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Tag: Ken Schram


Update: Eyman’s “Invisible Schrammie” sells for 1,100 very visible bucks

Is is a long story that is recited in this earlier Poli Buzz post.

Let’s just say that when Tim Eyman received his second Schrammie from KOMO commentator Ken Schram he was hoping to sell it for as much as he sold his first Schrammie. But Schram, not wanting to give Eyman something of value that could be used to fund his initiative campaigns, didn’t send one of the bobblehead dolls symbolic of the anti-award.

So Eyman decided to auction off the non-existent doll. Thus was born the Invisible Schrammie. And the winner is…West Seattle’s Jim Coombes who bid

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Tim Eyman vs. Ken Schram. Or who owns the rights to that Schrammie bobblehead

It’s a political chess match between the Initiative King and the KOMO King.

Tim Eyman was happy to have received a second Schrammie Award from KOMO commentator Ken Schram. The Schrammie is an anti-award that Schram gives to people he thinks have screwed up or done something horrible.

Eyman won last year for celebrating the demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He offered it up for auction and raised $1,000 for his organization.

He planned to do the same with this new award, presented for his quick filing of initiatives to repeal the tax increases passed this week. But Schram has

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