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Tag: Mary Margaret Haugen


Rep. Goodman’s DUI impound bill moves on

The House Judiciary Committee unanimously passed on a bill this morning that would require a 12-hour impound on cars belonging to people who are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Rep. Roger Goodman, the primary sponsor of HB 1017, said the bill would prevent situations where people arrested for driving drunk get their cars back too soon.

Though all 13 members of the committee voted to send the bill on, Rep. Brad Klippert, who works as a patrol officer in Benton County, said he had some reservations about the measure because it requires that the vehicle be

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Push on procedure comes with risk for committee chairman Jim Kastama

In Olympia, whether you oppose your party is not as important as when you oppose your party.

Leaders of the majority Democrats don’t expect their members to always toe the party line. But they do expect support on procedural votes.

So it was unusual Monday for Democratic Sen. Jim Kastama to propose, and Democratic Sens. Tim Sheldon and Steve Hobbs to support, clearing the way for a vote on a resolution that party leaders didn’t want to hear.

Another supporter Kastama had lined up was Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, the powerful Democratic chairwoman of the Transportation Committee. Haugen said after the vote she would have

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Fee reaction: Pam Roach weighs in

Sen. Pam Roach, who asked Attorney General Rob McKenna to interpret the effect of tax-limiting Initiative 1053 on the Transportation Commission’s authority, has weighed in on the informal legal opinion issued Monday by McKenna’s office.

Roach, R-Auburn, blasted Democratic Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen for telling The News Tribune she would push to restore the Transportation Commission’s fee-setting authority in light of I-1053’s restrictions. Roach said such an effort would be “met by the fiercest resistance.”

Haugen says setting the dollar amount of fees is too time consuming a job for a citizen legislature.

Read the news release from Roach (fired off from all the way in Germany, by the way):

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Fee reaction: Sen. Haugen backs restoring board’s power

After winning a victory in an informal opinion today by Attorney General Rob McKenna‘s office, Tim Eyman is optimistic state lawmakers will see the light and abide by the intent of voter-approved, Eyman-backed I-1053.

They will feel political pressure to set fees themselves, Eyman says, even if the opinion gives them an out by acknowledging they can still delegate the fee-setting duties to the Transportation Commission.

But at least one key legislator expects her colleagues to use that out.

“We certainly would do that again,” Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, D-Camano Island and chairwoman of the Senate Transportation Committee, said

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Legislators get chance to grill Hammond on viaduct mistake

Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond will face legislators Thursday over her agency’s $890,000 error on the Nalley Valley Viaduct project.

Hammond has said blame for the misplaced ramp off of eastbound state Route 16 goes “up and down the agency” and said she and her staff could have communicated better in the months between the Department of Transportation finding the problem and the public learning about it.

It’s on the agenda for a regularly scheduled joint meeting of the House and Senate transportation committees Thursday.

Among the lawmakers getting the chance to grill Hammond is the chairwoman of the Senate

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