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Tag: State budget


State senate GOP-led coalition says budget deal has been reached; House Dems say not yet

UPDATE 12:36 p.m.: Another player joins the “no deal” team. A spokesman for Gov. Jay Inslee says the governor’s office has not heard any word of a budget agreement being reached. Here’s the statement just sent out by Inslee spokesman David Postman:

I understand that the Senate majority has announced that there is a budget agreement.  No one has reported to the governor or his budget director that there is an agreement. And, in fact, the House has told us that it is still negotiating with the Senate at this hour. We believe we are close,

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DOA? Republican reception to Gregoire budget plan quite chilly

Rep. Gary Alexander, the top Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, says Gov. Chris Gregoire’s latest budget proposals that call for tax hikes are as good as “dead on arrival.” Republican Sen. Andy Hill, who hopes to take over the Senate Ways and Means Committee in January, said he also sees little chance of passing taxes, and Hill notes incoming Gov. Jay Inslee had said during his campaign he would veto tax increases.

I’m still waiting to hear what Inslee really thinks of the complicated plan, which can be seek its its full roll-out glory here. Inslee’s spokesman put out a limited, non-committal statement here.

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Gov.-elect Inslee non-committal on Gregoire’s tax and budget plans

Gov.-elect Inslee non-committal on Gregoire budget

Gov.-elect Jay Inslee, a Democrat, put out a brief statement about the two-year budget proposals that out-going Gov. Chris Gregoire announced  this morning. The Gregoire plans include various tax increases or extensions of existing taxes, and Inslee campaigned on a no-new-taxes platform that did allow for closure of tax loopholes.

Here’s the statement from Inslee’s spokesman:

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Gregoire’s budget includes cuts, tax increases including fuel tax to pay school transportation costs

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s lame-duck budget proposal is on the table this morning, calling for a mixture of tax increases and spending cuts to bridge a predicted $900 million shortfall and also raise $1 billion more to answer a court ruling on K-12 school funding. A few elements that caught my eye include a wholesale gasoline and diesel tax that would eventually fund all school transportation costs and cancellation of a tax break that the governor says benefits refineries. She also wants to extend a gross receipts tax surcharge on service businesses and a beer tax.

A link to the entire budget

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State gains $55.6 million budget cushion after lower caseload forecast

It isn’t much, but Washington state budget writers are taking every nickel and million dollars they can get these days. This week’s quarterly caseload forecast is predicting smaller increases in many program enrollments through June 2013 – with the biggest savings coming in the Medicaid medical assistance to poor families, according to the state Office of Financial Management.

Bottom line: $55.6 million in reduced costs expected through mid-2013 and a $350 million cushion against state emergencies over the next year.

The “categorically needy” program in Medicaid that serves people whose low incomes or situation

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January tax collections suggest March state revenue forecast will be flat at best

An update of state tax collections released today suggests that the March Miracle some budget writers are dreaming of may not materialize.

March 17 is when the next state revenue forecast will be approved and it is that report that will be used to write the 2011-13 budget. Some have been hoping that it will show a sooner-than-expected economic recovery and a higher-than-predicted revenue estimate. Any amount that is above the November forecast would be welcome.

But Friday’s February update shows that collections are actually down from what was projected. While some of that is due to non-economic reasons

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Gregoire to sign order for budget cuts Monday

Gov. Chris Gregoire is signing an order Monday for across-the-board budget cuts, but the depth of the cuts won’t be known until state revenue forecasters release their quarterly revenue report on Thursday.

Based on lower-than-expected tax collections since the mid-June revenue forecast, the state’s general-fund reserves have fallen to about $84 million for the budget that is supposed to last until June 2011. That means that with any kind of drop in revenues, Gregoire will have to order cuts starting Oct. 1 to keep the state out of red ink over the nine-month period.

“Given the signs we’ve already seen

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