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Dale Foreman, onetime Washington State Republican Party chairman, endorses Democrat Maria Cantwell for U.S Senate

Dale Foreman isn’t just any Republican. He is a former Republican state legislator from the Wenatchee area, the former House Majority Leader, a onetime Republican candidate for governor who would have been nominated but for the seven-candidate mash-up that delivered the narrow plurality to Ellen Craswell in 1996.

He even served as the lawyer representing the party and Dino Rossi in the litigation challenging Chris Gregoire’s election in 2004.

So when he comes out for two-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, it’s a pretty big deal.

Here is the story in the Capital Press, which calls itself the West’s

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Republican Michael Baumgartner airs first TV ad in his challenge of U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell

WASHINGTON – Michael Baumgartner, who’s trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell, released his first television ad today.

The Republican state senator uses the 30–second ad to call for an end to the war in Afghanistan and cutting the federal deficit.

The ad is titled “Change Can’t Wait” and touts Baumgartner’s diplomatic work in Iraq and Afghanistan

“Senator Baumgartner’s background in economics, business, and foreign affairs is powerful,” said Jami Herring, communications director for the Baumgartner campaign. “So when he highlights his priorities for the U.S. Senate – creating jobs, ending the war in Afghanistan – you know that he

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Clarification: Who called the Lakewood cops on Democrats’ tracker of Baumgartner? Not Lakewood Mayor Richardson

A press release last week from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Baumgartner complained about a confrontation with a Democratic videographer at a closed Lakewood Republican Women meeting. The videographer wouldn’t leave the area outside the meeting at Oakbrook Golf Club until police were called.

Baumgartner also said the man followed his wife Eleanor in the parking lot when she left to retrieve something from her car.

Later Baumgartner said Lakewood Mayor Doug Richardson was the one who called police. Lakewood Assistant Chief Mike Zaro said there wasn’t a name on the department’s call log but that a call did come

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U.S. Senate candidate Mike Baumgartner calls the cops over Democrat’s video paparazzi

Well, Baumgartner didn’t make the actual call to Lakewood Police last week during a meeting of Lakewood Republican Women.

Apparently the call came from a Republican in attendance who just happens to be the mayor of Lakewood, Doug Richardson.

But the Spokane Republican was aware of it and the incident provides a glimpse into a phenomena of modern political campaigns that the average voter never sees. That is the fact that most candidates are followed by opponents armed with a video camera to capture all statements made on the campaign trail. The point, apparently, is to catch a gaffe or a statement that appeals to a small group but might not sound so good to the general voting public.

Every now and then a dustup occurs and video of the confrontation usually makes it to YouTube.

It apparently was one of those opposition researchers who showed up at Oakbrook Golf Club last Thursday where Baumgartner was going to speak to Lakewood Republican Women about his campaign against Democratic incumbent Sen. Maria Cantwell. According to Baumgartner, the videographer was told he could not come in and, after he tried filming through a window, they asked him to leave what is private property.

Later, according to Baumgartner, when his wife Eleanor Baumgartner went out to her car in the parking lot, the tracker followed her in his vehicle. Lakewood police were called and talked to the man who then moved to the street in front of the club.

Mike and Eleanor Baumgartner

“It is a privilege to be a public servant, but our family shouldn’t have to put up with you paying some creepy guy to follow my wife and harass her,” Baumgartner wrote in a letter to state Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz. “It would be unacceptable for your operatives to do this to anyone, let alone a young mother, at night.”

Assistant Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro said no police report was filed on the incident but said there was a call made Thursday evening and three patrol cars responded. He said officers were not told of any incident involving Eleanor Baumgartner and that the videographer claimed he was assaulted by those who told him to leave.

“It sounds like two political opponents jabbering at each other and the officers just calmed them down,” Zaro said.

Benton Strong, spokesman for the Washington State Democratic Party, said he did not have details about the confrontation but said the videographer did work for the party and those employees identify themselves if asked.

“We employ videographers who document statements of officials running for office,” Strong said.

Here is the letter Baumgartner sent Pelz:
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Republican freshmen play role in revised budget

It wasn’t easy for state Senate Republicans to peel three Democrats away from their party, which they needed to secure a 25-vote majority on the budget.

But it has been even harder to keep the 22 Republicans together, said one of them, Spokane Sen. Michael Baumgartner.

“That takes as much diplomacy as I ever saw in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Baumgartner, a former State Department officer (and a U.S. Senate candidate).

It took some changes to their party’s budget to get Baumgartner and three other GOP freshmen to stand front and center today and praise it at a press conference with budget

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