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Tag: Pam Roach


Sen. Pam Roach back in Republican caucus after supporting GOP budget

Sen. Pam Roach is back in the Republican caucus meetings.

Kicked out of the party’s private huddle since 2010, Roach said today she has been allowed to return since “a couple days ago.” That coincides with something else that happened a couple days ago, early Saturday morning to be exact: Senate Republicans forced a vote on their budget after taking over the Senate floor from the majority party.

They approved it with the bare minimum of 25 votes including three Democratic defectors, which meant they had to have Roach’s vote. And they got it.

Around the same time, Roach was

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Josh Powell case spurs bill banning child custody for murder suspects

Here’s the title of a title-only bill that Sen. Pam Roach is introducing tomorrow:

Relating to prohibiting a child custody award to a suspect in an active murder investigation.

It’s not clear what standard would be used to consider someone a “suspect” before they are charged with a crime. The bill so far has no content other than a title. Roach is having a press conference Thursday with Chuck and Judy Cox, the grandparents of the slain Charlie and Braden Powell, to talk about “serious problems” within DSHS.

Deadlines for moving legislation have already passed, so this will likely have

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Sen. Pam Roach’s trip to oil fields sparks pipeline push

After touring a booming oil-producing part of Northern Alberta, state Sen. Pam Roach today handed out vials of oil sands to supporters of a pipeline project that President Obama has rejected.

Here’s Roach’s blog post on the subject, which details her October trip to Fort McMurray, Alberta, and meetings with members of the Canadian Parliament. She wasn’t allowed to take the oil sands on the plane, she said, but a gallon of them was FedExed to her.

The proposed pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast may be far from Washington, but Roach wants the Legislature to formally go on record

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Show goes on at Legislature, even if it’s a one-man show

This week’s snow and ice has reduced some legislative committees to skeleton crews.

On Wednesday, the Senate Energy, Natural Resources and Marine Waters committee approved three bills with just one member present, the chairman.

Sen. Kevin Ranker cast the only vote on the three measures, declared them approved subject to signatures, and then said: “We’re going to take a quick break while I have a caucus with myself.”

“Subject to signatures” is the key phrase. Quick civics lesson: As you might expect, one vote alone won’t pass a bill out of committee. It needs a majority

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PDC throws out Matt Richardson complaint about Pam Roach mailers

The Public Disclosure Commission has thrown out the last election-law complaint remaining from state Sen. Pam Roach‘s defeat of challenger Matt Richardson.

Richardson filed the complaint during last fall’s campaign, saying Roach’s campaign mailers illegally defame him. It was one of several complaints to the PDC by both candidates in the heated intra-Republican race, all of which were dismissed.

The election watchdogs dismissed this one without finding any violations of the law. Roach was able to cite legal documents or news media coverage to back up the ad’s claims.

The candidates sparred over the significance of Richardson’s guilty

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Senate votes to end poll voting

A vote this evening in the state Legislature is likely to be a death warrant for Pierce County’s remaining polling places.

A mandate for the state to vote entirely by mail eked 26-to-23 through the Senate, where similar proposals have foundered in the past. Republican opponents called it an attack on Pierce County, the state’s last holdout with polling places.

Though it’s supported by GOP Secretary of State Sam Reed, the vote broke largely along the same partisan lines that divide the Pierce County council and county executive on the issue of poll voting, with most Democrats agreeing the state

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Pierce County all-mail voting bill clears committee

A bill that would require Pierce County to close its last polling places moved forward this morning.

The Senate Government Operations Committee approved Senate Bill 5124, sending it to the Rules Committee. Gov Ops Chairman Craig Pridemore said he supported moving it along because of a separate provision unrelated to the poll voting controversy, but said the all-mail-voting proposal needs more work.

Pridemore, D-Vancouver, said he’s not persuaded by those who say the whole state needs to have a uniform way of voting. “I have always believed we should defer to local control,” he said.

But so far, Pridemore

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Pam Roach has her desk back

The senator will keep sitting at the desk on the Senate floor where she has been stationed for more than a decade. The Senate moved her to a new seat and gave hers to new Sen. Doug Ericksen, but Roach disputed the change.

The Auburn Republican was upset with GOP leadership Monday, saying the episode marred a day when she not only became the most senior member of the Senate, with 20 years in the chamber, but also found out a medical clinic would be named after her in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, where she does volunteer work.

After talking

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