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Tag: same-sex marriage


Gregoire says she wants to see college tuition actually cut – eventually

Gov. Chris Gregoire has a few misgivings about what state policy makers had to do as they worked through the Great Recession over the past four years, and tuition policy is one apparent regret. The two-term governor told The Olympian’s editorial board Tuesday that she would like to see tuition reduced in the future, reversing what has been a galloping growth in students’ share of costs for higher education – now hitting 70 percent of the cost of education at four-year universities.

That is double what tuition’s share was in 2000.

Gregoire, a Democrat, did not specify how low she wants tuition to drop, and her top spokesman Cory Curtis later said there was nothing specific in the works in terms of a proposal for her successor, Gov.-elect Jay Inslee. “I think it’s still a question, coming out of the recession, what can the budget handle. This may not be the time to handle that,” Curtis said.

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KCTS 9 Washington Poll: State’s independent voters favoring Obama, McKenna

The KCTS 9 Washington Poll released its second wave of results today, showing President Obama widening his edge over Republican Mitt Romney to nearly 20 percentage points, while Democrat Jay Inslee is very narrowly ahead of Republican Rob McKenna in the governor’s race.

Among the interesting findings is that independent voters are favoring Obama by 17 points, McKenna by 21 points, while in the attorney general’s race independents favor Democrat Bob Ferguson by 8 points over Republican Reagan Dunn, according to University of Washington associate professor Matt Barreto, who briefed reporters on the poll this morning.

That suggests McKenna’s effort to cut through Obama’s presumed coattails to capture independents and some Democrats is actually working.

Exact poll results are here
and should also be posted soon at the Washington Poll site and at KCTS-9.

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UW Poll: Obama, R-74 winning; Inslee-McKenna is toss-up

Voters in the Evergreen State are backing President Obama and same-sex marriage by wide margins, while giving Democrat Jay Inslee a very slight edge over Republican Rob McKenna in the Washington governor’s race, according to the latest Washington Poll released today.

Go here for the full results, which carry a strong-blue tint on most issues except for the clear support for limiting taxes and allowing charter schools.

The poll release this afternoon comes after Secretary of State Sam Reed said he expects turnout in the high-stakes election to reach 81 percent, a bit less than in 2008 but stronger than average.

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National Organization for Marriage gives $250,000 to fight Referendum 74

The $250,000 gift reported Monday to the Public Disclosure Commission brings NOM’s contributions to more than $325,000 and the total for the Washington campaign against same-sex marriage to more than $875,000.

But they’re still dwarfed by their rivals. The campaign to uphold the law passed by the Legislature has raised more than $7.7 million.

Jerry Cornfield of the Everett Herald has more on the NOM contribution here.

And here’s my story from the weekend taking a closer look at what’s at stake in the campaign.


NARAL weighs in on 27th District senate race, reminding voters Jeannie Darneille is the only pro-choice candidate

The National Abortion And Reproductive Rights Action League’s political action committee in Washington has distributed a late mailer before Tuesday’s primary, reminding voters in Tacoma’s 27th Legislative District that Democrat Jeannie Darneille is the only pro-choice candidate in the district’s state senate race.

The mailer, which includes Darneille’s photo next to that of Washington’s Democratic candidate for governor, Jay Inslee, lists NARAL’s 10-candidate slate of preferences in legislative, statewide and federal races.

On the flip side, two concerned-looking 20-something women stare out from the mailer next to the plea: ”Vote Pro Choice, because we need leaders we can trust to protect access

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Pro-gay marriage ads start airing statewide during Olympic Games’ opening ceremony tonight

A Northwest gay-advocacy group is airing television ads statewide tonight in support of same-sex marriage during the local televising of the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games from London.

The ads, sponsored by the Seattle-based Pride Foundation, feature former Washington state senator Cheryl Pflug, a Republican from suburban Maple Valley who talks about gay and lesbian couples she has known and the need to let them marry.

Pride Foundation and New York-based Freedom to Marry released copies of the 30-second ad exclusively to The Olympian and News Tribune late Thursday.

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Same-sex marriage supporters outraising, outspending opponents so far

Opponents of same-sex marriage spent $158,000 to organize in Washington and force a November vote of the people, according to the latest campaign-finance disclosures.

That pales in comparison to the more than $1 million spent so far by supporters of Referendum 74, which gives legal recognition to gay marriage. And supporters have already raised more than $2 million to opponents’ $140,000.

However, the National Organization for Marriage is expected to spend heavily to oppose the measure. Washington opponents’ total spending already includes $59,000 in help from NOM that is listed as a debt — leaving local opponents in the red.

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Charter schools, Eyman tax measures file petitions; both appear to have enough signatures and would swell Nov. 6 ballot to six statewide measures

Backers of a charter school initiative and Tim Eyman’s latest version of a two-thirds vote requirement for tax hikes both met deadlines for submitting signatures to qualify for the Nov. 6 ballot. Checking of a sample of signatures is needed, but signs point to both I-1240’s charter schools plan and Eyman’s I-1185 both qualifying.

Assuming that happens, the fall ballot will have six measures ranging from same-sex marriage to debt control and marijuana decriminalization.

Tim Eyman, second from left, preparing to turn in signatures Friday. (AP Photo, Rachel LaCorte)

The Office of the Secretary of State is reporting both I-1240 and I-1185 are in good shape to qualify because they both exceeded the 241,153 minimum – with I-1240 saying it has brought in about 350,000 and Eyman reporting he has 318,000.

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