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Tag: Ken Jacobsen


Olympia will be far less interesting without Ken Jacobsen. The Nose mourns his retirement

A few years back I was asked by Washington Law & Politics Magazine to name some of the smartest people I’d covered. I listed Dick Thompson, Jack Metcalf and Ken Jacobsen.

Few doubted that Thompson was brilliant in a pragmatic, getting-things-done kind of way. I’d once dubbed him the Yoda of Olympia. But I took a fair amount of grief for Metcalf and Jacobsen because both were the subject of some ridicule.

I mean the late Jack Metcalf wanted to eliminate the Federal Reserve and once demanded to be paid in coins because he doubted the authenticity of Federal Reserve Notes. And Jacobsen will forever be known as the guy who wanted to let dogs go into bars.

They were very different people. Metcalf was a libertarian/conservative while Jacobsen is pragmatic-liberal. And Metcalf had no discernible sense of humor. But both had in common that they thought about stuff that most of us just accepted. Neither much cared what people thought of them or their ideas. Both rarely considered the political consequences (making it helpful that both represented safe districts).

Anyway, Jacobsen announced today that he will not seek another term in the state Senate. That will end 28 years in Olympia for the 64-year-old Jacobsen and end 28 years of things like: Read more »