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27th District: Fey claims mailer tying Jinkins to right-leaning BIAW is fair. Is it?

A political mailer supporting state House candidate Jake Fey that was recently distributed to hundreds of Northeast Tacoma residents attempts to tie Fey’s opponent, Laurie Jinkins, to the right-leaning Building Industry Association of Washington and a controversial development project that has drawn widespread citizen opposition.

Only trouble is, the BIAW wasn’t involved in the political donation cited in Fey’s ad, according to interviews. And Jinkins had nothing to do with the controversial development proposal.

Fey’s mailer features a stylized $800 check made out to the Jinkins’ campaign and signed by “Building Industry Association of Washington” against the backdrop of a bulldozer on a golf course. On the bottom left corner, the check’s “For” line reads: “Development of Our Open Space.”

On the mailer’s opposite side, a photograph of a smiling Fey accompanies this appeal:

My opponent received the maximum possible contribution from the Master Builders Association of Pierce County (the subsidiary of the Building Industry Association of Washington). She accepted a check from developers who are out of step with our district.

They supported my opponent because I stood with you, the residents of Northeast Tacoma, when developers tried to pave over our golf course and disrupt our quality of life.

I will always stand with you. I think it’s important for my neighbors in Northeast Tacoma to know where I stand and where my opponent stands on issues that affect their lives. As your representative in Olympia, I will continue to stand with you. VOTE JAKE FEY(D)

But a top official for the Pierce County builders group said the donation to Jinkins — actually made in September through the Pierce County Affordable Housing Council, a PAC primarily funded by the local buidlers group — has no BIAW ties.

“The BIAW had nothing to do with it,” Mike Crowley, executive vice president of Pierce County Master Builders, told me today. “This contribution came directly from Master Builders of Pierce County. It’s not accurate to say BIAW is involved.”
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Fey takes advantage of ‘retire-rehire’ system

If Jake Fey wins a tight race for the open 27th District state House seat Nov. 2, one of the bills he is likely to see would try to prevent state employees from drawing a salary and a pension at the same time.

Jake Fey

Fey will be familiar with the process, known as “retire-rehire” or, to opponents who see it as a loophole, “double-dipping.” He is a beneficiary of it.

When Fey wrote to his bosses Nov. 8, 2002, of his plans to resign as director of the Washington State University Energy Program effective Jan. 1, he noted he would like to come back.

“Should the opportunity arise at some point where I might be able to return to the Energy Program and continue my service,” he wrote, “I would be delighted to renew my association with Washington State University.”

The higher-ups took note. Just one month after his retirement took effect, on Feb. 1, 2003, he was back at work in his old job.

Now, in addition to a six-figure state salary and a Tacoma city councilman’s pay, the Democratic House candidate draws an annual pension of $69,000 for his first three decades of combined service to the city and state. Just more than $20,000 of it comes from the state pension plan, the rest from Tacoma’s system.

Fey, 61, said he left his WSU job with “no guarantee” of being rehired. He said it was appropriate for him to draw the retirement pay he had earned and for the university to hire him back.

“I left, by a matter of choice, because it was the right time to take a break, and quite frankly, the retirement was there,” he said. “I was entitled to it.”
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Jinkins drops first TV spot in 27th; taps anti-incumbency mood

According to her Twitter account, Democrat Laurie Jinkins will air her first TV spot today in the battle for the 27th District House seat.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the ad attempts to tap into the prevailing anti-incumbent mood that’s been forecast for this campaign season.

The spot opens: “The status quo just isn’t working …”

Yet it’s not as if Jinkins’ opponent is an incumbent — at least not for the state house gig Jinkins’ is vying for.
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27th district Democrats: Fey gets sole endorsement

Tacoma’s 27th Legislative District Democrats have given their sole endorsement to Jake Fey in the wide-open race for a vacant state House seat, they announced today on their Facebook page.

That means the local party decided at its meeting last night to reject a dual endorsement for Fey and Laurie Jinkins. The local party voted to endorse both, but then found irregularities in the vote count and decided to re-vote.

Jinkins and Fey are among five candidates seeking the seat opened by Rep. Dennis Flannigan‘s retirement. Four of them are due to debate at a candidate forum tonight.


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Democrats plan redo on endorsement vote

The 27th Legislative District Democrats plan to invalidate their vote to endorse state House candidate Laurie Jinkins and take a new vote tonight.

The local party voted last month to back Jinkins and Jake Fey in a dual endorsement. Fey had already been endorsed, so the vote would have kept him from being the sole “official” Democratic candidate.

Except: Right after the decision, the party found ineligible voters had apparently cast votes at their meeting.

Enough nonmembers voted to put into question the House endorsement and that of a candidate for District Court judge, Kevin McCann.

District chairwoman Gaynelle

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An endorsement is retracted

Leaving a Monday night meeting of 27th Legislative District Democrats, supporters of Laurie Jinkins’ state House campaign thought she had won an endorsement.

Turns out it wasn’t so clear-cut. The local party compared the votes to the meeting’s sign-in sheet and turned up some irregularities.

“We had some votes cast by people who were not members, and we had more votes cast than the number of people that signed in,” vice-chair David Schroedel said.

So, was this mischief or honest errors? The party’s trying to sort that out, Schroedel said, along with how many votes were ineligible. It was more than four, and therefore enough to raise questions about the outcome of close votes for endorsements in the House race plus a district court race.

By a margin of just two votes, the local party had given a dual endorsement to Jinkins and Jake Fey for the seat representing most of Tacoma. That would be a boost for Jinkins because the party had endorsed Fey in March, and adding his opponent would dilute the endorsement.

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Environmentalists sort out ‘champions’ from ‘duds’

An environmental group praises Reps. Skip Priest and Geoff Simpson as “champions” while singling out Reps. Christopher Hurst and Troy Kelley and Sen. Tim Sheldon as “green duds.”

Washington Conservation Voters released its scorecard today, ranking each legislator on their environmental votes in 2009 and 2010 on a scale of 0-100.

South Sound legislators Hurst, Kelley and Sheldon are among five Democrats — the others are Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen and Rep. Tim Probst — who come in for criticism.

Hurst’s and Kelley’s votes in this year’s special session to put energy-efficient upgrades of schools on the ballot weren’t enough to save them from the group’s ire. The Conservation Voters website says Hurst and Kelley earned low 44 percent ratings when they “voted against clean water, against the protection of our shorelines, against energy efficient televisions, and against transit for Pierce County.” They call Hurst’s record “shameful” and “likely (to) backfire on him in the near future” and say Kelley is “severely out of step with both his party and his constituents.”

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First pitch: Tac pol gets the call for Rainiers’ home opener

As TNT sports writer John McGrath writes in today’s newspaper, the Tacoma Rainiers are set to open the 2010 season tomorrow at Cheney Stadium.

The game against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox will mark the beginning of the final season in the old ballpark in its current form, as the stadium is poised for a $30 million facelift over the next season — the first major remodel in the ballpark’s 50 year history. If all goes by schedule, Cheney Stadium will look dramatically different when the Rainiers open the 2011 season at home next year.

So, who gets

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