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Smell Test: Matt Richardson mailer falsely calls candidate a veteran

District 31 state Senate candidate Matt Richardson‘s website and a mail piece he planned to send out to 48,000 homes today refer to the state Senate candidate as a veteran.

He is not.

WHAT THE CAMPAIGN SAYS: Both Richardson’s campaign website and  mailer feature prominently an endorsement statement from Ron Weigelt, a Democrat who was defeated in the primary election when voters advanced Republicans Richardson and Sen. Pam Roach to the general election. Weigelt’s statement, in full:

Matt is a conservative Republican, but it is not about political party. It is about who can best represent us in Olympia. While his opponents sling mud at him and his family, I have personally verified the truth and his record of service before making this endorsement. As a fellow Veteran and former City Council member, I see in Matt Richardson the drive and sincerity we need in the Senate. We do not need business as usual, we do not need 24 years of the incumbent hurting our district. Matt is clearly the best choice in this contest. – Ron Weigelt, Senate Candidate

WHAT WEIGELT SAYS: When I asked Weigelt about this today, he said he thought Richardson was in the Navy Reserve. Weigelt then sent an e-mail to Richardson asking him to remove the material from his website. He said: “You should have corrected me when I referred to you as a ‘fellow veteran’.  I believe you have intentionally tried to give the perception that you are in the Navy when you are not.  Not telling me you are not a veteran was deceptive and clearly a lie by omission.  I also never endorsed you.”

THE FACTS: Richardson, a Sumner city councilman, has worked as a military contractor. He says that as an employee of Central Texas College, a community college that contracts with the Navy to place instructors on board vessels, he has done one assignment: a three-month stint in 2006 on the Stennis teaching subjects like sociology, government and philosophy.

WHAT RICHARDSON SAYS: He has told me and others repeatedly he is not a veteran or a member of the military.

When he first announced his candidacy, his campaign literature referred to his military ties this way: “He also holds a DoD security clearance as an Adjunct Professor of Government & Philosophy for the US Navy’s NCPACE program based in Bremerton.  He was last assigned to the USS Stennis (CVN 74).”

Based on that, a Political Buzz post in June referred to him as a veteran. But he e-mailed us to clarify: “You are repeating that I am a Navy veteran, and I am not.”

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Sen. Pam Roach defends office’s location outside district lines

Sen. Pam Roach’s office

Sen. Pam Roach is used to being hit from all directions — her Republican opponent says she can’t be effective because of restrictions on her communication with staff, while the most well-financed Democrat in the race calls her erratic.

But now she’s being hit about her map directions.

A news release sent late last week by the other Democrat in the race, Ron Weigelt, criticizes Roach for locating her Senate district office in the 47th Legislative District, instead of the one she represents, the 31st.

Turns out the office Roach recently opened at 311 Auburn Ave. in Auburn is about six blocks outside the 31st District.

Roach calls the attack “nit-picking,” but Weigelt says with business vacancies piling up, he would put his office within the district boundaries.

Weigelt has some fun with those “boundaries” in his news release.

While I had read about Senator Roach having no boundaries with her staff and co-workers (having been disciplined 5 times since 1998 for behavioral problems), I didn’t realize she had problems understanding other boundaries.

Weigelt also complains the condition of the yard is “an embarrassment.” He has pictures of the unmowed grass on his website.

Roach says she only rents one room in the four-room office. The rent is affordable and the office is visible to constituents driving to and from work, she wrote in an e-mail.

I opted for convenience, visibility, and low price. My constituents know that I value how their money is spent. I gained a heightened sense of frugality by watching Weigelt’s party waste money by not using any common sense and by having to have the new office buildings instead of something older. I like to concentrate not on nit-picking but on results.

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Roach challenger promises ‘civility’

A Democrat and police officer announced today he would challenge Sen. Pam Roach, and criticized her “erratic and temperamental approach in Olympia.”

Roach has had repeated run-ins with staff and fellow lawmakers, and her fellow Senate Republicans barred her from their caucus room this year after her latest reprimand. Challenger Raymond Bunk said in a news release Roach “should be making headlines about creating jobs and improving our schools, not berating staff members.”

Bunk is a Federal Way police officer who acts as spokesman for the department. He lives in Bonney Lake. In his  release, he said he served for four years in the Air Force as a firefighter and now in the Air Force reserves, which took him to Iraq in 2007.

He joins a Democratic field that also includes former Buckley city councilman Ron Weigelt.

After the jump, Bunk’s press release:

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Ron Weigelt of Bonney Lake announces state Senate campaign in 31st District

Former Buckley city councilman Ron Weigelt said today he’ll run for the 31st District Senate seat now held by Pam Roach.

Weigelt, a Democrat, is a human resources manager for the Seattle and King County health department.

The Seattle native now lives in Bonney Lake with his wife Jane Barsi.

“Having been born and raised here in Washington, I have experienced and observed a great deal. I want to apply that knowledge and those experiences to face the future on our own terms: self-reliant, independent, and with optimism,” Weigelt said.

Weigelt spent 12 years in the U.S. Army, reaching the rank of captain before leaving the service in 1992. He also has worked as a labor negotiator for King County and the Office and Professional Employees International Union.

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