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New SurveyUSA/KING-TV poll has good and bad news for Patty Murray

At least she isn’t trailing her GOP rivals. But U.S. Sen. Patty Murray‘s 41 percent support isn’t exactly a show of strength for a three-term incumbent.

The poll surveyed 1,100 residents, 920 of whom are registered voters. From that sample, the poll identified 675 voters who had already voted in the primary or were likely to vote.

Here are the numbers: Murray 41 percent; Dino Rossi 33 percent; Clint Didier 11 percent; Paul Akers 5 percent, others 5 percent.

Again, Murray leads, but the three most-prominent Republicans in the race totaled 49 percent of the vote.

Two notes: the

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Clint Didier and Paul Akers, Rossi’s rivals, gang up

Clint Didier and Paul Akers made a joint announcement Thursday night that was beset by technical difficulties:

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The gist of it: Didier and Akers are staying in the U.S. Senate race, but they’re joining forces to do joint radio commercials.

“This is unprecedented,”

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Rossi, rivals sign on to tea party ‘Contract,’ want single tax rate

Republican Senate candidates Dino Rossi, Clint Didier and Paul Akers have signed on to the “Contract from America,” supported by many tea party groups and other conservative organizations.

The 10-point agenda, whose name is a takeoff of Republicans’ 1994 Contract With America, offers a series of promises for candidates running for Congress and other elected positions to adopt. Hundreds of candidates and a few members of Congress, including Washington state’s Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, have made the pledge.

The planks reflect an agenda of fiscal and economic conservatism aimed at small government and low taxes: repeal the federal

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Didier, Akers also oppose financial bill

Dino Rossi‘s Republican rival Clint Didier today echoed Rossi’s concerns that the Wall Street overhaul heralds future bailouts.

He said in a statement that the bill “just furthers the unholy alliance between Washington DC and Wall Street – and leaves consumers out in the cold and doesn’t begin to address the real causes of the problems.”

A third Republican in the race, Paul Akers, told me he supports tougher standards for banks to maintain more capital to back up their transactions, but the rest of the regulation micromanages the financial system, while failing to curb the lax lending standards that

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Poll has Murray, Rossi still tied in Senate race

A new public opinion poll from Rasmussen Reports shows GOP challenger Dino Rossi in a tie with Democratic incumbent Patty Murray for the U.S. Senate seat. Both have support of 47 percent of likely voters in a head-to-head race, about the same as a poll one month ago.

That may be bad news for Murray, according to Rasmussen’s analysis.

Despite the closeness of her race against Rossi in a year that so far seems to be going the GOP’s way, Murray has the powers of incumbency at hand in a state that trends Democratic. Still, incumbents that fall

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GOP crowd cheers Senate candidates

Republican activists greeted U.S. Senate candidates Clint Didier and Dino Rossi warmly, but not overwhelmingly so, when they spoke to the party’s state convention today.

By a very unscientific measure – audience response to the two candidates – Rossi seemed to have more supporters, while Didier had more enthusiastic ones.

Most of the crowd was on their feet for Rossi. A smaller, louder core stood for Didier’s entrance and exit, and managed to make more noise than the crowd did for Rossi.

Many people also stood for the third major Republican candidate, Paul Akers, but the crowd wasn’t filled with

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Rossi “Prefers Republican Party”

Dino Rossi is a Republican.

That’s no surprise to anyone in Washington not living under a rock, but there was a question whether this year’s ballot would feature Rossi as a “Republican” or “GOP” candidate for U.S. Senate.

He filed today to be listed on the ballot as “Prefers Republican Party.” This year, that label isn’t perceived as negatively as it was two years ago when he chose “Prefers GOP Party” instead.

It also could reduce the chances that the state Democratic Party will sue to make candidates give their parties’ real names.

The other major Republicans in the

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In case you were wondering, Paul Akers says he’s still running for U.S. Senate

My high school newspaper adviser Bob Cannell once held up the front page of the News Tribune that blared the headline: “President Ford Will Not Visit Tacoma.”

“You could fill the paper everyday with all the things that aren’t going to happen,” he said. I half expected the next day’s paper to declare, with relief, that “Typhoon Doesn’t Strike Tacoma,” or “Hundreds Don’t Perish When Massive Earthquake Doesn’t Hit Region.”

I thought about that lesson today when I received a press release from the Paul Akers for U.S. Senate campaign, It began with this headline: “U.S. Senate Candidate Paul Akers To Stay In Race.”

Okay. Thanks for that.

Akers apparently thinks we think that as soon as Dino Rossi declares – if he ever declares – for the Senate race that the dozen or so declared GOP candidates will flee in the face of the Rossi juggernaut. Not so, says Akers.

“Let me be perfectly clear; I am staying in this race and I am in this race to win,” he said. (He also tried to distinguish himself from the other candidates by saying he believes “that America is the greatest country in the world.”)

Here’s the release so you can judge for yourself whether Akers actually committed news today (unless, of course, it is really designed to get us to run his nine reasons for staying in the race): Read more »