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Tag: Marcelas Owens


Seattle youth center stage as Obama signs health care bill

11-year-old Marcelas Owens of Seattle was front-and-center this morning in the East Room of the White House as President Barack Obama signed the health care overhaul bill. The youngster, whose mom died after losing her health insurance, has become the face of the need for reform – although conservative pundits say he’s been exploited. It’s certainly a day he’ll remember.

Here’s an excerpt from the President’s remarks:

Today, I’m signing this reform bill into law on behalf of my mother, who argued with insurance companies even as she battled cancer in her final days.

I’m signing it for

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Conservative pundits take issue with health care poster child Marcelas Owens

Marcelas Owens visits with Patty Murray on a recent D.C. visit.

From Les Blumenthal in D.C.

WASHINGTON – Conservative talk show hosts and columnists are taking issue with an 11-year-old Seattle boy’s account of his mother’s death as a “sob story” exploited by the White House and congressional Democrats like a “kiddie shield” to defend their health care legislation.

Marcelas Owens, whose mother got sick, lost her job, lost her health insurance and died, said Thursday he’s taking the swipes from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin in stride.

“My mother always taught me they can have their own opinion but that doesn’t mean they are right,” Owens, who lives in Seattle, said in an interview.

Owens’ grandmother, Gina, who watched her daughter die, isn’t quite so generous.

“These are adults, and he is an 11-year-old boy who lost his mother,” Gina Owens said. “They should be ashamed.”

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