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Teetotaler or no? What you may not know about state senators’ drinking habits

State senators went into an unusual amount of detail about their alcohol habits Friday morning as they debated a measure that would allow theaters to serve beer and wine.

Sen. Jeannie Darneille, D-Tacoma, said on the Senate floor that her opposition to the theater liquor bill and similar proposals has caused some to ask if she is a “teetotaler.”

“I proudly say I do drink,” Darneille said. “I’m not a teetotaler. But I do drink in moderation and you don’t see me driving afterwards.”

Sen. Jim Hargrove, D-Hoquiam, was the next to chime in, speaking against the bill.


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Democrats nominate Jim Hargrove as budget chair, Tracey Eide for transportation, Steve Conway for gov-ops

UPDATED 9 a.m. Wednesday: Here’s our print story, including comments from Democrats Sheldon and Fraser and Republican Mark Schoesler. Notably, conservative Democrat Sheldon is calling for an equal split on the transportation committee, with leaders from both parties and both sides of the mountains — rather than having Eide as sole chairwoman.

Senate Democrats have picked their nominees to lead two powerful budget-writing committees, selecting Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam to be chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and Des Moines Sen. Tracey Eide as chairwoman of the Transportation Committee.

They picked Sen. Tim Sheldon of Mason County as President Pro Tempore.

And Sen. Steve Conway of Tacoma is the Democrats’ choice to serve as chairman of the wide-ranging Government Operations, Tribal Relations and Elections Committee.

Tracey Eide

The decisions are subject to approval by the full Senate, which could be tricky with the new leverage minority Republicans are expected to gain if GOP Sen. Don Benton survives a recount in Clark County.

But if Democrats’ picks stand, here’s who would fill some of the key leadership and committee posts (will update with more): Read more »


Sen. Jim Hargrove won’t run to succeed Norm Dicks

The potential 6th Congressional District field continues to thin with the announcement today by Jim Hargrove, a conservative Democrat from Hoquiam.

Hargrove has served in the Legislature since 1985, the longest of all but one current senator. He will run for election to a sixth Senate term instead of seeking to go to Congress.

He told me:

I took a little over a week and a half talking to colleagues, family, close friends, and basically the almost universal consensus was, I have a pretty big impact in the Senate. I get a lot done for people. Why would

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Sen. Hargrove: Moving Special Commitment Center possible but unlikely

There’s talk in the Legislature of moving McNeil Island’s sexual predators to the mainland.

Lawmakers like Sen. Jim Hargrove have floated the idea of moving the Special Commitment Center. But Hargrove threw cold water on the idea’s chances when I asked him about it this morning.

“I don’t think it’s very likely to happen,” said Hargrove, the Democratic chairman of the Human Services and Corrections committee.

A possible new location is a facility in Grand Mound where the state is about to close a juvenile lockup.

Reaction to the idea among Lewis County lawmakers ranges from opposition to tentative support,

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Support builds for targeting discrimination against bikers

Rep. Steve Kirby has revived a bill that aims to prevent police discrimination against motorcycle riders.

Motorcyclists descended on Olympia last year, complaining that police pull them over and search them for no reason except for their choice of clothing and vehicles.

It’s profiling, they say. So Kirby modeled his bill on one that cracked down on racial profiling. It requires police departments to have policies and training in place to prevent discrimination.

A similar bill last year passed 96-2 in the House, only to die in the Senate. But this year it has a companion bill in

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Deal shaping up on prisons

A deal is shaping up to keep McNeil Island Corrections Center open — for now — but at a fraction of its current size.

Senate and House budget negotiators said they have tentatively agreed to downsize McNeil to just 256 inmates, from the 1,200 housed there now, and eventually close it. No date would be set for the closure, but the state would start planning to build a new prison.

Nothing is final.  House negotiators are still reviewing details. And there could be dissent among the rank-and-file, notably from Pierce County lawmakers.

The deal, which would turn McNeil into

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