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Tag: Initiative 1033


Eyman statement sounds uncharacteristically downcast

The time for reading tea leaves will be over soon but here’s one for old time’s sake:

A statement just released by Tim Eyman sounds like someone who think he might lose tonight. Filled with “regardless of the outcome we still won” kind of statements, Eyman praises supporters for a battle well fought and talks about past accomplishments.

Here’s the statement:

Whatever happens with Initiative 1033 tonight, Jack, Mike and I want everyone to know how proud we are of all our heroic supporters for getting 1033 before the voters for a vote. We respect and admire all of you for your enthusiasm and determination to make a difference.

Government doesn’t get better when the citizenry acquiesces – government only gets better when the people provoke it, confront it, and challenge it. Politicians don’t need adoring cheerleaders, they need the people to be hard-nosed coaches challenging politicians to do better.

To all those who supported 1033 with your vote, you sent a clear message demanding greater fiscal discipline. To all those who did not give 1033 your vote, thank you for participating in this historic debate – we listened closely to your concerns and we will work even harder to earn your vote in the future. We continue to learn, adapt, and persevere.

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Mainstream Republicans don’t like Tim Eyman’s latest ballot measure, I-1033

Here’s the letter from the Mainstream Republicans. (Note that it’s dated tomorrow, which means we bring you news BEFORE it even happens.) Scroll lower to find the news release from the No on I-1033 campaign.

October 29, 2009
Dear Washington State Voter:
As Republicans from communities all over Washington State, we believe there should be reasonable limits on government spending. However, Initiative 1033 proposes an unreasonable and unworkable limit that punishes local governments, locks in funding cuts for law enforcement, schools and other important services, and weakens the ability of our communities to invest in projects that would help attract or retain jobs in our state.
We ask you vote No on Initiative 1033 and reject Tim Eyman’s ill conceived and unreasonable proposal that will make already tough times worse in our state and our communities.
Very Truly Yours,
Gov. Daniel J. Evans
Hon. Sid Morrison
Mainstream Republicans
Sen. Slade Gorton
Mike Vaska
Hon. Doug Sutherland
John Stanton
Todd Mielke, Spokane County
Marc Boldt, Clark County
Shawn Bunney, Pierce County
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Washington Poll has R-71 leading, I-1033 close but failing

The Washington Poll conducted by political scientists at the University of Washington has taken a look at the two big statewide ballot measures.

Referendum 71, which asks voters to approve or reject a bill that further expanded the legal rights of same-gender couples, is leading 51 percent to 34 percent. If leaners are added – those who say they expect to vote one way or the other but are not yet certain – it goes to 56 percent to 39 percent.

Initiative 1033 seeks to restrict the growth in state and local revenues and devote any savings to reductions

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How will I-1033 impact Tacoma?

vote_1That was the basic question underlying a presentation given by city finance director Bob Biles to Tacoma City Council members at today’s noon study session.

Part of I-1033, the Tim Eyman-sponsored statewide measure on this year’s ballot, seeks to cap revenues deposited into city and county spending plans based on changes in population and inflation. Any additional revenues would be put into a “Lower Property Taxes Account” used to reduce property taxes.

The long and short of Biles’ presentation? It depends.

“I cannot possibly forecast what our (population and inflation) growth will be,” Biles said. “But again, I think you see the impacts … could be fairly significant.”

In a powerpoint presentation, Biles provided estimated ranges based on historic growth trends of the measure’s potential “six-year impact” to the city’s budgets. The estimates ranged from losing about $10 million in revenues over that span during low-growth periods (+2.5 percent), to losses of $161 million during periods of high-growth (+6 percent).
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Eyman: Poll shows I-1033 passing 61-31

Tim Eyman, prime sponsor of Initiative 1033, which would limit the growth of tax collections for cities, counties and the state, says a Sept. 22 poll shows 61 percent of likely voters favor his ballot measure.

September 29, 2009

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state (cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor)

From: Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, co-sponsors of the Lower Property Taxes Initiative I-1033

RE: Poll by Rasmussen Reports on I-1033: 61% yes, 31% no, 8% undecided (remember, those undecided’s gotta go somewhere)

It’s clear that voters are rejecting the multi-million-dollar, Washington-DC-funded “con” campaign by opponents of I-1033 — the initiative leads by 30 points with just a few weeks left to go. The poll by Rasmussen Reports, taken on September 22nd, shows support at 61% yes, 31% no, 8% undecided. Here’s what 500 likely voters were asked:
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Public forum on state, local ballot measures Wednesday night

The Tacoma Public Library and the League of Women Voters of Tacoma-Pierce County will sponsor a public forum on several ballot measures Wednesday night.

News Tribune columnist Peter Callaghan will moderate a discussion of the following issues:

• Initiative 1033, which would cap the growth of state and local government general fund revenue, based on an annual rate of inflation and population growth.

• Referendum 71, which would expand domestic partnership benefits for gay couples in Washington.

• Pierce County Charter Amendment 1, which would move elections for county executive and council to odd-numbered years by 2015 and increase term

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Realtors come out against I-1033

The tax policy committee for the Washington Realtors says it would rather put its faith in the governor and Legislature than the initiative process, at least when it comes to Tim Eyman‘s latest ballot venture.

Washington Realtors reject Initiative 1033

OLYMPIA, WA – Initiative 1033 poses a threat to the quality of Washington schools, roads and other infrastructure, and basic services, according to the Washington Association of REALTORS®, who today announced the large organization will not support the measure. Initiative 1033 would cap revenue collections by the state, cities, and counties based on inflation and population growth.


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