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Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget office posts memo on how it would respond to government shutdown

As promised last week, Gov. Jay Inslee‘s budget office has released details on how it thinks it can legally respond to a shutdown of state government if a budget isn’t approved by the Legislature by June 30.

A week ago, Inslee’s budget director David Schumacher asked agencies for details on what might be able to remain open based on factors such as federal mandates and funding, whether it is authorized by the already adopted transportation budget and services that do not require a specific authorization or appropriation by the Legislature.

“The state constitution prohibits payment of treasury funds without an

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Blame game underway in Olympia over who has compromised


Gov. Jay Inslee today assigned blame to the Senate’s mostly Republican Majority Coalition Caucus for the coming second special session.

Inslee noted the math: Democrats have abandoned more than $800 million of their $1.3 billion in proposed tax revenue. Republicans started out calling for no new taxes and have capitulated on just $300 million — and have conditioned even that revenue on the House giving in on a series of policy changes the Senate wants.

Inslee said Republicans are still pushing for those policy priorities even as Democrats have given up on their bills dealing with topics such

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Inslee plans for contingency of government shutdown; Tom promises it won’t happen

Gov. Jay Inslee is calling a second special session starting 9 a.m. Wednesday that by law could last up 30 days. But if it runs that long, the Capitol might be one of the minority of buildings in state government with the lights still on.

If there’s no budget in place July 1, the state constitution does not provide for how to spend money.

Inslee’s staff has been planning behind the scenes, and the Democratic governor meets with his Cabinet at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday to talk about contingency plans.

“This is uncharted ground. It’s never happened before,” Inslee

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Morning Update: Special session day 17

A hearing is taking place at 10 a.m. today before the House Finance Committee about a proposal to expand Washington’s estate tax. Anti-tax activist Tim Eyman is testifying before the committee.

The Senate has a pro forma meeting at noon but won’t be voting on legislation. Nothing else is on the Legislature’s agenda today.

Gov. Jay Inslee is up in Seattle and will be speaking  at the Technology Alliance Luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel downtown at 11:40 a.m.



Gov. Inslee signs bill to limit where groups of released inmates can live using state money

Cities, towns and counties will soon have more input on where groups of released inmates can live when the state is paying their rent.

Gov.  Jay Inslee signed a measure into law Thursday that would prevent two or more ex-inmates who are using state-issued rental vouchers from sharing an apartment, unless they are renting housing that is on an approved list.

The state Department of Corrections (DOC) will be required to notify local jurisdictions when a property within their boundaries is added to the approved rental-voucher housing list, and allow local officials to submit a statement discussing whether the neighborhood

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Inslee: Lawmakers will start budget dealings in earnest Friday

Gov. Jay Inslee said Tuesday that state lawmakers have made progress in ongoing budget talks by at least agreeing on how much things will actually cost.

During a meeting Tuesday between legislative budget leaders and the governor’s office, “the parties reached some common assumptions about what the real numbers were,” Inslee said.

Using the newly agreed upon cost estimates, key lawmakers will meet again Friday to start making serious offers on what should be included or cut from the budget, he said.

“We’re singing off the same songsheet as far as the basic data, finally,” Inslee said after a bill-signing

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Republicans longing for Chris Gregoire?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Some Republicans praised former Gov. Chris Gregoire to reporters today as they drew an unflattering comparison with her successor, Jay Inslee, in the two Democratic governors’ approach to end-of-legislative-session negotiations.

The criticism of Inslee to reporters was pretty mild. Both Sen. Linda Evans Parlette of Wenatchee and Rep. Gary Alexander of Thurston County took pains to acknowledge that Inslee is new — not yet past his 100th day. And Senate Republican leader Mark Schoesler of Ritzville said simply: “He’s not as active as his predecessor.”

The House and Senate budgets are far apart. “The key in previous negotiations where we had this kind of a separation

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Inslee now questioning A-F grades for schools but here’s what he said during the campaign

First, check out Brian Rosenthal’s story today in the Seattle Times about Gov. Jay Inslee pulling the rug out from under Senate Republicans who are pushing a series of education reforms including assigning letter grades to the state’s public schools.

Then watch what Inslee told Stand for Children about the issue during the campaign. The segment on use of teacher evaluations for personnel decisions like layoffs, assignments and rehires appears at 8:55. The segment on using his concern for dropouts, students he calls the forgotten children, begins at 9:50. Part of his platform would include assigning letter grades

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