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PDC throws out Matt Richardson complaint about Pam Roach mailers

The Public Disclosure Commission has thrown out the last election-law complaint remaining from state Sen. Pam Roach‘s defeat of challenger Matt Richardson.

Richardson filed the complaint during last fall’s campaign, saying Roach’s campaign mailers illegally defame him. It was one of several complaints to the PDC by both candidates in the heated intra-Republican race, all of which were dismissed.

The election watchdogs dismissed this one without finding any violations of the law. Roach was able to cite legal documents or news media coverage to back up the ad’s claims.

The candidates sparred over the significance of Richardson’s guilty

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Auditor won’t go after Matt Richardson for e-mails

The state auditor’s office has wrapped up its investigation of Sumner City Council member Matt Richardson without taking any action against him.

A quick refresher here, since this wasn’t one of the more prominent of the accusations that swirled around Richardson during his unsuccessful challenge of state Sen. Pam Roach. An ally and former aide to Roach, Chris Clifford, complained about Richardson’s use of his Sumner city e-mail account to send personal messages to a city volunteer.

Auditor Brian Sonntag’s office sent a letter to Clifford Tuesday saying that while Richardson made personal use of the e-mail system, it’s

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Matt Richardson’s parting shot against Pam Roach

Senate candidate Matt Richardson sent me a statement after learning Tuesday night he would be handily defeated by Sen. Pam Roach. Needless to say in this nasty race, it’s not a congratulation of his opponent:

Roach lied about a criminal record I don’t have to stay in office, and defamed me and my family in the process. Our district will continue to suffer for this decision and I wish her ill for what she does and continues to do to other people. Hopefully the Senate will expel her at the next opportunity she gives them. Now, it’ll be the only

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PDC throws out three Roach-Richardson complaints, will investigate one

The campaign for Sen. Pam Roach‘s seat might end Tuesday, but the legal fights will continue in what has got to be the state’s second-most litigious legislative race (first place has to go to the election that might be overturned in court).

Roach successfully sued challenger Matt Richardson over his voter statement, a tea party group is seeking to unseal Richardson’s criminal court file (that effort is now awaiting a hearing), and four complaints have been looked at by the Public Disclosure Commission.

The election regulators at the PDC have now thrown out three of those complaints.

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Richardson complains about Roach mailers; tea party group targets him

The temperature of the 31st Legislative District Senate race has jumped another degree, if it hasn’t already broken the thermometer.

The latest round of Roach-Richardson recriminations involves a pair of tough campaign ads mailed out by state Sen. Pam Roach this month that have her challenger, Matt Richardson, steaming.

“He pled guilty to sexually molesting a young girl,” one of them says, over a picture of a suspicious-looking man watching children through a playground fence. “Now he’s running for state Senate.”

Richardson says the image is “terrible.” He fired off a letter Monday to the state Public Disclosure Commission (the second PDC complaint in the race), alleging the mailers violate a law against defamation in election materials. Roach says they are accurate.

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State Senate candidate Matt Richardson resigns from tribal school

State Senate candidate Matt Richardson has resigned from the school where he had until recently taught seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders.

Wa He Lut Indian School had previously said Richardson was on paid leave. About a week ago, he submitted a letter of resignation, Principal Harvey Whitford said today.

“We accepted a letter of resignation from Matt Richardson, and I can’t go in any more detail than that,” Whitford said.

He declined to say whether the resignation came voluntarily or if the school had asked for it, calling it an “internal personnel matter.” The tribal school on the Nisqually River has

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Smell Test: Matt Richardson mailer falsely calls candidate a veteran

District 31 state Senate candidate Matt Richardson‘s website and a mail piece he planned to send out to 48,000 homes today refer to the state Senate candidate as a veteran.

He is not.

WHAT THE CAMPAIGN SAYS: Both Richardson’s campaign website and  mailer feature prominently an endorsement statement from Ron Weigelt, a Democrat who was defeated in the primary election when voters advanced Republicans Richardson and Sen. Pam Roach to the general election. Weigelt’s statement, in full:

Matt is a conservative Republican, but it is not about political party. It is about who can best represent us in Olympia. While his opponents sling mud at him and his family, I have personally verified the truth and his record of service before making this endorsement. As a fellow Veteran and former City Council member, I see in Matt Richardson the drive and sincerity we need in the Senate. We do not need business as usual, we do not need 24 years of the incumbent hurting our district. Matt is clearly the best choice in this contest. – Ron Weigelt, Senate Candidate

WHAT WEIGELT SAYS: When I asked Weigelt about this today, he said he thought Richardson was in the Navy Reserve. Weigelt then sent an e-mail to Richardson asking him to remove the material from his website. He said: “You should have corrected me when I referred to you as a ‘fellow veteran’.  I believe you have intentionally tried to give the perception that you are in the Navy when you are not.  Not telling me you are not a veteran was deceptive and clearly a lie by omission.  I also never endorsed you.”

THE FACTS: Richardson, a Sumner city councilman, has worked as a military contractor. He says that as an employee of Central Texas College, a community college that contracts with the Navy to place instructors on board vessels, he has done one assignment: a three-month stint in 2006 on the Stennis teaching subjects like sociology, government and philosophy.

WHAT RICHARDSON SAYS: He has told me and others repeatedly he is not a veteran or a member of the military.

When he first announced his candidacy, his campaign literature referred to his military ties this way: “He also holds a DoD security clearance as an Adjunct Professor of Government & Philosophy for the US Navy’s NCPACE program based in Bremerton.  He was last assigned to the USS Stennis (CVN 74).”

Based on that, a Political Buzz post in June referred to him as a veteran. But he e-mailed us to clarify: “You are repeating that I am a Navy veteran, and I am not.”

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Richardson on leave from teaching job

Sumner city councilman and legislative candidate Matt Richardson is on leave from his job teaching seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders at Wa He Lut Indian School, but the school isn’t saying why.

Richardson says he took the time off voluntarily to run his campaign for the 31st District state Senate seat. But the federally funded school is paying him during his time off.

Paid leave would essentially be a campaign contribution, unless it’s leave an employee was entitled to for some other reason, according to the Public Disclosure Commission. It would then be subject to dollar-value limitations and reporting requirements.

Told about those rules, Richardson declined to give details about the arrangement. “I requested leave, and that’s it,” said Richardson, a Republican who won the August primary election to advance to a Nov. 2 runoff with Republican Sen. Pam Roach of Auburn. He said he’s been on leave since the new school year started at the tribal school on the Nisqually River.

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