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Tag: Medical Cannabis


Tacoma: City Council adopts new rules for medical cannabis gardens under city’s nuisance code

Medical cannabis gardeners take note:   If you don’t flaunt it, advertise it or draw complaints to it, you can grow it in Tacoma.

Or so the City Council intends with a measure unanimously approved Tuesday that seeks to enforce so-called medical cannabis “collective gardens” under the city’s nuisance code.

“Basically, if you’re operating within the provisions of the code, no one is going to complain,” Councilman Joe Lonergan said Tuesday. “And there would be no reason for enforcement.”

The city won’t be as permissive of cannabis dispensaries.  Such retail pot pharmacies – which aren’t defined in the state’s medical

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While Tacoma considers how to regulate medical cannabis firms, LA bans them

Tuesday, while the City of Tacoma was detailing a new proposal to regulate medical cannabis grow operations, the City of Los Angeles unanimously voted to ban medical pot businesses in that city.

From the LA Times:

In what could be a turning point in the city’s seemingly unending battle to regulate the distribution of medical marijuana, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban all pot dispensaries, while also opening the door to possibly let some remain.

Under the ban, all of the 762 dispensaries registered in the city will be sent letters

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Tacoma: Council will drastically revise medical cannabis proposal

Fearing the potential for legal fallout, Tacoma’s City Council is backing away from a zoning and land use plan that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries and community gardens to legally operate in the city.

Instead, the council is planning to introduce a far different proposal next week — one that would revise the city’s nuisance code and provide an explicit enforcement strategy for dealing with so-called “collective garden” grow operations only.

“We are moving to a conversation about collective gardens only,” Councilman Ryan Mello said today. “State law says nothing about dispensaries, it only addresses collective gardens.”

The measure would

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