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Tony Moore, other candidates fined over missing campaign reports

In addition to handing down fines for public agencies that didn’t file lobbying reports, the Public Disclosure Commission last week also fined some candidates who it says failed to file campaign-finance reports.

Among them was Federal Way School Board President Tony Moore, who ran last year against state Sen. Tracey Eide. He fell short by less than 1,700 votes out of nearly 39,000 cast in Federal Way and nearby communities.

The PDC said Moore’s campaign failed to report three pieces of mail advertising totaling $20,904. The mailings were put out by the state Republican Party, not Moore — but Moore’s campaign was supported to report them as an in-kind contribution.

It didn’t, according to the PDC, nor did it report two GOP mailings worth $14,743 as last minute contributions. It wasn’t clear if the two totals overlapped.

The commission fined Moore $300, but waived half of the fine if Moore commits no violations for the next four years. Moore didn’t return phone and e-mail messages last week and this week. Read more »


Political Smell Test: False claim that $3 billion in waste was ignored

Deficits in Olympia and Washington, D.C. pose monumental challenges to whoever is in charge next year. Politicians have ideas for how to reduce the deficits, but some of them don’t add up. This is the second claim I’m looking at.

WHAT CANDIDATES SAY: A number of Republican candidates for the Legislature are citing State Auditor Brian Sonntag, a Democrat, in making the case that the Democrat-controlled Legislature failed to curb waste in state government.

They say Sonntag identified more than $3 billion worth of potential savings to state government in his audits, only to have the Legislature ignore his proposals.

At a candidate forum last week, 28th District House candidate Steve O’Ban said:

Brian Sonntag, a Democrat who I support because he’s doing his job well, has come out with $3 billion of savings for our state government, efficiencies, redundancies, not just in the ferry system but across the board, and virtually none of those have been adopted by the Legislature, even though the Legislature’s controlled by his party.

At another candidate forum months ago, 26th District Senate candidate Marty McClendon said: “When we were facing a $2.6 billion deficit, no other options were on the table except for raising taxes … Brian Sonntag found $3.8 billion worth of waste. (That) was not addressed.”

It’s an attractive talking point because it gives candidates an answer when asked where they would cut, without having to name specific programs.

In interviews, 26th District House candidate Doug Richards and 28th District candidate Paul Wagemann have both cited Sonntag. Richards said a projected deficit of $4.5 billion could be mostly solved by cutting “$3.2 billion” in waste and inefficiencies found by Sonntag: “That’s three-quarters of the problem right there.” Wagemann said Sonntag has issued more than 700 recommendations in his audits: “Our Legislature has virtually ignored these recommendations.”

THE FACTS: You can see all of Sonntag’s performance audits here. Their benefits do indeed add up to nearly $4 billion, and Sonntag highlighted the total in a December 2009 report that looks at the status of 705 recommendations:

From February 2007 through June 30, 2009, performance audits identified nearly $3.6 billion in cost savings, unnecessary expenditures and economic benefits.

The key phrase there is “economic benefits.” By far the largest savings, $3 billion, comes from a report he issued on reducing congestion in Puget Sound. It’s the amount that would be saved over five years — in economic impact to drivers and businesses.

In other words, it’s not savings to government. The recommendations don’t help state legislators balance their budgets.

The $3.6 billion number isn’t being described correctly, Sonntag said in an interview. “That captures a whole lot more than just what could be saved in a current state budget,” he said.

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Gig Harbor real-estate broker runs for Senate

Marty McClendon, a real-estate broker and Republican from Gig Harbor, announced today he will run for the seat now held by Sen. Derek Kilmer.

The challenger blamed Kilmer, a Gig Harbor Democrat, for “reckless spending” in Olympia and said legislators should create jobs by avoiding new taxes and regulations. He also wants to protect schools from “irresponsible cutbacks,” he said.

“It’s just flat out wrong to be raising taxes in the middle of the worst recession in 70 years,” McClendon, 42, said in a statement.

Kilmer will have some armor against charges of tax hikes: He has voted against this year’s proposals by Democrats to raise more tax revenue.

The 26th District includes Gig Harbor, Port Orchard and Bremerton.

UPDATE: While Kilmer voted ‘no’ on the Senate’s main tax package, he was a ‘yes’ on increasing tobacco taxes. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee pointed out his cigarette-tax vote and said McClendon opposes raising the cigarette tax.

After the jump, the full press release:

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