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Democrats nominate Jim Hargrove as budget chair, Tracey Eide for transportation, Steve Conway for gov-ops

UPDATED 9 a.m. Wednesday: Here’s our print story, including comments from Democrats Sheldon and Fraser and Republican Mark Schoesler. Notably, conservative Democrat Sheldon is calling for an equal split on the transportation committee, with leaders from both parties and both sides of the mountains — rather than having Eide as sole chairwoman.

Senate Democrats have picked their nominees to lead two powerful budget-writing committees, selecting Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam to be chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and Des Moines Sen. Tracey Eide as chairwoman of the Transportation Committee.

They picked Sen. Tim Sheldon of Mason County as President Pro Tempore.

And Sen. Steve Conway of Tacoma is the Democrats’ choice to serve as chairman of the wide-ranging Government Operations, Tribal Relations and Elections Committee.

Tracey Eide

The decisions are subject to approval by the full Senate, which could be tricky with the new leverage minority Republicans are expected to gain if GOP Sen. Don Benton survives a recount in Clark County.

But if Democrats’ picks stand, here’s who would fill some of the key leadership and committee posts (will update with more): Read more »


Pension deal clears Senate

A measure just approved in the state Senate by a vote of 27-21 would scale back early-retirement benefits for future government workers and save state and local governments $1.3 billion over 25 years, about half of what Republicans had proposed.

The proposal was negotiated between the parties and could remove one of the last stumbling blocks to passing a budget.

Majority Senate Democrats left Republicans to do the heavy lifting. Just seven Democrats supported it, joining all but two Republicans, Don Benton and Pam Roach. One opponent, Sen. Steve Conway, D-Tacoma, argued it would encourage future government workers to go

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Most lawmakers align with their new districts on gay rights

To understand the ‘no’ vote cast on gay marriage Wednesday by Rep. Steve Kirby, a Tacoman who usually sides with his fellow Democrats, it helps to look at how the people in his district voted in 2009 on the “everything but marriage” referendum.

No, not his current district, which turned down Referendum 71 by a somewhat narrow 52-to-48 margin. I’m talking about the district where he has to run this year. It’s still the 29th, but it has been reshaped by redistricting, and the new area defeated domestic partnership expansion by a near-landslide 55-to-45 margin.

The R-71 vote to expand

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What’s alive, what’s dead: Road Kill edition

Yes, it’s a grisly title, but legislative watchers know I’m referring to the Road Kill Caucus. It’s the small group of centrist Democrats (pro-business fiscal hawks with varied but mostly liberal views on social issues) who have wielded outsized power over the past year because their party desperately needs their votes to accomplish anything in the divided Senate.

Tuesday’s cutoff — the midnight deadline for bills to pass out of budget committees — left the Road Kill faction sitting pretty.

In the Senate, the group and its Republican allies had a list of priorities they were trying to move along,

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Senate votes to end poll voting

A vote this evening in the state Legislature is likely to be a death warrant for Pierce County’s remaining polling places.

A mandate for the state to vote entirely by mail eked 26-to-23 through the Senate, where similar proposals have foundered in the past. Republican opponents called it an attack on Pierce County, the state’s last holdout with polling places.

Though it’s supported by GOP Secretary of State Sam Reed, the vote broke largely along the same partisan lines that divide the Pierce County council and county executive on the issue of poll voting, with most Democrats agreeing the state

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WA’s 29th Legislative District going all blue: Conway, Ladenburg and Kirby headed toward victory

Expect no Republican breakthroughs in the blue stronghold of Washington’s 29th.

With the first ballot counts now posted, it’s looking all Democrat for the legislative district that covers South Tacoma, Parkland and parts of Lakewood and University Place.

Here’s the latest breakdown of the district’s races:

Steve Conway (D) vs. Terry Harder (R)

Veteran state Democratic representative Steve Conway appears headed to an easy victory tonight in the battle for the 29th District state Senate seat left open by longtime lawmaker Rosa Franklin’s retirement.

After tonight’s initial ballot counts, Conway, 66, the secretary-treasurer for UFCW

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Ken Paulson, father of slain teacher, runs for Legislature

Rep. Steve Conway has an opponent in his run for state Senate. Ken Paulson will run as an independent.

Both Tacoma residents have filed to run for the seat left vacant by the retirement of Senate President Pro Tem Rosa Franklin.

Paulson, a community activist, has sought public office before, including an unsuccessful run for County Council. Since then, he’s dealt with a terrible tragedy: the shooting death of his daughter.

Jennifer Ann Paulson, a special education teacher, was shot and killed in February outside Birney Elementary School by a man who had stalked her for years. She was 30.

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Republicans Cook, Harder enter 29th District House races

Filing week is officially open.

Some time today, Secretary of State Sam Reed’s office will start posting online those candidates who have sent in their information to file for office. (They’re having some technical difficulties putting it up this morning.) We could see surprises this week, though anyone starting to campaign now is already behind in the money chase.

There are already some newcomers. Over the weekend, a pair of Republicans announced they will run for House seats in the 29th Legislative District centered on South Tacoma.

Steven T. Cook says he’s seeking the seat left open by Rep.

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