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Tacoma: She once regretfully called Republicans “racist,” now Strickland will speak at GOP conference

A year and a half ago, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland created a political stir when she told a group of Pacific Lutheran University students that Republicans have trouble courting the black vote because “they’re racist” — a remark that a student photojournalist later opined about in the campus newspaper.

Now, Tacoma’s mayor is set to be a guest speaker on racial issues at the Mainstream Republicans of Washington’s annual Cascade Conference this weekend in Leavenworth.

Strickland is scheduled to speak Saturday as part of the conference’s “Bridge Building Presentations,” a series of discussions aimed at introducing conference attendees to

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Democrats to give away JZ Knight’s donations to the Anti-Defamation League and to R-74

The state Democratic Party reversed course Friday evening, saying it will get rid of about $70,000 in campaign contributions received from Yelm-based spirit-channeler JZ Knight, whose profanity-filled comments on videos hit out at Catholics, gays, Jews and now Mexicans. The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee is giving away another $900 for the same reason in the latest segment of the rapidly unfolding story.

State Democratic Party chairman Dwight Pelz put out a statement Friday evening saying:

“Recently, we have been made aware of comments made by a contributor to the Democratic Party that do not reflect the values of our party. While we did not solicit any contributions from J.Z. Knight at any point, it is important that we make it clear that we view her comments as offensive and do not condone this kind of vitriol.
“Today, I am announcing that the Washington State Democrats will be donating $35,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, and contributing $35,000 to the Referendum 74 campaign. We as Democrats strongly value equality and inclusiveness, values shared by the ADL and supporters of marriage equality.”

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UPDATE – GOP calling on Lachney to give up JZ Knight money, too

The flare-up over video-taped comments that Yelm-based spirit channeler JZ Knight made about Catholics is turning into a cause celebre for Republicans. Republican state Sen. Randi Becker of Eatonville called on her Democratic challenger Bruce Lachney Wednesday to return some $3,600 in campaign contributions that Knight and her school made to his campaign in the 2nd Legislative District.

And in moves that appear well-coordinated with the GOP’s announcement of the video, the state Republican Party has sent a pair of misleading mailers to voters that say Lachney is supported by a “cult leader,” label him “extreme” and insinuate in one piece that Knight is Lachney’s “most trusted adviser.’’

In a milder way, Republican congressional candidate Dick Muri said on Facebook he is going to ask Democrat Denny Heck in the 10th district to donate any contributions from Knight to charity and “to condemn the vitriolic statements” in the video. A search of Federal Election Commission data failed to turn up such donations to Heck this morning. UPDATE: But a recent report filed by Heck that isn’t yet in the database shows Knight gave Heck $3,500 in August.

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Details from today’s political dust-up over “costs” of special election to replace Jay Inslee

Why would it cost $1 million to have a special election to fill the final six weeks of Jay Inslee‘s term in Congress?

The answer may be that it doesn’t.

But that wasn’t the first question asked today. That designation went to Washington State Republicans who held a press event at the likely Democratic gubernatorial nominee’s Seattle campaign headquarters. In an event titled “Send Inslee the Invoice,” state GOP chairman Kirby Wilbur wants to know why Inslee won’t pay for the election he caused. Wilbur is trying to help the governor campaign of Republican Rob McKenna.

Inslee triggered the issue

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Last-minute Santorum, Paul, Romney rallies expected

State Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur says presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are coming back to Washington this week for one last push before Saturday’s GOP caucuses.

And Mitt Romney, who will be in Bellevue Thursday for a long-planned fundraiser, is committed to having a public event at a time to be announced, Wilbur said.

Santorum plans two rallies Thursday in eastern Washington, while Paul comes to Seattle Friday, Wilbur said. There were no details yet on times and places.

The March visits follow February appearances by Santorum, Paul and Newt Gingrich and point out the potential importance of Washington’s caucuses,

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PDC staff recommends Americans for Prosperity case be dismissed

Conservative group Americans for Prosperity-Washington didn’t run afoul of Washington election law, the staff of the state’s campaign watchdog agency has determined.

The group led by Kirby Wilbur, now chairman of the state Republican Party, attacked incumbent Democratic state lawmakers in ads and mailers and didn’t report the spending to the Public Disclosure Commission until after the November 2010 election.

Democrats complained, especially because they saw it as similar to campaign attacks on Republicans by liberal and labor groups using a Democratic consultant, Moxie Media, which has come under scrutiny for misleading voters.

But the PDC staff determined the

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GOP Chairman: Tacoma mayor should apologize for calling Republicans “racist”

Washington Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur said today Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland should apologize for her recent remarks to a group of Pacific Lutheran University college students in which she called the GOP “racist.”

Kirby Wilbur
Marilyn Strickland

“I think the appropriate thing for her to do would be to issue a statement saying, `I really didn’t mean to say all Republicans are racist and I’m sorry,’” Wilbur said.

“But that would be asking a lot from her, and I wouldn’t expect it,” Wilbur added. “I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for an apology.”

Strickland’s recent talk to PLU students during an on-campus event organized by the Pierce County Young Democrats on Nov. 17 spawned collegiate photojournalist Kevin Knodell‘s column in The Mooring Mast Thursday and online today.  It broke the news about the mayor’s inflammatory comments (This link may not be working because the PLU administration has taken down the site for reasons unrelated to the Strickland story).  The TNT’s Nose column also picked up on the matter today. Read more »


Dennis Kucinich staying put; top Republican ‘mourns’

It looks like U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich won’t be moving to Washington.

The Cleveland Democrat cheered his good fortune today after a Republican-drawn redistricting map of Ohio gave him a favorable district where he can run for re-election:

We have a district! The race is on! In a stunning development, the redistricting gave most of the Republican part of my old district to three incumbent Republican congressmen and left most of the Democratic part of my district intact.

As a result, about 57% of registered Democrats in the new district come from my old district. With your help

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