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Senate committees get new leaders, including Pam Roach, Randi Becker, Mike Carrell

The political earthquake today that gives control of the state Senate to Republicans and two Democrats will reshuffle the leadership roster.

The coalition announced they would put Republicans in charge of some of the most important committees, including budget-writing Ways and Means (Andy Hill of Redmond instead of the Democrats’ pick, Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam), Education (Steve Litzow of Mercer Island replacing Rosemary McAuliffe of Bothell), Commerce and Labor (Janea Holmquist Newbry of Moses Lake taking over from Jeanne Kohl-Welles of Seattle) and the judiciary or justice committee (Mike Padden of Spokane Valley replacing Adam Kline of Seattle).

Randi Becker of Eatonville,

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Senate candidate Bruce Lachney says he’ll donate contributions from JZ Knight to ‘educational scholarships’

State Senate candidate Bruce Lachney said late Sunday in a statement that he is giving away any campaign donations from Yelm-based spirit-channeler JZ Knight to college scholarships. The move comes after state Democratic chairman Dwight Pelz announced Friday the party is donating $70,000 from Knight to the Anti-Defamation League and the pro-gay marriage referendum, with half going to each.

Comments Knight has made in videos about Catholics, gays and Mexicans prompted the moves after state and local Republicans began using videos to hammer Democratic candidates that received Knight’s campaign contributions. Lachney, an Eatonville Democrat challenging Sen. Randy Becker, R-Eatonville, in the 2nd Legislative District, put out a short statement:

“I met Ms. Knight only once. Her thoughts and beliefs are her own. As a member of the same Lutheran Church for more than twenty years I find the language and tenor of her discourse disturbing. As such, the campaign will be donating any contributions from Ms. Knight to educational scholarships.
In regards to the election; voters choose their democracy. Ms Becker’s democracy is anchored in the slander of innuendo and the smear of “guilt by association.” The Lachney campaign secures democracy in the issues: education, the budget, and reason. We are confident that voters November 6th will know the difference. Best wishes to my supporters.” said Bruce Lachney

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UPDATE – GOP calling on Lachney to give up JZ Knight money, too

The flare-up over video-taped comments that Yelm-based spirit channeler JZ Knight made about Catholics is turning into a cause celebre for Republicans. Republican state Sen. Randi Becker of Eatonville called on her Democratic challenger Bruce Lachney Wednesday to return some $3,600 in campaign contributions that Knight and her school made to his campaign in the 2nd Legislative District.

And in moves that appear well-coordinated with the GOP’s announcement of the video, the state Republican Party has sent a pair of misleading mailers to voters that say Lachney is supported by a “cult leader,” label him “extreme” and insinuate in one piece that Knight is Lachney’s “most trusted adviser.’’

In a milder way, Republican congressional candidate Dick Muri said on Facebook he is going to ask Democrat Denny Heck in the 10th district to donate any contributions from Knight to charity and “to condemn the vitriolic statements” in the video. A search of Federal Election Commission data failed to turn up such donations to Heck this morning. UPDATE: But a recent report filed by Heck that isn’t yet in the database shows Knight gave Heck $3,500 in August.

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Lawmakers won’t debate traffic cameras

Bills to standardize the traffic cameras that are sprouting up all over the state died for lack of a House or Senate floor vote today. The causes of death were slightly different in the two chambers.

The bills contained relatively modest changes, but the House has plenty of opponents of cameras, and they were poised to try to load up Tacoma Rep. Connie Ladenburg’s bill with a series of tougher restrictions, including putting the machines to local votes.

“It just kind of got bogged down,” House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan said.

Over in the Senate, amendments to Eatonville GOP

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Senate votes to end poll voting

A vote this evening in the state Legislature is likely to be a death warrant for Pierce County’s remaining polling places.

A mandate for the state to vote entirely by mail eked 26-to-23 through the Senate, where similar proposals have foundered in the past. Republican opponents called it an attack on Pierce County, the state’s last holdout with polling places.

Though it’s supported by GOP Secretary of State Sam Reed, the vote broke largely along the same partisan lines that divide the Pierce County council and county executive on the issue of poll voting, with most Democrats agreeing the state

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Traffic camera bills advance, without requirements for vote of people

The state House and Senate are both moving ahead with efforts to standardize cities’ use of traffic cameras, but a push to give voters a veto over cameras has so far been thwarted.

The House Transportation Committee on Tuesday defeated an attempt to require local voters to approve cities’ plans to install cameras. Other bills calling for local votes or an outright ban on cameras are falling by the wayside and appear unlikely to meet a Friday deadline to move forward.

The committee by a 17-9 vote approved House Bill 1279, introduced by Rep. Connie Ladenburg at the

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Bill by Rep. Jeff Morris would repeal traffic cameras

There are all kinds of proposals in the Legislature for cracking down on cities’ use of automated traffic cameras, and a bill filed today offers the most sweeping solution yet.

Sponsored by Rep. Jeff Morris, D-Anacortes, HB 1823 would completely repeal the authority for cities and counties to have the cameras.

That’s what’s demanded by activists like the ones who helped pack a committee hearing Tuesday on bills related to the cameras. A Puyallup couple, Nick and Tiffany Sherwood, founded BanCams.com.

Other proposals out there:

  • Rep. Jim McCune, R-Graham, would require cities to get approval

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Lachney leaves state House race; Marilyn Rasmussen might enter

Updated 6/4: Marilyn Rasmussen says she made her decision today: She’ll run for state House.

Two years on the sidelines is enough for Rasmussen, 71. “I don’t enjoy sitting and watching people make decisions without some of the input and experience that I think I have,” she told me.

Original post:

One Democrat has dropped his challenge to state Rep. Jim McCune, and another might take his place.

Bruce Lachney announced today he would withdraw from the 2nd Legislative District race. The fact that there are no Democrats left challenging McCune, a Graham Republican, didn’t stop Lachney from practically endorsing one.

He said he would “encourage prior public servants, like Marilyn Rasmussen, to consider entering the race.”

I talked to Rasmussen, the former House and Senate member from Eatonville, and she said she indeed is considering trying to return to the House. She’s been thinking about it since Lachney called her Wednesday to suggest she run, she said.

After 22 years as a legislator, Rasmussen was unseated in 2008 by Randi Becker.

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