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UPDATE PDC: Connelly’s campaign Facebook page falsely implies Franklin’s endorsement, but probably isn’t illegal

UPDATE: 10:30 a.m. July 9, 2012

Jack Connelly said this morning the posting of Rosa Franklin‘s photograph on his campaign Facebook page never meant to imply that the former senator was endorsing him.

“I never even saw the picture,” Connelly said.  ”A volunteer did that (posted it), and just feels awful about it.  But there was no intent to imply an endorsement by Rosa Franklin. To be honest we never thought about it, it was just something that happened at a campaign event.”

Still, Connelly said his campaign has taken the photo down out of respect to Franklin.

“The primary reason I

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Former Sen. Rosa Franklin critical of ex-colleagues for vote to close polls

As the survival of poll voting turned into a partisan issue on the floor of the Senate late Friday, a former senator said she sat at home watching on TVW and just shook her head.

The Legislature “should not have gotten involved in a local food fight between the Executive & Legislative branches of government” in Pierce County, former Sen. Rosa Franklin wrote in an e-mail.

When the Tacoma Democrat was in Olympia, she helped keep bills to end poll voting in Pierce County bottled up in the Senate. A year after she retired, the Senate approved closing polls,

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Heavyweights on the undercard

To find the biggest names in Pierce County politics, you have to go down this year’s ballot — way down.

Rosa Franklin and John Ladenburg were supposed to be on the sidelines this year. But they apparently couldn’t stay away from politics: They’re running for Democratic precinct committee officer in their South End Tacoma home precinct, 29-517.

PCO, the rank-and-file job of party politics, won’t bring the kind of influence Ladenburg is used to as former Pierce County executive, or that Franklin has as a longtime state senator and president pro tem of the Senate, a job she’s leaving this

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Conway will run for Franklin’s seat

The seat being vacated by Sen. Rosa Franklin already has drawn one hopeful: Rep. Steve Conway, who represents the 29th District in the House.

Conway told me today he has decided to run. He praised Franklin and noted he took her House seat in 1993 when she moved up to the Senate.  “I’m kind of following her, I guess would be the word,” Conway said.

Conway, 65, the secretary-treasurer of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 81, has a reputation as a champion of labor.

He’ll give up his position in the House, where he is a nine-term veteran and chairman of the influential Commerce and Labor Committee, to try to win a seat in the Senate, where he would have to start building up seniority again.

“In the Senate you have an opportunity to do a lot more for the district,” he explained. “There will be an opportunity for me in the Senate to continue the work that I’ve been doing in the House.”

Conway also released a statement:

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Franklin retiring from Legislature

Sen. Rosa Franklin won’t run for re-election, she told legislators and staff in an e-mail today, announcing her retirement after two decades in the House and Senate.

Franklin, 83, a Democrat and retired nurse from Tacoma, has the largely ceremonial post of Senate president pro tempore, and presides when Lt. Gov. Brad Owen is away.

The decision was made at a “family meeting,” she said. She said she would miss the legislative debates, but she’s leaving satisfied that her time in the Legislature made a difference.

Now I am saying “operator let me off this ride – it is someone else’s turn.”   Everyone should try it once!

Franklin represents the 29th District, including Tacoma’s South End and parts of Lakewood and University Place and unincorporated Pierce County.

The urban district is solidly Democratic, so her departure is unlikely to affect the partisan balance in the Senate. It hasn’t elected a Republican since the Great Depression.

Franklin was elected to the House in 1990 and appointed to her Senate seat in 1993 after the death of A.L. “Slim” Rasmussen. She has won-re-election four times since then.

Franklin said in an interview she would return to being a community organizer, trying to school young people in civics and get community groups involved in their government.

Here’s the full e-mail:

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Confident, but counting

After days of vote-wrangling, Democratic budget negotiators expressed confidence that they have the votes for the tax package they unveiled today – but their levels of confidence varied.

The House could vote as soon as today, and support there may be pretty solid. Rep. Ross Hunter: “We wouldn’t be here signing this thing if we weren’t confident.”

The Senate plans to vote Sunday or Monday, and Democrats there have a slimmer margin of error, having passed earlier versions of the tax package with the bare minimum 25 “yes” votes – meaning any defections would have to be made

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Democrats round up votes for tax deal

There’s no official word this morning on whether there are 50 “yes” votes in the House and 25 “yes” votes in the Senate for the tax deal reached by House and Senate negotiators.

Democratic leaders were counting votes to see if their new proposal – sales tax free – can bring them to those magic numbers that would get them out of Olympia.

Here’s the proposal.

Compared to earlier deals, it includes a larger increase in the B&O tax for businesses, new taxes on beer and soda pop (which exempt smaller brewers and bottlers) and, of course, no sales

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Song breaks out in Senate – thankfully, not from senators

Evergreen State College students interrupted Senate floor action today by breaking into song from the gallery.

Several dozen young people sang out a version of “Amazing Grace” with modified lyrics, in what sounded like a protest of budget cuts to colleges.

Lt. Gov. Brad Owen dispatched a sergeant-at-arms to eject the students from the gallery.

As they finished their song, some Democrats applauded. Sens. Rosa Franklin and Craig Pridemore stood and clapped. Sen. Mike Carrell, whose speech they interrupted, was less pleased, marveling that a bunch of “turkeys” would intrude into a debate over a constitutional amendment.

As the last

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