzan DelBene, to briefly respond to where they stood on three hot button issues — abortion, civil marriage and DADT — as a way to help distinguish them as candidates.

All of the responses were fairly short:
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Reichert still up big, according to Silver’s statistical analysis

Despite recent polling that suggests Democrat Suzan DelBene has substantially closed the gap against Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert in Washington’s 8th Congressional District, the latest analysis of that race from political statistician Nate Silver suggests otherwise.

According to its Oct. 15 statistical model, Silver’s NYT-affiliated fivethirtyeight.com has Reichert still up by nearly 12 percentage points, 54.9 percent to DelBene’s 43.0 percent. Silver also conducted 100 computer simulations of the race and found Reichert winning nearly 94 percent of the time.

The latest analysis remains relatively consistent (the Reichert-DelBene gap is even actually widening slightly, according

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3rd Quarter fundraising update for Reichert, DelBene in campaign’s final weeks

Democrat Suzan DelBene out-raised Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert during the last campaign finance fundraising period — but she had to dig into her own pockets again to do so, according to figures provided to me today by both campaigns.

But Reichert holds a significant advantage — more than $1 million — in unspent cash heading in the final weeks of the campaign.

DelBene raised $610,427 for the third quarter — “the best quarter yet for the campaign,” DelBene spokesman Scott Whiteaker said today.

In all, DelBene has raised $2.3 million, putting her slightly ahead of Reichert in total dollars raised.

But DelBene’s third quarter tallies include a $250,000 contribution that she donated to her own campaign. In all, during the entire campaign cycle, the former Microsoft executive has chipped in nearly $950,000 of her own money.

Reichert, who had a slight edge in total dollars raised after the 2nd quarter reporting period ended in July — but hadn’t dropped a dime of his own money into the race — in all has raised about $2.26 million, campaign spokesman Darren Littell said today.

For the third quarter, during which Reichert hosted several high-profile Republican fundraisers that brought GOP stars including Rudy Guiliani and Pete Sessions to town, Reichert brought in $447,000, Littell said.

That means, had DelBene not given her own campaign a $250k contribution, Reichert would have outpaced her in fundraising for the quarter by about $87,000.

What could be telling in the final weeks before Election Day is the amount of “cash on hand” each campaign has heading to the finish line. Reichert reports having $1.3 million of unspent cash on hand, giving him a lot to work with for a final onslaught of ads. Meanwhile, DelBene reported a total of $268,525 cash on hand from the third quarter reporting period.

(Official finance reports for the 3rd quarter reporting period, which ended Sept. 30, have not yet been posted or tallied on the Federal Elections Commission’s website, which still reflects fundraising totals from the 2nd quarter).

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UPDATED: TNT’s invitation to host 8th district debate fizzles with no word from Reichert

UPDATE: 2:11 p.m: About ten minutes after I blogged this post, we received this email from Reichert campaign spokesman Darren Littell:

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 14:05:45 -0700
To: John Henrickson


Got your voicemail. Thanks for your offer and your patients, our campaign manager is in contact with your publisher on the debate proposal.


Original post

We tried.

The News Tribune this week formally offered to host a debate between Washington’s 8th District Congressional candidates, Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert and his Democratic challenger Suzan DelBene.

TNT Public Life Team Leader John Henrikson extended the offer to both campaigns on Wednesday. The basics of the invitation are detailed in this email sent to Reichert campaign spokesman Darren Littell:

The News Tribune would be willing to host a debate between the 8th District candidates next week. It would be here at our building from 6-7:30 p.m. on a weeknight to be decided – we are trying to provide some flexibility given the candidates’ schedule. We are inviting the League of Women Voters to co-sponsor and will also invite TVW to tape it. It would be moderated by Peter Callaghan and we would allow audience members to pose questions.

Let me know as soon as possible if the congressman would be willing to participate and what days would work. Obviously, I am sending a similar invitation to the DelBene campaign.

By the end of the day Wednesday, DelBene’s camp had agreed to the offer. Reichert’s campaign, meanwhile, said it was considering the invitation.

The “under consideration” line was used again, when we and others asked about the debate yesterday. In fact, at the end of a one-hour online chat yesterday afternoon hosted by The Seattle Times, Reichert was asked if a debate was going to happen. He responded:

It is under consideration. Our campaign offices are in communication.

Later Thursday afternoon, with still no definitive answer from Reichert’s camp, Henrikson emailed and spoke with Littell again, giving the campaign a deadline of noon today to respond, so that the newspaper could begin making arrangements, if necessary.

Today’s deadline came and went — and we’ve still yet to hear back.
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WA’s 8th District: It’s gonna be a mud-bath (and already is…)

Got a rain slicker and a good pair of boots?

Not to be outdone by the Patty Murray-Dino Rossi raunch-fest, but the mud is also flying fast and furiously in Washington’s 8th Congressional district — with the campaign of three-term Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert (and supporters) striking back in force this week.

After the campaign of Democratic challenger Suzan DelBene has peppered the airwaves for the past few weeks with ads attacking Reichert on his record (think deep voice-overs intoning gloom over ominous background music, with bad headshots of Reichert – if that’s at all possible), Reichert’s campaign came back with some negative campaign mojo of its own.

(Some of DelBene’s offerings …)

Earlier this week, the former top cop’s Congressional campaign set up the “Who is Suzan DelBene” website, replete with a grainy black and white photo of the opponent, and a growing list of “25 Ways Suzan Is Wrong” that visitors are encouraged to re-visit on a daily basis for the latest installment. (Any website that posts red-lettering on a black background field can’t claim to target the glass half-full set, can it?)

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Political Smell Test: Dueling Reichert, DelBene TV spots on taxes

Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert and his Democratic challenger Suzan DelBene are currently airing dueling TV spots that generally accuse each other of supporting tax increases.

What the ads say:
Reichert’s ad features a woman telling viewers that DelBene wants “bigger government, higher taxes and thinks the health care takeover didn’t go far enough.” A footnote in the ad cites various news articles to substantiate the claims, specifically referencing a SeattlePI.com story published on May 4, 2010 to support the ad’s “higher taxes” claim.

DelBene’s ad features a man’s voice intoning that “Reichert promised he’d never raise taxes, then turned around and voted for $31 billion in higher taxes on families and small businesses.” A footnote in the ad cites Reichert’s Dec. 9, 2009 House vote on H.R. 4213 (Roll Call No. 943).

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Papers split endorsements in key swing district: TNT backs Reichert, Times for DelBene

Perhaps reflecting voter attitudes in the 50-50 swing ground (not to mention recent polls suggesting an increasingly tight contest), the state’s two largest newspapers today split their endorsements in the race for Washington’s 8th District Congressional seat.

The News Tribune endorsed Republican incumbent Dave Reichert (along with two other incumbents facing South Sound voters). The TNT ed board’s thinking:

Reichert, a moderate conservative, is a member of the House’s Republican minority, but there’s a very real chance this minority will become a majority after November. In that case, Reichert would likely be the region’s only connection to

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