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Tag: Marijuana legalization


Will rules create a marijuana monopoly?

One of the regulators guiding the development of a legal marijuana industry in Washington voiced concerns today that the industry might end up dominated by a wealthy few.

Liquor Control Board member Chris Marr noted the rules being drawn up for the board’s approval don’t limit the number of licenses that any one business can have. What would keep one company from snapping up a slew of licenses and setting up a monopoly, he asked?

“How do you prevent a Microsoft millionaire from getting this idea and deciding that — playing by the rules — they’re going to dominate the

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Washington’s members of Congress ask AG Eric Holder to respect voters on marijuana

Washington state Democratic Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, along with five Democratic House members from the state’s delegation, want a quick decision from the U.S. Justice Department on whether the state can proceed with its plans to sell marijuana for recreational use beginning next year.

Entering the debate for the first time, the seven members wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday, asking that the federal government respect the decision made by state voters in November and to provide clarity on whether the state can proceed.

Those signing the letter, along with the senators,

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Marijuana rules yield Web clicks and some objections; here’s what’s next

Since the first draft of marijuana rules went online last week, they have drawn 15,000 views and more than 5,900 downloads.

That’s according to the staff of the state Liquor Control Board, which wrote the proposal. Randy Simmons, who is leading the board’s implementation of legalization Initiative 502, updated the board today.

Incoming agency director Rick Garza said reaction to the rules has been positive.

Of those who do have objections, one topic has stood out: the status of hashish, the concentrated form of marijuana. The board’s draft rules interpret voter-passed I-502 as not allowing the sale of hash

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Want a marijuana license? Here are some of the rules you might have to follow

UPDATED, most recently at 2:35 p.m. 

It’s only the first draft, but proposed rules for Washington’s new system of licensed, regulated and taxed marijuana are out.

The state Liquor Control Board has been working since voters legalized the drug last November in anticipation of handing out licenses this December. Today the board issued a 46 page document detailing what regulations might look like for growers, processors and retail sellers.

If you want a license, under these rules you would need:

  • An alarm system and a video surveillance system. Surveillance requirements are modeled on Colorado’s system of tracking its medical marijuana,

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Republicans wary of I-502 marijuana changes

It takes two-thirds supermajorities in the Legislature to change a voter initiative in its first two years, so proposed changes to pot-legalizing Initiative 502 need the support of both political parties.

And a key House Republican said today his caucus has a philosophical opposition to changing initiatives right away and that, more specifically, I-502 was well-written.

Rep. Cary Condotta, R-East Wenatchee, is the ranking member of the committee dealing with marijuana issues. He’s in no hurry to change the system that has yet to start operating. “Let’s get it set up, see what we’ve got,” he said.

Condotta did acknowledge that Republicans

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Here’s the letter about marijuana that a lawmaker sent to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Rep. Chris Hurst’s letter explains to Holder the objectives of his bill to change regulations on marijuana and invites him to come to Olympia to testify about it. (Hurst acknowledged at a recent press conference Holder wasn’t likely to show up.)


Groups, lawmakers getting down to the details on legal marijuana

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: House Government and Oversight Committee Chairman Chris Hurst today proposed a 500-foot rule to replace the rule in pot-legalizing Initiative 502 to keep marijuana stores at least 1,000 feet from schools, parks, community centers and other areas where children might gather.

“The 1,000 foot rule, of course, just doesn’t work,” he said in an interview. “There won’t be a market.”

Other changes he is proposing in House Bill 2000 would give more authority to the Liquor Control Board that is setting the rules for marijuana growers and sellers.

The bill would replace a fixed $1,000 fine for violators

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Proposal would tax marijuana trade names, devote money to ag research

A bewildering array of different strains of marijuana is available at local medical-cannabis stores, if the pot-reviewing website Leafly is any guide. There’s Blue Diesel, Black Widow, Berkeley, Banana Kush, Big Budda Cheese — and those are just some of the Bs, in a list of more than 200. Then there are the names of the many stores themselves.

Creators can’t exactly go to the patent office to trademark their creative names for a federally illegal product, but with recreational marijuana sales about to be legal and taxed in Washington, those names could be worth a lot of money. And

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