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Pierce County: We’ll meet deadline for military voters

Washington state may have needed an exemption from the federal deadline for mailing ballots overseas, but Pierce County doesn’t.

County Auditor Julie Anderson says her office will meet the Sept. 18 deadline for ballots to go out to its 9,050 military and other overseas voters, even now that the Pentagon has given Washington until Oct. 3.

“I’m not saying that it was easy,” Anderson said. “We’ve had a lot of people working overtime. We’ve had a lot of stressed out managers.”

Pierce County’s announcement is interesting because it has so many of the state’s military voters. Secretary of State

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Auditor puts up election results quickly, praises her office almost as quickly

She’s just a few months into her tenure, but Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson for the most part has made good on her 2009 campaign promise not to personalize the auditor’s office with her name and face.

That didn’t stop her from quickly praising her office after the county posted its first batch of election results Tuesday night. The posting came about 45 minutes earlier than the first release last November (when there was quite a lot more on the ballot, by the way).

Anderson said in her statement:

I asked the Elections team to think outside the box and

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Judge signs anti-harrassment order against Hill

A Pierce County District Court judge has ordered a Tacoma man to stay away from former City Councilwoman-turned-Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson for the next year.

Judge Maggie Ross approved on Friday Anderson’s petition seeking a permanent anti-harassment order against well-known local figure, Robert Jesse Hill, court records show. The order remains in effect until November 20, 2010.

Hill, 39, who has a long history of mental illness and various arrests, is restrained from trying to contact or come near Anderson under terms of the order. That includes banning Hill from coming to Anderson’s home, or within 50 feet of

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Busted again: “Traveller’s” appearance at City Hall violated Anderson’s court order, police say

UPDATE: (4:20 p.m.) I just got off the phone with Robert Hill, and have updated this post to include his comments.

Police on Tuesday arrested well-known figure Robert Jesse Hill after he walked into City Council chambers just before the Tacoma council was set to meet, violating a restraining order taken out against him by Deputy Mayor Julie Anderson.

Locally infamous for his political antics and odd-ball behavior, Hill, 39, who often goes by the self-styled nickname, “The Traveller,” was held late Tuesday in the Pierce County Jail.

The many faces of The Traveller
The many faces of The Traveller

The arrest, for violation of a civil anti-harassment order that prohibits him from entering City Hall, was Hill’s fourth since Oct. 30, jail records show.

“When people don’t have personal boundaries, sometimes we need to provide them for them,” said Anderson, who was granted the order against Hill on Friday.

Reached by phone on Wednesday, Hill claimed he hadn’t been served with the anti-harassment order when he walked into City Hall Tuesday. A police officer “waved a page in front of my face and said, `50-feet, 50-feet!,’” said Hill, adding he paid $200 bond and was released from custody Tuesday night.

“They don’t want me there, I guess,” Hill said. “And I had stuff to say. I don’t know why I don’t have a right to public access to City Hall anymore.”

A Pierce County District Court judge granted Anderson’s petition for the emergency order after she alleged that Hill recently has engaged in a series of bizarre behavior towards her, including communications “laced with sexual overtones and references.”
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First RCV results show Anderson would win

Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson

The Pierce County Auditor’s Office just released the first unofficial ranked choice voting results for the three-way auditor’s race. The results show Julie Anderson would win the race if the RCV calculations were based on the votes currently counted.

Anderson has 49 percent of the first-place votes in early returns. If she doesn’t finish with a majority of votes when all votes are counted, the RCV “algorithm” kicks on.

Under this unofficial scenario, third-place Will Baker would be eliminated, and his supporters’ second-choice votes would be considered. The calculation released by the auditor’s office shows Anderson getting enough votes from Baker supporters to finish with 55 percent of the vote, with incumbent Jan Shabro getting about 45 percent.

Keep in mind, the ranked choice voting results don’t mean anything until every vote is counted. That likely will be at least several days.

See the initial tally on the jump of this post.

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Julie Anderson hopes Pierce County auditor trend continues

I just spoke with Julie Anderson, who is leading in early returns for the Pierce County auditor’s race.

“I’m hoping that trend line continues,” Anderson told me. “It would be great to get a clear majority on the first count. I know it’s important to be patient. We’ll see what happens. tomorrow.”

The race is being decided by ranked choice voting. Early returns show Anderson has about 49 percent of the vote. If she finishes with more than 50 percent, she’ll win the race outright. If not, the winner would be determined by a process of elimination.


Post office: Ballots should be delivered, regardless of postage

With all the back and forth about the postage for Pierce County absentee ballots this year, I thought I should touch base with the U.S. Postal Service.

To recap, it will cost an estimated 61 cents to mail your absentee ballot this year because it includes two ballot cards. Twice in the recent past the county auditor’s office has paid postage for absentee ballots. But this year – citing a tight budget – it’s not.

Tacoma City Councilwoman Julie Anderson, trying to unseat County Auditor Jan Shabro, claims Shabro should have paid the postage and hasn’t done enough

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