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Rep. Carlyle proposes bill that would give universities tuition-setting authority

Rep. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle, is planning to introduce a bill today that would grant public universities in the state tuition setting authority for four years and set up a new scholarship fund for middle-income families.

In a blog post announcing the legislation, Carlyle said he had been working with Rep. Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor, and Sen. Rodney Tom, D-Medina, the chairmen of the House and Senate committees that deal with higher education, to draft a bill that would implement some of the recommendations from the Higher Education Funding Task Force Report, released in January.

Carlyle’s bill, which doesn’t have a

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House budget plan would clear path to Narrows bridge photo tolls

The Transportation Commission met last night in Gig Harbor to hear from the public on its proposed $5.50 photo tolls on the Tacoma Narrows bridge, and the board expects to take a final vote next Wednesday.

One other thing stands in the way of having the new scheme ready for drivers: Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1053, which voters approved in November and which requires all fees to get a vote of the Legislature, not just an appointed board.

An informal legal opinion by the attorney general’s office advises lawmakers they can re-delegate that fee-setting power without changing I-1053 (and therefore

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State House musical chairs benefit Jeannie Darneille, Larry Seaquist, Steve Kirby

Rep. Jeannie Darneille lost out to Rep. Ross Hunter for the powerful post of budget chairman, but Darneille is still moving up. She will be one of two vice-chairs to Hunter.

In the reconfigured House committee structure approved by Democrats and unveiled today, Darneille, D-Tacoma, will take point on the spending side of the budget while Rep. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle fills the same role for taxes. She will be vice chair for appropriations; he will be vice chair for finance.

Previously, the two were split into different committees with Hunter chairing Finance and Rep. Kelli Linville, who was defeated

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Meet the House majority leader candidates

There’s a long list of House Democrats who want to replace retiring Majority Leader Lynn Kessler as the chamber’s second-in-command.

Rep. Pat Sullivan seems to have built up some support during months as a candidate for the post. He has experience poring over the budget as vice-chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The former mayor of Covington is entering his fourth term in the House.

Rep. Zack Hudgins of Tukwila is entering his fifth term and has been Democrats’ floor leader for four years, with authority over the flow of legislation.

Rep. Jeff Morris of Anacortes, a longtime lawmaker elected to the House in 1996, has played a visible role as speaker pro tempore, presiding over House sessions.

Rep. Larry Springer has been a liaison between House Democrats and interest groups from union to labor. He is the former mayor of Kirkland and is entering his fourth term.

Candidates said Rep. Hans Dunshee, D-Snohomish, the chairman of the capital budget committee is also running, but I haven’t been able to reach him. I wrote before about Rep. Larry Seaquist’s bid for the job.

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Gig Harbor Rep. Larry Seaquist wants House majority leader job

It looks like a wide-open race for the No. 2 job in the state House.

House Democrats are likely to pick a replacement for retiring Majority Leader Lynn Kessler Nov. 19, and it seems like half the House is being mentioned as potential candidates.

Rep. Larry Seaquist, the retired Navy warship commander from Gig Harbor fresh off winning a third term, told me today he’s running.

Like some other swing-district Democrats, Seaquist voted no on key budget and tax bills last year. He says now that House Democrats need to develop a strategic plan to “reset state government.” Just cutting

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Ship’s location leads to questions in 26th District race

I mentioned in a post yesterday that Doug Richards, whose campaign for state House is making his private life very public, is defending (among other things) his military record. Here’s more on that.

In his challenge to Democratic Rep. Larry Seaquist, a retired Navy officer who commanded a battleship, Richards has played up his own service in the Navy. There’s a picture of an aircraft carrier on his website and a one-sentence description of his service in his kickoff news release:

After high school he joined the Navy and served on board the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 in the Persian Gulf.

That sentence, as Richards acknowledges, might leave a reader thinking he served in the Persian Gulf War. He didn’t.

He served earlier, in 1987-1989, as a group of current and former military officers note in a letter in the Peninsula Gateway this week that criticizes Richards and says his ship never entered the Persian Gulf.

On Richards’s behalf, another group of military men are defending his record, saying he served “in the Gulf Region” during peacetime. “I never claimed to be in the war,” Richards said in an interview.

So what’s the real story? The ship’s official history puts it next to, but not in, the Persian Gulf (calling it the “Arabian Gulf”):

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Legislative candidate Doug Richards divulges past conviction

Like most candidates, Doug Richards has a section on his campaign website devoted to personal information. But if you go to that section — just click on “Meet Doug” — you’ll notice it gets a lot more personal than most campaign bios.

Scroll past today’s defense of the Republican 26th Legislative District House candidate’s military record against claims he’s inflating it, and you’ll find a letter from Doug’s wife, Whitney Richards, with some information about his past:

First, 21 years ago at the age of 20, he was charged for a misdemeanor 4th degree assault for domestic violence while we were married. After reviewing the facts of the case, the Judge dismissed the charge and had the cause removed.

It’s not clear in the letter, but Richards said in an interview he pleaded guilty to the charge.

The judge agreed to a deferred disposition that would wipe his conviction from most records as long as Richards didn’t commit another crime. Richards wouldn’t explain the circumstances behind the charge, saying it would “reopen old wounds.”

Richards and his wife divorced around the same time, but he said that didn’t have anything to do with the domestic violence case. They later remarried. Whitney Richards says in her letter:

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Kitsap Sun: 26th District legislative candidate facing foreclosure

The Kitsap Sun has a report about Doug Richards and an investment property of his that is facing foreclosure.

Richards, who is challenging Democratic incumbent Rep. Larry Seaquist, bought the 4.77-acre property with his wife Whitney in 2004. He built a 5,633-square-foot, 5-bedroom home on the land at 9695 Banner Road SE in 2006, but the couple were unable to sell it before the recession took hold.

The bank, ING, gave notice that the property was to be sold at auction on July 9, but the sale was deferred, Richards said.

Richards is a Republican facing incumbent Democratic

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